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It's the day before the first fights of the Shaman Fight are announced, and everyone's on edge. While they anticipate the fights, Hao, Elen, Diana and even Faust are a little more concerned with the well-being of Alexa.

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Today was the day of the final announcements, and all were on edge about everything. It was torture! It was gonna be the most stressful Friday they had in a while.

Elen walked from the dance studio down the street back to where her temporary home was. When she was in front of her apartment building, she stopped and looked at it. Remembering as many good memories as she could.

"Mother! Father!"

"Let's go before all the lines at the fair are too long!"

4-year-old Elen and Diana were dragging their parents out of the building. Each twin in their respective colors. Black for Elen, and white for Diana.

"Yes yes, dears." A kinder, more beautiful verson of their mother spoke to them.

"I'll go get the car." A tall, muscular man came out. Soft black hair, and astute green eyes.

"Father, can we try catching goldfish this year?" The little Elen asked.

"We'll take REALLY good care of it!" The little Diana pleaded. They were met with gentle smiles from both their parents.

"If you win." Their mother replied. The girl's faces lit up brightly. Then they turned to eachother to whisper.

"We'll definately get a ball into one of those cups with my Spirit of Air!"

"And I'll help with my Spirit of Water!" They both agreed, and they all piled into the car. They didn't even notice the worried looks they were getting from their parents, and kept talking about the fish and what rides they were going on.

Elen was brought from her thoughts when a policeman suddenly called out to her.

"Uh, yes?" She answered.

"Are you one of the daughters of the woman who got arrested the other day?" He asked.

"Yes that's me."

"Your mother wants you and your sisters to come to this place in about half an hour and talk to you." He told her. Elen's eyes widened.

"What?! Why?!"

"She wanted to talk to you, but didn't want to do it at the station. Heaven knows why." He turned to leave. "Just come, k?"

"O.....k." As if she had a choice in the matter. When the cop wasn't in sight, she dashed to her temporary home. In all of about 5 minutes, she was running to the boarding house, where everyone was eating lunch. She arrived at the eating room entrance panting, gaining everyone's attention.

"Elen-chan?" Jun called.

"What's wrong?" Manta asked.

"Diana! Bad news!"

"What's it about?"

"It's about Mother."

"WHAT?! Was she found innocent about the drugs?" Diana asked. She was feeding milk to Alexa, who was nodding off.

"No even worse."

"What's the matter then?" Jeanne asked.

"She's requested that we go to our apartment complex, and talk to her there!" Elen said. Everyone was scared of this. The room was silent for a whole 3 minutes. As if everyone were letting this sink in.

"Are you going?" Yoh asked.

"We don't have a choice, now do we? We can't keep running away forever." Elen told them.

"When is it?" Anna asked.

"In about 20 minutes." She answered.

"No." Diana suddenly said. Diana handed Elen Alexa, and was shaking. "NO! I WON'T GO BACK THERE! I WON'T GO BACK TO THAT WOMAN OR THAT HOUSE!" She dropped to the floor, covering her ears. As if blocking everything out. Like it was all a bad dream.




"If you're so worried about it," Marco started. "why don't we go with you?"

The groups gaze turned to the bespectacled man.

"What do you mean?" Chocolove asked.

"Not a bad idea."


"We can intervene if things get bad. It's not that bad of an idea."

"Hontou ni?" Elen asked.

"Un." Ryu said, giving a thumbs up. Even the spirits were all in favor. Elen and Diana's faces lit up.

"Minna! ARIGATOU!" They both called.

The group was outside the apartment buildings, waiting. Elen holding Alexa tightly. 20 minutes have passed, and a police car was pulled up right on time. The cops looked at the group, then proceeded out. They opened the back seat door, and escorted Christine out of the car. Hao walked over to Elen, and wrapped his arms around her tiny body.

"Will you be OK?" He asked her.

"Yeah." Elen and Diana's face not showing any emotion at all. Like when the group first met them. The shamans all quiet and serious. Hao pulled himself away from the embrace, back to the group 20 feet away.

Christine walked over to her daughters, with that angry look in her eyes. Like she blamed everything in the world on them. Strangely, the cops left her, but handcuffed. The car parked just across the street.

"Elen Diana Alexa." She spitted out venomously.

"Hello there, Mother." The twins said. The woman smirked and chuckled lowly. But then stopped. She suddenly got enraged, and slapped both of them on the cheek. Their friends just stunned at what they saw. The strong-willed girls just taking this kind of abuse!

"It WAS your fault after all! It was YOU who killed him! He didn't commit suicide!" Elen and Diana turned their heads back towards their mother. Each having fearless eyes.

"It's because you two wouldn't accept us!" Elen told her.

"No. It's because you wouldn't accept the powers that we have, and your own!" Diana said.

"WHAT?!" Manta called.

"Your mother has shamanic powers?" Chocolove asked.

"How do you know?" Faust asked.

"We can sense Fuyoku in the air, remember?" Diana stated. Christine just smirked.

"More importantly, who are these?" She asked harshly. "One of them looks like she should be in 15 century France, another looks like a dwarf, another is where-ing a stupid white cape, another looks like he doesn't have any blood in his entire body, and another also has creepy hair." Those with short temper quickly got angry, but were stopped by whoever was close-by. Elen held up her right arm, right infront of Diana's left arm that covered what you could see of the shamans between them.

"You have a problem with our friends?!" They both yelled.

"'Friends'?! Yeah right! Don't make me laugh! Wierdos like you CAN'T have friends! Not only do you have such strong powers, but you have such high-level spirits that were just GIVEN to you!" She pulled out a hidden knife. She charged after Elen and Alexa, but was blocked by Diana. Who, in turn, was hit to the ground.

"ELEN!" Diana looked horrified. Elen made no move in stopping her mother. She just closed her eyes, waiting for what might happen. When suddenly...

"What?! What the hell happened?!" Christine yelled.

Hao's Spirit of Fire appeared, blocking the knife with his hand.

"You really are reckless, Elen." Hao said. Yoh and Lyserg were helping Diana back to her feet, as they looked at was happening. Hao stepped next to his spirits hand, looking at the stunned woman. "Your mother could've killed you if I hadn't stepped in." The cops came running, and took her away.

"I did trust you after all, Hao." She said. "But really. My Father would've stepped in."

"What do you mean? Your Father's dead!" Marco said.

"Come out, Father. It's alright now."

A tall, muscular man with soft black hair and astute green eyes appeared before them. Shock and fear in their eyes.

"Yes. It is." He said.

"Father." Diana whispered. She was still relying on Yoh and Lyserg for help, and was most shocked.

"We haven't talked since I left for the Shaman Fight." Elen told him.

"What do you mean?!" Diana suddenly yelled. "You've been talking to Father for 8 years, and you never once let me talk to him?! How could you?!"

"I didn't want you to show any weak side to anyone!" Elen replied. "I wanted you and I to be strong until everything was over! So that we may survive everything. It's why I made you my enemy in the fight on that day. You remember what I told you then. 'You still lack it.' Do you know now what you lack?" Diana was in complete shock. But then relized it.

What she lacked.

What kept her from winning the fight.

She knows it now.

"Strength to continue without being stuck in the past. That's what I lack, isn't it?"

"Yes. That's it. 'Don't forget your past, but you musn't be so caught up in it, that you can't continue.' That what you said, Father. And now we finally understand."

"Yes. That's right." The ghost said. He hugged Elen, then hugged Diana. "After I died, my mind was clear. One of you, please win the Shaman Fight. That way, I can truly rest in peace." Elen turned to her father, and smiled at him for the first time in 9 years. Then, he disappeared.

Just after, the sound of four Oracle Bells beeping filled the air. Each looked at their Bells, until Yoh, Ren, Diana, and Lyserg were left looking.


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