Disclaimer: I disclaim all Tomb Raider characters and places involved.

Warnings: Swearing (milder than before, thank god) and cute/annoying bickering between James and Amanda. Because I can.

. . .


"Look lady, I don't give a damn about Jacqueline Natla or her stupid company! Just let me sign out of this hellhole so I can move on with my life!" I snapped.

The woman's face paled, her brown eyes full of fear as they landed on the stone around my necklace. She quickly regained her composure and slid the book toward me, "I apologize. I don't know what came over me. You're boyfriend already paid."

I scribbled down the date and scowled at the woman, "yeah, neither do I." I meant her.

. . .

I turned to look at James, feeling completely bored, "Are we-"

"Don't say it." James warned, not taking his eyes off of the road.

"- there yet?" I finished, sticking out my lower lip.

"You had to say it." James sighed, "you know I hate it when you sound like a kid."

"I know you hate kids, but I thought you said it was a cute look on me." I countered.

"Sure I did." James rolled his eyes.

"But seriously, how much longer?" My face hardened as we approached a set of large wooden doors.

"Right through there." James lifted a finger to point at the doors.

They swung open violently as we drove right through. James swore loudly at the sight of the burning truck and the dead men on the ground.

"And that is why I can't fucking stand her." I steamed, climbing out of the jeep.

It was hot outside, but nothing I couldn't handle. Motioning for James to follow, I began walking down the road. I knew where my bike was supposed to be down to the last coordinate. I kicked aside one of the bodies of yet another dead mercenary. Every window of the homes around me were shut tight and the doors almost welded closed. I held my hand out and blew aside some crates, expecting to see my black Ducati waiting for me. It wasn't.

"Dammit!" I muttered, turning around to see if James had followed me with the jeep. He did.

He let out a loud laugh, "what happened to your precious motorcycle?" We both knew the answer.

"Lara took it, and that means she's going to get to Anaya. James, we've got to get going." I urged, climbing onto the back over the vehicle.

"What are you doing?" James asked, twisting around to look at me.

Rolling my eyes, I reached down and pulled a pistol from my boot, "don't ask just drive."

"Why do you have a pistol in your boot?" James quizzed as the car lurched forward onto the dusty road, "can't you just use fluffy?"

"My type of conventional force doesn't work with trigger-happy socialites." I shrugged and grabbed onto the bar lying across the roof.

Red dust sprayed from underneath the tires, scattering across the empty road, sticking to my face and spotting my hair. I ran my fingers through the blond strands hanging by my ears and shook the dust out. My side slammed into the back window as James nearly hit a rock formation.

"Learn how to drive, will ya?" I yelled down, a scowl set on my face.

"Sorry, I'll try harder next time." The vehicle jerked violently. He's doing this on purpose.

"Are you trying to knock me off?" I scolded. The jeep shook violently again, "go to hell, James!"

"I'm just playing with you Amanda, calm the hell down!" James laughed as we neared a bridge.

I crouched down, pressing my cheek against the cool glass. It felt nice, but the second James shouted, I raised my head. I could see what caused the fuss- the bridge was crumbling behind us. Dammit.

"James, punch it!" I shouted, bracing myself against the backside of the jeep.

The engine revved and for a moment we were suspended in mid-air. Tires collided with rock and I jolted upwards, nearly loosing my grip on the car.

"We're almost there, Amanda." James announced.

"Good to know. I'm about to- pillar!" I cut myself off, pointing toward the rock pillar we were headed straight for.

"I can't go around it!" James called, unbuckling his seatbelt and diving headfirst out of the car.

I took a deep breath, staring at the ground below me, and let go of the jeep. The car collided with the pillar as I hit the dirt. It hurt. It didn't matter anyways. We were only about a mile away now and the dirt road was littered with motorcycles, the drivers' bodies not far away.

"Well, when Lara does a job she sure does get it done." James commented, nudging one of the bodies with his foot.

I stood up, dusting off my pants, "don't get any ideas, James."

James walked over to me, giving me an innocently evil smile, "believe me, I'm not. Guys don't find British accents as attractive as girls do."

"Larson did." I smiled before whipping away from him, picking up the closest motorcycle.

"Who's Larson?"

"This big beefy guy that had a thing for Lara in college. Heard Lara killed him a few years ago."

"Oh." James made a funny face and I rolled my eyes.

"C'mon, dumbass."

. . .

"What the hell?" I blinked in disbelief at the sight before me.

James shook his head and dismounted the motorcycle, "idiots."

"Ugh, God. She's nuts." I commented.

Lara had managed to stop three trucks with two pistols and a motorcycle. How the hell does she do it?

. . .

Anaya was waiting in an ugly yellow Jeep near the site. I don't think she saw me, though. She was lying on the ground, talking hurriedly into a cell phone. Probably to Lara.

"We should wait up here. Not that I don't think you can hold your own against Lara or anything, but she's probably not very happy." James suggested.

"Thanks." I shot a look at James before sitting on the edge of the pit, remembering everything from that day so vividly. I never wanted to come back, and yet here I am. Came. Came back. Back.

. . .

And there you have it. I know, not much really happened but I wanted to redeem myself.