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Bella laughed a little at the sensation of the blade scraping down her arm. The coldness of it was so like the touch of her former best friend – Alice Cullen. The way that the girl's icy fingers had used to caress down her pale white and fragile skin was mirrored perfectly in the way that she trailed the cold tip of the blade over her flesh. For a moment the brunette had to wonder what the pixie like vampire would have said if she told her what was happening right at that moment. The brunette wondered inside if the raven haired woman would have seen her decision to do it – to make herself feel again. The brunette decided that Alice wouldn't have seen because she was so used to leaving people, leaving her home behind. Alice may have been used to it but Bella wasn't, and she felt as if her heart had been violently ripped from her chest and crushed within another's palm even as she felt it continue to beat.

Angrily her pale thin fingers tightened on the handle of the knife causing the tip to nick at her skin slightly, making a cut form. "She left me..." she muttered angrily still scraping the blade down her arm as she quivered in anger. "She fucking abandoned me!" The girl roared as the knife dug down into her skin and caused a pale crimson line to spread from the slight cut.

The red outline of the cut came as a shocking contrast to the milky white flesh of Bella's skin. "She fucking used me!" The next slice was harder as the girl felt her angry for Alice bubbling to the surface. "Fuck her! Fuck this fucking pain." Bella growled annoyed as her arm began to burn under the cold touch. Inside her head the protective voice of Alice came to her, almost begging her to stop what she was doing. Bella ignored both the voice and the vision of the woman that she loved and cut deeper, making her flesh weep the tears that Alice could not.

The brunette spoke angrily to the vampire that only she could see, "You fucking bitch. You broke me and now you've come here to gloat?" She asked it as the blade pressed down and formed yet another line on her skin. The angel that sat between Bella's legs, kneeling beside the bed said nothing, but shook her head in a solemn gesture. "Well," Bella continued, "You got what you wanted; I'll never bother you again."

The blade cut deeper this time as Bella set her decision in concrete. The sharpness of the blade sent pleasurable thrills running up and down Bella's spine and unexpectedly settled between her thighs as she realised that she was enjoying the punishment she was giving herself. "Bella my friend, you are fucking messed up." She joked to herself.

"Yes you are Bella." A silky little voice from over beside Bella's window spoke softly, "So very messed up."

"Wouldn't you like to know Victoria?" Bella replied smoothly without even looking at the window. She had after all left it open on purpose.

The girl pressed the knife into her arm again and grinned as she heard the vampire's breathing pick up. Slowly she dragged the blade down her pale arm and then sliced straight across her wrist. For a moment she stared down at the stream of blood that was running freely across her arm before her eyes drifted across the room to the almost frantic looking redhead. Grinning she extended her arm and offered the bleeding wrist to the hungry vampire. "Drink," she said softly as she smiled at the woman.

"If I drink I kill, you know that... do you want that?" The vampire asked with as much restraint as she had keeping her away from the bloody mess on the other side of the room. It smelt so good that she didn't think that she would be able to keep herself away from it for much longer.

"Yes." Bella replied still holding her arm out.

Gracefully Victoria dropped down from her perch on the window ledge and stalked over to the brunette smiling predatorily. "I can do one of two things Bella, I can kill you – feast on your blood and leave your body broken – or I can change you. Kill your human self and you can come with me."

"My human self is dying one way or another." Bella looked at the photo frame on her bedside table. It showed a picture of her and Alice when they were happy. She felt a spark of hatred pass through her, "I might as well get revenge before I die."

"I want you to try and change me, Victoria." The brunette said as she offered her arm again. "I do not want to die here. I want to die where they killed me, where my heart was destroyed. Take me to the Cullen's house."

"As you wish," Victoria replied trailing her hand through the blood on Bella's forearm, bringing the fingers to her mouth she sucked on the blood and moaned at its taste. "Take my hand then."

Bella slid her hand into the redhead's lacing their fingers together as she did so and smiling. A blush covered the human's cheeks as she leaned forward and pressed her heated lips against the coldness of the vampire's lips. She didn't know exactly why she was kissing the redhead she just knew that she wanted to do it.

For Victoria it was a surprise to have the girl kissing her but she responded to it nonetheless. Falling into the warmth of Bella's mouth as her cold tongue trailed over the girl's red lips. Bella's other hand dropped the knife so that it clattered to the floor and wrapped around Victoria's thin shoulders. Victoria's free arm wrapped around Bella's waist to pull the human closer to her.

"You trust me with your life?" Victoria asked softly, wanting to make sure for some reason that this was what Bella wanted.

"I suppose that I am." Bella replied leaning forward slightly and pressing her lips against Victoria's again.

For Bella she was kissing the redhead because she was everything that Alice was not, and Bella desperately wanted to forget Alice.

For a moment Victoria shivered in delight, but then that moment was over and Bella was in her arms being carried bridal style through the forest towards the Cullen's abandoned house.