The Day the Author goes to Hogwarts and Has a Little Fun

Disclaimer:  All Harry Potter characters belong to JK Rowling.  I own the plot.  

Summary:  The Author decides to have some fun at Hogwarts.

*=action.  ~ ~= thoughts.  ( )=typing.

Author: (Appears in Hogwarts)  Cool.  Now I need to get a wand.  (wand appears.)  Harry: Who are you?

Author:  Huh?  Oh hold on a minute.  *looks at wand in disgust*  This is lame.  (really cool looking staff appears.)  That's better. 

Harry:  Are you new here? 

Author:  Nope.  I'm a fanfic author who decided to have some fun at Hogwarts.

Harry:  Oh. 

Ron: *walks in* Hey Harry.  *looks at the author*  Who are you?

Harry:  She's another one of those fanfic writers.

Ron: Oh.  Are you gonna make us make out? 

Author: Hmm...  Yeah, I think I will.  (Hermione appears and kisses Ron very passionately) 

(Ron and Hermione start making out more intensly.)

Harry:  Umm do they have to do that right there?

Author:  Fine.  (Ron and Hermione vanish)

*Draco appears*  Who are you? 

Author:  I'm a fanfic author.

Draco:  Guests aren't allowed.  Your gonna get in trouble.

Author:  No, I think not. grins *evilly at Draco*  (a giant bubble appears around Draco)

Draco:  That's the worst you can do?  *does a spell and escapes.

Author:  Alright, you want bad?  You got it.  (Draco turns into the ferret again, but this time he's in one of those ferret balls.

*See's Crookshanks walk by*  Here, Crookshanks have a new toy.

Harry:  Cool. 

Author:  Yeah.  I have to go now.

Harry:  Okay.  See ya.

Author:  Bye. (Author vanishes)  ~That was fun.

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