Chapter 9

An hour had passed till he reached the familiar ground of the blood stained forest, evidence of a recent blood spilling fight was left of the trees and rotting vegetation as Yotsuba made his way trough the densely packed trees. He stopped suddenly, noticing something a miss, it was then he realised that he was missing his stolen leviathan which would always tap against his legs as he'd walk. Smiling at his slight stupidity he carried on, taking a more obstacle ridden path to his normal longer route.

He reached the risen clearing, noticing the orchid standing up tall, despise its small height. Yotsuba walked up to the flower, retracing his steps he had taken just days previously, and sat in front of the flower.

"Hi, father." He started, he would never lose the embarrassment of talking to the flower, but it gave him some little white hope. "I had a dream about you, like you were alive and was looking over me. I got to see your face; you looked so much different to what I thought you would be." Courage stirred in him, edging him on to keep talking. "I was so happy, even though it was a dream it felt like you were actually there. I can understand why Gulterio liked you, you're so.. lets say 'good-looking'? But I now know why everyone thinks I'm like you; we almost look exactly the same. Like father like son hey?" he looked out past the flower over the blue ocean, it was quiet and unmoving, a normal sea would bring its smell of salt to the air but this one didn't, if it had a smell it'll be one of dead bodies from Igura. He smirked, his lips curling up slightly, and looked back to the flower. "Father, I lost Leviathan today, some guy in black took her from me. I couldn't stop him, it was like he was on 50% LINE, unbeatable." He sighed. "But I will get her back father, don't yo-"

A small drop of water fell and landed on his cheek, surprised Yotsuba touched the clear liquid with his fingers looking up to the clouded sky, the sun was still seen through the light wisps of the condensed water but it had lost its light, its hopeful atmosphere. More drops of water, clear and light fell on him and around him, small tear drops forming and breaking as they hit the grassed ground.

"It's raining.. it never rains."

Yotsuba quickly stood, running over the nearest cover, formed by the winding branches of the dense forest. He stood, eyes still on the orchid, he knew it wouldn't become damaged by the rain.

Wait, why am I wondering if that flower is going to be fine after the rain? Am I going soft?

He shook his head, getting the odd and 'childish' thought out of his mind.

Quietly watching the rain, feeling small wet drops sometimes land on his face and clothes. Became a relaxing image for him. The clearing, ground broken by a structure of an ancient buildings long since destroyed, over looked the large turquoise ocean, the small white orchid standing on the edge of the cliff a small white glow against the darkening stone of the partially seen buildings. The orchid reminded him of a child, whether it be the size or its white colour resembling innocence, he didn't know. However his image of a child lost in a complex of structures barring its sight of the outside became a strong image in his mind. It was like him, no, every young teen in Igura, lost without the sight of the outside.

"That's sad." Yotsuba muttered.

The rain never seemed to give up, falling faster as time went on. Yotusba considered going back into the city however there was a lot of open space to cover meaning he would get soaked to the bone and because of the disgusting air and place of the city, the teen could easily become very sick.

Best to stay here. I'll go back later.

Yotsuba sat down at the base of a large tree, its oversized leaves protecting him from the weather. He gazed into the forest this time, allowing his body to rest and drifting to sleep.

Sugine, Gulterio and Zane ran down the corridor, weapons covered in blood of fellow humans and

monsters, their legs were beginning to falter, not having the body energy that LINE would give them. Zane clutched the child in his arms; he wished he didn't have his son with him. But the attack on their hideout and treachery of one of their own, Zane was unable to take Yotsuba to a safe place, or to someone who would protect him. The father looked back behind him, eyes widening, his dry mouth was unable to shout the words of warning, as the monsters suddenly jumped.

The young child's cries could be heard thought out the open land, it was scared, scared of the sudden darkness and the red that hit his vision. He wanted the warmth of his father, his presence, he cried out to his father.

Zane raised his head; the throbbing pain in his back stopped him from only looking up so far. He could see Yotsuba just out of reach, instead of reaching for his child he looked around for his sword, pulling the blade towards him as his hand found the hilt. Using it he outstretched his arm and thrust the metal into the ground, firmly in place he used it to pull his body closer to his child. He could feel the axe in his back move, it'd gone right through is ribcage, normally it would've killed instantly. But I'm not normal am I? Zane smirked as his thoughts, hearing his son cries weaken as he got closer. Just a little more.

"Not so fast my dear Crusade."

The voice made Zane freeze on the spot, before he could look to the owner of the familiar voice a massive sword was thrust into his back just to the left of the axe. Screaming and cursing wildly in pain Zane lost his grip on the sword, face landing in the dirt below him.

"Now, now. You should get your face out of the dirt Crusade, it'll ruin your pretty face." The voice mocked Zane, standing to the right smiling at the pain he had inflicted on the father.

Zane painfully raised his head, no longer feeling his lower body; he looked up at the person, speaking through clenched teeth.


"Good morning Zane, lovely day. I suggest you should be spending this great day off the floor." Arbirto mocked once more, a small smile on his lips.

"Maybe you should be spending the day playing around with your useless tools." Zane said, spitting blood out of his mouth. "You can dress them in fancy clothes.. and then watch them as they fight for your appeal… they'll kill anyone for the hope that' you'll let them out.. you sick bastard."

Arbirto frowned, he glanced up at someone silently stood to Zane left and nodded. Zane screamed again as another blade was forced into his body, Arbirto knelt next to Zane, pulling his face up to look directly into Arbirto's eyes.

"You became an annoying rat for me Crusade, you and your little rebellion. I'm glad that I get to watch you die."

He forced Zane's face onto the floor and stood, he was about to walk off when he saw the baby on the floor. Hazel eyes staring in interest at Arbirto, the man smiled and laughed.

"Crusade, my, you have beautiful children! I may just take him from you and have him to myself."

Zane raised his upper body, supporting himself with his right arm. Cuts on his face bleed down his once perfect skin, not that the man himself actually cared.

"Don't you dare touch him." Zane warned.

"Why not? You're going to die in a minute once you're dead, your child is mine. I heard you named him Yotsuba. Petty name for such a beautiful child." Arbirto picked the baby up, immediately making it cry. "Seems it doesn't like me. Oh well over time it will."

Zane cursed, mostly at himself for not being able to do anything to save his child. Arbirto gave Zane a glare; he nodded once more and began to walk away. A gun was put to Zane's head; there was a click of the bullet being ready. The man behind Zane gave a smile.

And pulled the trigger.

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