This is my attempt to do a story loosely based upon the plot of Power Stone 2. The chapters will be a little short, but there should be lots of them if all goes according to plan.

But first, a little background for my version of the Power Stone story and that game's version of Earth for you.

First of all, in this story power stones are rare, but there are more than seven. They are essentially another recently discovered element on the planet.

Second, this story, while loosely sticking to this Earth's history in the 19th century e.g. the height of the European colonisation of North America, will also have its own historical events that will explain aspects of, and hopefully add some depth to, the story.

Thirdly, magic exists (as it may or may not do on our own Earth) in the Power Stone Earth and is being currently quickly overtaken by technology. Evidence of magic in the world of Power Stone exists in the numerous magically infused weapons in the game and within this story.

Lastly, at this time period in the story, mankind has developed some forms of high technology (aircraft, submarines, more advance firearms etc.) but not others (computers, subways, space travel and more)

I think that's about it, If you have any questions e-mail me at and I'll endeavour to answer them. Aside from that, read on and enjoy!

It was the 19th century and every nation on Earth was in turmoil. This was the century of technology. So many advances had been made in so few years and it was truly amazing. Man could now fly, travel under the sea. Technology had seemingly made the archaic force of magic obsolete. It was truly an awe-inspiring time, when heroes were heroes and the game of politics did not hold more sway in government than ethics and kept promises did.

But on the descent from the peak of a few years of technological innovation the world had been swept up into another hurricane of discovery and romantic adventure for a genius, Doctor Erode by name, had made a discovery that may well have rocketed mankind into the future more quickly than could be expected, or indeed sooner than nature intended.

Dr. Erode's discovery was a new element, named Erodium after who had discovered it but more commonly referred to as power stones.

Power stones were gems of every hue of the rainbow. And numerous experiments by Dr. Erode and his team of scientists revealed it to be the most versatile of the elements so far discovered. The stones generated energy that could power most machines. Their natural beauty meant that when cut in the same manner as diamonds, they made the most dazzling jewellery and ornaments imaginable. Due to their rarity, they were considered more valuable than gold and were mined for by prospectors on virtually every square inch of land that was believed suitable for the power stones to be found in.

However these properties were not the strangest of their properties.

The power stones held the mysterious property to 'fuse' their molecules with those of the people who held them while concentrating the mind on them. This fusion had the effect that if a fusion were successful, the person's physical power would be exponentially increased. However, this power was not without limits. Once a person fused with three stones, the body would be unable to contain the power generated by the essence of the stones and would undergo a forced temporary evolution in order to better manage the energy. These 'power fusion forms' had incredible abilities, including but not limited to energy manipulation. Eventually the body would expel the stones in order to retain its normal form and the extra power would fade away.

By observing these power fusion forms, Dr. Erode formed a theory that the form and abilities gained by a person were not just defined by the body, but also by the mind, and even the soul. He alerted the global powers-that-be to this fusion property and accordingly strict regulations forbidding the use of power stones for fusion purposes, under penalty of imprisonment, or even in some countries, death.

Eventually, Dr. Erode retired with his fortune to a private castle, and went from being known as the world's most famous scientist and innovator, to the world's most famous recluse and hermit.

And so, the rush for the stones began. And at the forefront was a motley collection of "stone seekers" whose own varied talents they hoped would secure power stones to further their own individual goals. This is their Story.