The Prologue

On the planet Lunseka, lived a peaceful kingdom called Crystillion. This kingdom was under rule of a very wise, gentle, loving, king. He was a firm but fair ruler. Crystillion was a prosperous nation. The markets thrived, the streets were bustling, and poverty was low. Life was generous to the kingdom. The Fays are usually a warrior race, but with King Saben they didn't have to fight all the time. They could rest and it wasn't the males who fought. It was the females who fought in battles. It wasn't because the males couldn't fight, the females were just stronger. King Saben and his beautiful Queen Camelia wanted a peaceful nation where they could raise their future children.

The Fays are not a human race while they may look human. They are the only race that are actually part animal. When each Fay is born, they are given a birth animal that they can turn in to. Queen Camelia's birth animal is a silver wolf. She has long silver hair, and her nails, in her human like state, are like claws, and her teeth are like canines. King Saben's birth animal is an Iberian Lynx. His hair is short and jet black. In his human like state, he has the lynx tail, canines, and the beautiful eyes. Now since the Fays are part animal, they don't eat other animals because it would be like eating one of their own.

Crystillion became such a beautiful place with forests, gardens, and rivers. It was the perfect place to live so serene and peaceful. King Saben only went to war only when necessary. He always tried to be very diplomatic, but when all other tactics failed, he went to war.