Terminator VS the Matrix.

I do not own terminator or matrix.

In this crossover Sky Net has discovered the super computer controlling the matrix and viewing the matrix a threat to its existence sends the Terminators and other machines against the matrixes sentinel machines.

The Matrix finds out about Skynet and sends the virus Agent Smith into Sky Net's mainframe.

Who wins?

John Connors forces and the forces of Zion sit back and pass the popcorn wondering why they didn't think of this sooner. In case it turnout that both supercomputer merge into one

John Connor has a backup plan he discovered the X5 Manticore super soldiers from Dark Angel and sent an agent back in time to have them preserved in cryogenic stasis until they can come to him for further orders. He also has the Terminators the resistance has captured and reprogrammed to serve the resistance and he also had his mother preserved in stasis to protect her from further terminators.

The Zion's crew have gotten the Oracle out the Matrix using a Floppy disk and loaded it into Zion's mainframe.

So who wins?

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