Author's Note: The second chapter of the Revenge series is here... and there is a lot more of the Victoria/Bella pairing to come. :)

The redhead held Bella in her arms, cradling the human's body close to her own as she tried to keep the girl safe and close to her. Running through the forest at speeds faster than a normal human would ever be able to manage the redhead vampire flitted between the trees and the bushes in the direction of the Cullen's home. The smell of vampires was clear all the way from Bella's house, though that might have been because of the fact that Bella was visited by multiple vampires.

Soon the trees cleared and there was an opening in the middle where the Cullen's house stood, tall and proud as if it knew about the damage that was inflicted to the girl that Victoria was carrying by the Cullens.

"We're here Bella." Victoria whispered to the girl as they approached the front door.

"Thank you." The brunette replied laying somewhat limply Victoria's embrace and staring at the front door. "This is the first time being I've been back here since they left."

"I know Honey." The redhead answered softly, leaning down a little to press her lips to the crown of Bella's head.

"Let's go in," The brunette said while gently touching Victoria's cold hand, "I want to do this in Alice's bedroom. I might as well die where I once was loved right?"

"Sure." Victoria replied starting to feel a little uneasy around the brunette but shaking it off and instead walking with the brunette through the house.

Bella guided the redhead through the house until they were at the door of Alice's bedroom. Somehow even after everything that the raven haired vampire had put her through, she was still in love with her. Bella wondered if she would ever not be in love with the girl. Her heart started to race as she thought about all the things that had happened in that room in the time that she had known the pixie.

"Are you alright?" Victoria asked gently as she tightened her grip fractionally.

"I will be." Bella replied as she reached out to open the door. "This is where Alice and I spent most of our time when we were together at the house."

Victoria breathed deeply of the air smelling the combined scent of a vampire and the intoxicating scent of Bella Swan. "Trust me, I know that."

"Over there." Bella said softly as she pointed over to the bed that she'd spent many nights on before. Victoria lowered her down onto the soft fabric of the bed, gently laying her head on the soft cotton pillows with a grin etched onto her lips.

Victoria smiled down at Bella. The girl looked beautiful where she was laid on the bed. She was a beautiful human but that wasn't the only reason that Bella was beautiful to seemingly all vampires that met her. It was because of her scent that she was irresistible to vampires. She literally smelled good enough to eat, and if Victoria wasn't trying to change the girl she would probably be trying to eat her alive, or rather drink her blood.

Victoria had been a vampire for many years, and she was used to getting the urge to feast on someone's blood. She was also used to resisting the urge to feast on every human that she met, but it was stronger with Bella than it had been with anyone else. It was a lot harder to resist when the meal smelt so extraordinarily good.

"You look so good right now." She said as she smiled down at the girl. "And your smell. It is really, really, really good."

"I know. I'm the heroin that all vampires seem to crave." Bella replied as she rolled her eyes, "I know. I've had most of the vampires that have ever met me coming after me."

"I know that." Victoria replied as she leaned down and smelt the girl's body.

"Come on Victoria," Bella teased as she smiled up at the redhead vampire, "I thought this wasn't meant to take all day?"

"Actually the change takes about three days." The redhead replied softly as she moved to straddle Bella's hips.

"Kiss me?" Bella asked in a low tone as she reached her hands up until they tangled in the redhead's locks.

Victoria leaned down and pressed her lips against the brunette's lips, stroking her tongue over the girl's top lip for a moment before pulling away and looking into the girl's chocolate eyes. "You know this is going to hurt don't you?"

"I know." Bella breathed in reply before tilting her head back opening up her neck to the vampire on her lap.

Victoria leaned down and sighed as she smelt the girl's flesh. Kissing the girl's neck softly she worked her way down to the throbbing pulse at the base of Bella's neck. The redhead took a deep breath and then opened her mouth positioning her fangs over the brunette's flesh. The redhead waited a moment before plunging her teeth into the throbbing pulse.

Bella arched her back as soon as the pleasurable pain registered in her system. Victoria disregarded the brunette's movements and instead continued to suck on the girl's thumping pulse. Tearing herself away from Bella's neck Victoria trailed her hand down Bella's right arm and took the girl's wrist within her hand. Bringing the girl's wrist to her mouth Victoria bit down on the veins and sucked hard, filling Bella's blood stream with even more venom.

Bella whimpered under Victoria's attack, feeling the heat of the venom flowing through her veins burning everything it touched. Bella bit down on her bottom lip to keep the screams of pain inside.

The brunette smiled happily as the venom flowed through her system. The burn that the Cullen's told her would be there was, but there was also an underlying sense of happiness that came from the pain.