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Take note that this story is different from the TV drama so don't get any confusion. Unless if you watched the whole drama, then I hope that you guys wouldn't mind since this story was in my head for a long time. It'll never happen in the TV drama, unless if you have a good imagination of what would happen.

Oh and this chapter might have a little bit of rated R because it may have some violence and bloody deaths.

As Jeong Hu Gyeom stands behind Song Yeon and stayed closed to her while holding up his sword against her neck as if he wants to kill while he was holding her body to prevent her from escaping , he felt another sword which was against his neck which has surprised him even though he wasn't killed yet. When he turned his head around, he realized that the sword belongs to Lee San who has arrived just in time to protect Song Yeon from being killed. "Let her go…because I won't let you kill her" said Lee San whose eyes were filled with determination

Jeong Hu Gyeom was shocked…yet he has made his decision. Then he noticed his male assistant who has his sword ready to defend him (I have no idea what is his name. Because I've watched the Korean drama in Vietnamese on the Vietnamese channel and it is the reason why I don't know his name. Also, on the Vietnamese channel…there are no subtitles. Oh and of course, his assistant is alive in this story ).

Jeong Hu Gyeom begins to shout out orders to his assistant "Yah! You! Get him now!". His assistant obeys him and charged at Lee San with his sword. Of course, luckily Lee San moves away from Jeong Hu Gyeom and battles his opponent.

Chobi however backs away by a door to watch the battle…while fearing for her friend's safety.

Meanwhile Jeong Hu Gyeom silently walked back to watched Lee San's battle while he holds Song Yeon as his hostage in his arm and a sword in front of her neck. Then he whispered to her ear "If you don't want to stay with me…then I have no choice but to allow you watch as your love die as he battles my assistant…while I held you tight so that way you won't escape…if he lose, he will have to make another decision if he either must let you stay here…or we have to kill him even though it is not in the plan…but if he wins…then you can leave".

Song Yeon was fearful for her eyes as she gazed at her love battling his enemy, but she also fear Jeong Hu Gyeom because he was her lover's enemy…and she was afraid that he'll might kill her if Lee San didn't make a decision to leave the throne. Then she whispered to him " *gasp*…*gasp*…Why…Why you don't let me go when I was finally almost free with my friends?…*gasp*…and what do you want with me?…you were ordered by Queen Jeong Sun to held me captive as bait for his majesty…until he made a decision…I thought I would never see him again because I don't want him to give up his duty as king of Joeseon….yet he came to save me and my best friend…then I suddenly realized that he has made his decision…but I won't tell you…because I know that you will report to Queen Jeong Sun about his majesty's decision".

Jeong Hu Gyeom was shocked while listening…then he begins to whisper to her again while leaning his head close to her hair and her ear "If that is his decision…then I will let you go…but not until I battle his majesty".

Song Yeon was shocked yet she replied back to him while whispering "Why my lord?".

Jeong Hu Gyeom decides to answer "…Because…I won't allow him to take a woman I've desired since I first met her and I have feelings for her even I've never told her because I've kept it within myself…and the woman I've desired to be mine…is you".

Song Yeon's eyes wide opened in shock. She can't believed that Jeong Hu Gyeom also has feelings and desire for her just like Lee San who loves her too. But the only man she wanted to be with forever…is Lee San. (I'm a big fan of Lee San x Song Yeon pairing. But for those who read this story and liked the Jeong Hu Gyeom x Song Yeon pairing…you can make your own stories for that couple. I wouldn't mind. The Jeong Hu Gyeom x Song Yeon pairing was in my mind because I could've sworn that I saw Jeong Hu Gyeom showing interest in Song Yeon).

Then she closed her eyes and begins to whisper in sadness "…No…I…I can't be yours…I…I don't love you…my heart has…already been given to his majesty…I'm sorry…you may love me…but…I can't be yours…and…I don't have feelings for you".

Jeong Hu Gyeom was shocked as he heard her words, but then he heard a scream of pain coming from his assistant who was killed by Lee San who slashed him in the stomach and wounding him until he bleeds to death.

After defeating his opponent, Lee San still holds his sword and turns around to see Jeong Hu Gyeom still held Song Yeon captive "Let her go now! I command you to release her like I've told you before!".

Jeong Hu Gyeom grunted in frustration. His assistant is dead and his men were busy battling Lee San's friends except for Chobi who is waiting at the door but fears for Song Yeon's life. Then he toss away Song Yeon to Chobi and battles Lee San with his sword and yelling in anger.

Lee San of course was ready and crossed swords with Jeong Hu Gyeom while blocking each other's swords and trying to kill each other.

(Don't worry folks! Lee San didn't hear Jeong Hu Gyeom's & Song Yeon's conversation because they were whispering to each other while he crossed swords with Jeong Hu Gyeom's assistant).

Both Chobi & Song Yeon stand in front of the door as if they want to avoid being killed. They also fear that there'll be more thugs outside the door waiting to kidnap them.

As the girls watched the battle, Song Yeon begins to wonder what would happen to both Jeong Hu Gyeom & Lee San as they crossed swords. 'I wonder who is gonna win…if…if Jeong Hu Gyeom wins…he'll take me away and held me captive even though he desires me to be his woman…but if San wins…then he can be able to take me back home…but I hope he can be able to stop Queen Jeong Sun's devious plan…and get himself out of this mess'.

But then both girls gasped in shock as Lee San received a small bloody wound on his right arm by Jeong Hu Gyeom who tries to kill him but giving him a small wound on his arm instead. But luckily Lee San is still alive while holding his wounded arm in pain. (Don't worry everybody. His arm was not cut and he just have a small slash line on his arm with a few blood. Think about the time when some of you may have a paper cut by accident).

Song Yeon begins to scream out his real name by accident "San! No!". Jeong Hu Gyeom smiles however and he's about to make another strike again.

All of the sudden, both she and Chobi saw Dae Su who comes over and help his best friend to defeat Jeong Hu Gyeom after killing 31 thugs. He used his sword to black Jeong Hu Gyeom's sword to protect his best friend.

Lee San was surprised but very glad to see him coming to help "Dae Su!". Dae Su begins to talk to him while crossing swords Jeong Hu Gyeom "Your majesty! Take Song Yeon & Chobi out of here! The others and I will come out later after this! Don't worry about us! We'll be alright! Go! Go now!".

Lee San was shocked…yet he wanted to help his friend but he can't because of his wound. Then he saw Song Yeon running up to him and said to him while whispering to him "San…you're hurt…".

Lee San begins to respond "I'm alright…but I can't leave Dae Su and the other…they needed my help".

But Song Yeon just shook her head while her eyes were very sad because she worries about him besides her friends "No your majesty…you can't help them…you're hurt…Dae Su wanted to make sure you're not harmed and killed because you're the king of this country…he said that he and the others will be alright after this mess…let's go…we will see them again soon…besides…I was worried about you too…because I don't want to see you get killed…while trying to save me".

Lee San was speechless…then he smiles at her and managed to escape outside the mansion with Song Yeon because he now knows that Song Yeon loves him…while she loves him back…except for Chobi who didn't wants to leave yet…because she doesn't want to leave Dae Su behind…and fears of what is gonna happen to him…and also…she fears that he will get killed while trying to keep her safe.

As the battles drags longer…the rest of the thugs has been killed by Official Nam, Hong Guk Yeong, Kang Suk Ki & Suh Jang Boh who have survived and defeated their enemies…even though some of them have a few bloody injuries…but they are still alive.

Dae Su has also defeated Jeong Hu Gyeom…but he didn't kill him…he only just injured him by wounding his left arm…and it left Jeong Hu Gyeom to sit up on the floor in pain because he's about to lose to many blood from his wounded arm.

The reason why Dae Su didn't kill Jeong Hu Gyeom because he has to bring him back to the capital to be punished for his involvement in the devious plot of Queen Jeong Sun. Jeong Hu Gyeom also has to be put in prison and be on trial…and perhaps…an execution.

As Jeong Hu Gyeom screams in pain, he noticed Hong Guk Young who walks up to him while pointing his sword at him "You're under arrest lord Jeong…so we are gonna bring you back to the palace…and you're gonna have to stand in trial for being involved with the late majesty's queen in her plot to rid his majesty from the throne…you must come with us peacefully now…if you refused…then we have no choice".

At first…Jeong Hu Gyeom was angry…but he calms down with remorse and stands up as if he surrenders…and followed Hong Guk Yeong and the others outside. He sheathes his bloody sword while walking out. He was being guarded by Kang Suk Ki & Suh Jang Boh who stay on both sides to make sure he doesn't escape from them.

Then all the sudden, as they stepped outside the mansion…Jeong Hu Gyeom's calm face…turns into a shock…as he noticed Song Yeon and Lee San standing next to each other outside the boat while waiting for their friends. Lee San's wounded arm was wrapped up in a white cloth by Song Yeon who managed to look inside his bag to find a small white cloth to stop his arm from bleeding more.

As he watched Lee San and Song Yeon greeted their friends with happiness…his face became angry and scorned with hatred as Song Yeon smiled with Lee San and holding his left hand. He felt jealousy burning through his body. Then he begins to yell out as he backed away which surprised Lee San and his friends "NO!…I WON'T COME BACK!…NOT UNTIL I HAVE THE MOST IMPORTANT THING I DESIRED!…AND NOBODY CAN'T HAVE MY PRECIOUS POSESSION THAT I COULD NEVER HAVE!…BUT I STILL HAVE A DESIRE TO HAVE IT!" then he used his good right arm to unsheathed his sword once more and begins to charge at his enemies just to get Song Yeon. Lee San and his friends were confused because they don't know what was going on. Except for Song Yeon who can't believe what she has just heard.

Dae Su, Kang Suk Ki & Suh Jang Boh unsheathed their swords too and begins to battle Jeong Hu Gyeom together as a team. Song Yeon, Chobi & Lee San stayed to get out of the way while Official Nam & Hong Guk Young unsheathed their swords as well just in case if something bad happens.

Unknown to them, nobody except Jeong Hu Gyeom noticed Song Yeon's eyes filled with sadness as she watched him. She noticed that Jeong Hu Gyeom because insane and his hair is messed up while battling because of his feelings for her…and he now know that she never loved him…but it doesn't stop him for trying to take her…even he is more wounded than before. 'Please my lord…stop…just let me go…I've already told you that I never loved you…don't do this because of your feelings for me…just let me go' she thought to herself while staring at Jeong Hu Gyeom.

At the end…Dae Su, Suh Jang Boh and Kang Suk Ki stopped their attack…and stared at the very wounded Jeong Hu Gyeom who has too much blood on his body…and he now have bloody red eyes while sitting up on the ground in pain.

Hong Guk Yeong suddenly felt a little bit of pity for him…yet he was shocked from his neighbor sudden decision. Then he walked up to Jeong Hu Gyeom slowly with remorse as Dae Su and his three friends walk away back to the boat…but also giving Jeong Hu Gyeom a few stares of sadness & remorse even though they have no choice since they have to protect the others.

Hong Guk Yeong begins to speak to the wounded man "My lord…listen to me…just give it up including your prized possession even though we don't know what you're talking about…and when we return back to the capital…we will let you be healed from your wounds…and you'll be allowed to your mother…before you're put in trial and put in prison…you must make a decision…or you must face your death alone here…it's your decision to make".

As he listened, Jeong Hu Gyeom begins to think about his mother and imagined what would she respond when she heard that he was injured…he missed her and he longs to see her once more before he passed away. But then he thought about Queen Jeong Sun…and he fears her during the time when her brother was being released from punishment (Episode 36) and received a few beat ups from her brother (He's still alive in this story as well). Then he worry about what would happen to him when she finds out and he'll get hurt soon by her brother. He is now pondering to himself and a question forms in his mind: Should he surrender and go back to see his mother before he was imprisoned and be put in trial…or forced himself to die alone on this island without seeing her because of his fear of Queen Jeong Sun?

Then he begins to speak in a weak voice "N-No…*gasp* I…I can't come back *cough*…I…I'm sorry *gasp* *cough*…just l-leave me here…*cough*…this is my decision…*cough*…but…when you return back to the capital…p-please *cough and gasp*…t-tell me mother…I-I'm sorry…and…t-tell her..*cough*…that I love her…p-please…tell h-her…*gasp*…for me" but then he laid down on the ground in agony and blood begins to spill out from his mouth.

Hong Guk Young gasped in shock as he heard those words…but then he nodded his head in sadness…and went back inside the boat with his friends.

As the boat left the island slowly, Jeong Hu Gyeom raised his head slowly and stared at Song Yeon who looked back at him with sadness even though none of her friends didn't notice.

Jeong Hu Gyeom begins to smile at her sadly…while raising his wounded left arm as he reaches out to touch her…even though he was about to die in a few moments. He begins to whisper out to her even though she couldn't hear him because she is far out of his reach "…Song Yeon…Song Yeon" and then…he closed his eyes…lowered his head back on the ground…and died.

After watching him died far away, she turns her head around and laid her down on her lover's shoulder. She can't shed tears for Jeong Hu Gyeom after he died…because she just pitied him for his obsession to have her. Then she begins to thought about him 'My lord…may you rest in peace…and thank you for letting me go since you now know that I can't be with you as your woman…and I can't love you…I never will…I only pity you…I should've told you earlier when you're alive…and I only considered you as a friend…even though I can't forgive you for being involved in Queen Jeong Sun's plot…and for injuring San just to kill because you desired me…but I'm grateful that you've saved me from being hurt when I tried to escape earlier before my friends came to save me…thank you'.

About a few weeks later, everything goes back to normal. The danger is now over…even though Queen Jeong Sun is still thinking up more evil plans after she's been foiled…Song Yeon returns home safely…Princess Hwa Wan is very sad and is depressed when she heard about the death of her son and was banished to exile (In history, during her exile…she died while she was sick)…Lee San is still the ruler of the throne of Joeseon...both Dae Su and Chobi ended up as a married couple and has a son and a daughter...while both Lee San & Song Yeon ended up gotten married and has a son.

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