(Observation) requested by driftingatdusk

"Squeeze your legs."

Abby was sweating and breathing hard when he peeked around the corner. He was fairly certain she thought he wasn't home; there was no way she'd be caught dead doing this while he was around.

"Hold it right there… you feel that, don't you?"

She groaned and wiped the sweat from her brow and Gibbs couldn't deny the ache he felt in his groin from watching her. He wanted to rush in, to pull her away…

"And relax."

Gibbs moved quietly back around the corner and slipped down to his basement without a sound before Abby was back on her feet.


Abby's feet pounded down the basement steps and Gibbs looked up to see her in sweat pants, one of his t-shirts and a towel wrapped securely around her damp hair. "Gibbs! When did you get home? I thought I heard something down here."

"A few minutes ago, I heard you in the shower so I came down here to clean up a bit."

"Oh," Abby wrapped her arms around his neck. "You could've joined me."

"I could have, or I could join you now?" Gibbs pressed her against the hull of the boat with his body, trapping her between his arms.

"Mmm, I'd like that." Abby giggled and then kissed him. She was surprised he was so hard, so quickly. "Let's take this upstairs."

Gibbs allowed her to pull him upstairs and past the living room. He glanced over at the wii she'd installed in his living room and his eye caught the wii fit board hidden under the sofa. He smiled. He'd call her out on her workout another day. He had more important things to tend to right now.