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Bella stared at Alice. She couldn't really understand who the fuck she could just sit here with her boyfriend who just killed his own sister. Not that she understood, herself, why she was here. Frankly, she thought this whole ordeal was taking too damn long.

Jasper was staring at the gun, as he flipped over and over in his hands. He was really wondering who would die next. He wondered how he could be doing this. He wondered how he could even think to stand watching Alice die. Or even Bella. Bella was one of his closest friends. She was like his sister. That he hasn't killed, yet. He had started to lose feeling of his body after Emmett died, though. He didn't even really feel it when he shot Rosalie. His twin sister. He adored her. When he first heard that she was pregnant; he was ecstatic. But then he learned about the meth problem with them. That they would both die. And it was his fault. And they both died under his hand anyway. He just sped it up.

"Fucking A! I'm done waiting! Give me the fucking gun!" Alice screamed, as her hand latched on Jasper's.

He gasped, surprised, as he tightened his grip on the gun. He had secretly put three bullets in the gun. There was only the three of them left. Why wait, right? "Alice! Wait, Alice!"

"No! Give me it, now!" She shrieked, as she straddled Jasper's leg, fighting for the gun in his hand.

Alice was crazed. She felt…she didn't know what she felt anymore. She was mad. Pissed. Depressed. Anxious. She wanted the gun. She didn't want to wait. She fought for the gun. She fought and scraped for the gun out of his hands.

"NO! You cannot have it! Stop! Alice, stop!" Jasper yelled.

Bella stared at the wrestling for the gun that was happening in front of her. She saw Alice fighting for the gun. She also saw the absolute determination on Jasper's face. He wasn't letting go. "STOP!"


Alice's piercing scream floated through the air, as she fell on her ass, her hands both tight to her stomach, as she bent half her body over the other. "Oh my god! Fuck, fuck, fuck! Not what I wanted, you fucker!" She screamed, looking up at Jasper, tears running down her face. "Oh my god, it hurts. It hurts, so bad!"

Bella watched as Jasper just sat there, the gun in his hand. "Bella! Fucking help me! What do I do? What do I DO!?" Alice screamed, as she glared at Bella. "My hand! Bella, my hand!"

Bella looked back and forth between Alice and Jasper. Jasper, emotionless, staring at the gun. Alice dropped to her side, screaming and shrieking; she started to shake. "FUCK! Fuck, Bella, FUCKING shit! My hand, my hand, my hand, my hand. I can't! I cant…" Before she started to shriek again.

Bella trembled, crawling over to Jasper. She had seen that he put more than one bullet in the gun when he thought no one was looking. But she didn't care; so she let him. She crawled right up to him and took the gun out of his hand. She looked at Alice's desperate eyes, as she squirmed and cried on the floor, blood dripping on the floor and all over her designer clothes. Bella, then, moved closer to Alice on her knees, before she pointed the gun at Alice's chest and cocked it.

"Okay, Alice." Bella whispered, her hand shaking as she aimed, directly to Alice's heart.

"DO IT! Fucking, do it, Bella! PLEASE, please, please." Alice whimpered, over and over.

"I'm so sorry. So so so sorry." Bella cried, tears beginning to well in her eyes. "I love you, sister." She whispered, as she pulled the trigger.


"NO!" Jasper screamed, his hands reaching out to nothing.

After a few beats on silence, while Jasper stared at a dead Alice, breathing hard, Bella watched him, gasping, her eyes wide. Then Jasper turned to her, his eyes wide and menacing. "How could you…"

"She…" Bella started to say but couldn't continue while Jasper stared at her the way he was. "Jasper…""You killed her." He stated. His voice eerily calm. It freak her out and she knew there was an upcoming break coming, but she couldn't do anything; she couldn't move. "You killed my Alice."

Bella stared at him, panting. Her eyes were wide; she felt a burning in her hands, but she did nothing. She couldn't. "She wanted-"

"I DON'T CARE WHAT SHE WANTED!" Jasper screamed at her making her flinch. "You killed my baby. You killed her."

"No." Bella ground out. "You killed her when you cheated on her!" She said.

Jasper let out a yell, before she stood and set his jaw. He looked evil; possessed. Bella knew he was. Bella knew he was angry. Bella knew one of her best friends, Jasper Whitlock was no longer here. This was just another copy. Another evil spirit in his body. She had no hope anymore. She didn't care. "What? What are you gonna do?" She taunted, unmoving.

He glared at her. He glared so hard, she felt the burning in her eyes. She felt it. It was a weird sensation. But she welcomed it. She welcomed her end. She wanted him to die, too.

Before she could really register what was going on, a sharp pain was passing throughout her back and she was on the ground with Jasper on top of her, his hands on the gun. Along with her own. "I know you're going to kill me." She whispered. They were both holding onto the gun. Her more out of force because Jasper's big hands covered her own on the gun.

"I know." He answered, staring down at her. "I know I am. I know you know I am."

"Then do it!"

"No." He paused as a scary smile spread on his face. "Why? Because theres only one bullet left. And I'm dying too, bitch."

"Obviously you're dying, too, you sick fuck." She spit, as she closed her fingers on the gun again. Jasper's grip tightened along with hers. "It'd be a fucking crime to leave you alive."

He laughed. "Well, honey, I've already committed quite a few. But see, you were a part of those, too. Well, most of them."

She said nothing as Jasper leaned down a little more. "So, Bella. You know I've always loved you." He didn't ask it. It was stated. There was no way she could answer. No way she could give an answer. "Not just like my sister. No, I loved your body, baby girl. You are so pretty." He cooed.

Bella had no emotion on her face. No emotion in her at all. She wasn't surprised. Angry. Scared. No, she felt nothing. All she did was stare at Jasper. At the first boy she ever loved. Because that's what she remembers him as. That sweet little boy she met in fourth grade. The one that was always nice but quiet. The one who gave her everything. Before she found Edward. And he found Alice.

"You loved me, too. Remember?" He asked, faking sweetness, as he ran his nose along her cheek. When Bella didn't answer, Jasper asked again. Rougher. "Do you remember?"

"Yes. But then you turned into a physco." She said, staring at the ceiling.

"Ah, yes. And you found solace in dear Edward." Then his voice went quiet. "That's why he died first, you know."

"I know." Bella whispered.

"I knew you did," Jasper said, so quietly, she almost didn't hear it. And the only reason she did was because he was right in front of her. Inches from her face. Staring at each other. Hers held no emotion. They were blank. His were crazed. "You always knew."

Bella blinked slowly, before she stared at him again. "You used Alice. You deluded yourself into thinking you loved her. But you didn't. I knew." She said, calmly. "I knew. I knew you loved me."

Jasper gave a psychotic smile. "So, you killed her. And now we get to die together, baby."


Jasper fingers moved Bella's on the gun but didn't make her let go. His finger was on the trigger and he angled the gun so that it was pointing outwards, but they were pressed so tight together, that it would hit them both. He knew this. She didn't care.

"You crazy fuck." She muttered, right before Jasper pressed his lips roughly to hers.



"God, I hate you…"

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