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I Will Always Be There for You


Seth POV

"Jake NO!"I yell as he puts me safely next to a tree and hold goes down touching my damaged leg. I whine a little at his soft touch.

"Sorry Seth. I have to," Jake explains. His voice with pure tenderness and apology just melts my heart away.

"No!" I clutch his hand, "don't do this to me…" He pulls me up from the base of the tree and he hugs me tight. I feel his arms around me and I was so caught into him that I didn't realize where I was and why I was here. As long as he is with me. I can feel his care, his love, he doesn't have to go anywhere.

"I will always protect you," Jake said, "In your heart, in your mind. I will always be there." He said with all the emotion he could express. He then gave me a small ruffle in the hair and gave me a small kiss on the cheek. He then phased and jumped into the woods. I was left wondering whether or not he would come back alive…