AN- OKAY! So, lets start with: If you don't want to hear about anyone dying then GO, I repeat, DO NOT READ.(: 'Kay? I've never, actually written such a horrible story, but I just had to give it a shot. Everyone dies in the this story. Everyone. And the are not nice people. So, please, don't trash me, if you don't like it. I'm warning you.


And to this sick minded, like I, enjoy, darlings.

This was a game that ends in tragedy and no matter what; it has an end. The game is sick. The game is a plea that won't be heard if you 'won'. The game ends on you and you'll be remembered while everyone else is disappointed and relived but mostly horrified. This is a game of pure luck. Cheers to you for having the guts to play.

Bella Swan was a quiet girl, she was fun and everyone loved her. She was so kind, so pretty. However, she didn't see it; she didn't understand why everyone wanted to be her friend. See, she held a terrible secret, a secret that no one knew.

Her boyfriend, Edward Cullen had the same popularity. But he handled it differently, he spoke to everyone. All the guys were jealous of him because he got Isabella, but he didn't care; he'd die for her. Which was why he was here. He acted like he had no secrets unlike all of his friends. He acted like the perfect person everyone thought he was. But that was far from the truth. Honestly, his secrets didn't bother him. The only reason he was here was because Bella was. He was mad he was here; he hated that he was subjected to this. He didn't want to be there and he tried to convince Bella that whatever reason she had it would be fine, but she didn't waver.

"Why are you thinking so hard? Relax." Bella said, from beside him on the floor.

"You want me to relax while we sit here with our closest fucking friends to see who will die? Well, I'm so damn sorry, I can't." He hissed back, his eyes darting around the room of his friends, then to the gun sitting in the middle that held only one bullet.

Rosalie Hale watched as Bella's face contorted with hurt and her eyes widened as she glared at Edward before looking away with a blank face. Rose didn't know or really understand why they were here, the perfect couple with all the good attention, unlike her and Emmett. She sighed as she thought of her reasoning and looked over at her love, who was staring at his hands in his lap. She couldn't stand to see him sad, much less knowing it was her own damn fault.

Emmett McCarty was lost in thought staring at his big burly hands in his lap as he remembered the last conversation with Rosalie. He knew it was too good to be true. He knew something would go wrong. He just wished it wasn't this. He didn't want to find out that Rosalie, the love of his life, his soul mate, lied to him about the baby in her stomach.

Oh, Alice Brandon. She was so desperate to win this game, she just needed a reason to do what she had already planned on doing but she had to find a liable excuse for her decision. She just didn't want her friends, her lover to suffer.

Jasper Whitlock scoffed at all the sad faces around him before he spoke in his loud, raspy voice. "Why the fuck are you guys all so morose? No one's died yet and no one was forced to be here. If you wish to go, then fucking GO."

He waited a few beats before he smiled his cynical smile and lit a joint, passing it to Edward after he took a deep suck.

Edward took a breath without hesitation for he had done this dozens of times before. Bella looked at Edward as he held the smoke in his mouth slowly passing the weed to her. She looked at it in her hand before she shrugged and slowly breathed it in.

Emmett look it from her, taking two deep pulls and looked away as he gave it to Rosalie.

Rose's face had shown no emotion what-so-ever since she arrived and it continued this was while she took a breath before giving it to Alice.

The tiny girl sighed before she breathed in as much as she could almost finishing the joint as she glared at her hand, giving it back to owner of the raspy voice.

Jasper smiled again, his eyes crazed as he picked up the gun and put it to his forehead, the reasons wanting his death passing through the haze in his head.

Cheating on Alice for drugs, all the times he hurt her, making her miscarry his own baby by mistake, before his mind started to blank again as the drugs from earlier and now started to drive in. He cocked the gun and fired.


He shook his head, giving Edward the gun. He stared at it, pointing it to his temple as thought of the real reason he was here. He watched as someone got raped and killed; he didn't participate…just watched. He saw a young girl get hit by a car and just…walked away. He was a sick person and he didn't even care. He cocked it, pulled the trigger.


He had no emotion, passing his girlfriend the gun. Bella saw the flashes of the dead man on the floor of the forest just out of her backyard. She saw the glove on her hand, the bloody knife, heard the screams, the pleas, all the gushing blood. She had killed her best friend and she didn't really mind. She doesn't regret it…but she does. Everyday hoping no one found out so she didn't get punished for it. The anxiety has ruled over her life; it was ruining her. She didn't fucking care of her life anymore; her boyfriend was so happy all the fucking time and she was jealous. She stared straight as she held the gun in between her eyes, cocked the gun and pulled the trigger.


She harshly passed the gun to Emmett who's reason she already knew. He couldn't stand the thought of his wife dying because if a baby he made with her with the exceeding amount of help from meth and coke. And also who she would die to give birth to said baby, who would have problems their whole life anyway. She watched as Emmett put the gun to his heart, cock. Pull.


Emmett hesitated as he was about to hand it to his wife; his eyes were filled with such pain, and Rosalie watched with tears in her eyes. Bella turned away to find Edward and Jasper smoking another joint but before Edward could turn to her, she looked away.

Rosalie held the gun to her neck and cocked it right away; so far wasting the least time as she pulled the trigger.


Alice, greedily grabbed her gun and ignoring the screams of her pain, as the bastard of her nightmares shoved his cock in a sixteen year old pussy, or even her cries and yells as she fought with Jasper and indefinitely the moans as she found Jasper pounding into some skank with all the drugs laying around.

She cocked it, when she saw a hand start to reach in the corner of her eye, and she pulled the trigger in panic.

Jasper eyes were wide, when he saw Alice quickly cock it and fire. But all he heard was a…


Alice blankly handed the gun to Jasper who stared at her. His expression filled with pain as he saw just how much she wanted to die.

"Alice…" He said, reaching for her.

She slid away, minutely, shaking her head.

He exhaled, holding back the stupid tears. He turned to the group. "Okay." He said, deeply, once again with his wild smile. "Round one is done. One of us will die. But, I would like to add another rule. What do you guys say about playing until…there is no one left?"

They all stared at him, except for Alice, who nodded, immediately. Bella nodded, slowly, Rosalie and Emmett nodded, together. Edward just shrugged, for he didn't care. He didn't really care, at all.

Jasper pointed the gun in his mouth, which was in a crazy smirk and after cocking the gun, pulled the trigger.

There was no fire sound at all. All the quite room heard was, click. Jasper passed the gun to Edward, before he spoke again. "Alright guys, this round someone will get shot so-"


Everyone jumped, looking to the sound of the fire of the gun, the bullet speeding out and into someone's flesh.

"Holy shit…"

A whisper, the words spoken so quiet, but the room sounding dead. Not even a breath.

"I wasn't done talking yet, you fuck!" Jasper yelled, as he got on his knees over the dying body.

"NO!" Alice screamed, as she stared at the body as they fell onto their back.

"Oh my god," Rosalie muttered, covering her face with her hands and Emmett grabbed her hand, tightly, eyes wide, mouth open.

"Well, fuck," Bella murmured, tears in her eyes, as she watched more blood seep through Edward's shirt, where the bullet went through.

"I love…you, Bella," Edward gasped, before his head fell to the side and he no longer moved.

"I love you, Edward," Bella whispered, tears falling onto Edward's shirt, as she leaned over her boyfriend's dead body.

Alice groaned, falling onto her back on the hard wood floor. "One down, five to go, fuckers."

Jasper sighed, as he stood up. "Okay, so now that Edward's dead-"

"HOW CAN YOU SAY THAT, SO CALMLY!? Edward just…died!" Rosalie screamed, as she cried.

Jasper turned to her, his eyes staring her down. "Shut the fuck up. I obviously know that, sissy. You can leave if you want to." He said, menacingly.

When she said nothing, her eyes wild, as her mouth stayed open. "Great!" Jasper said, excitedly. "Gather 'round my lovlies. Let's continue."

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