"Bella Swan, Out Living The Party life… Again!"

I sighed reading the headline. Stupid Star magazine, I swear they had posted the same thing about me over again and again! I went to a nightclub, wow, big deal. It was hardly even a party- everyone who knew me (which was basically just my family), knew that the party life definitely was not me. Who else couldn't say that they enjoyed going out and having fun with their mates? I didn't even drink that much!

Though, I didn't know why I was complaining; it's not like this had been the first time this had happened to me and it surely would not be the last. And what was worse, was that a normal magazine owner wouldn't get this much attention. The only reason why I was, was because of James. James was what you could say, 'my first true love', he was a massive movie star whom I'd met at a magazine conference. At first we hit it off, and for a few years we were madly in love, he was my entire world and I was his. Well that's what I thought. After a while he started to act differently, he would always see me drunk out of his head and started treating me wrong.. like I was his slave or something. One night it got way out of hand and he started to do things that I didn't want to do- not with him drunk. So I left. I really thought he was the one. Guess people change. Which was why I had been single for quite a while now, too scared to love again.

Since then the press had never left my side, always wanting to know why we broke up, but I would never say why. After all what business of theirs was it? So they turned against me .The most annoying thing was that now everyone thinks I am some super queen, alcoholic bitch. It was like the press had a death sentence for me! I could never do anything right! I give money to charity… oh she just wants the attention! I go out for a drink with my 'mates'… she must be a raging, party-girl alcoholic. I couldn't do a thing right. If anyone else did what I do, then no one would think it's wrong but no, not me…

A familiar buzzing tune woke me up from my ranting day dream. I sighed again, putting the magazine into the bin, taking a sip out of my cappuccino and picked up my phone to my ear; knowing exactly who it would be, as no one else ever called me.

"Jessica?" I sighed, wondering what wonderful news my assistant was bringing me now.

"Oh God Bella, have you seen the newspapers?!" she nearly screamed down to me at the phone. I was so glad that my magazine was completely the opposite, not all about celebrity gossip. It was a magazine for all people, including style, latest real news and many of my writers basically just writing their own thing. It had started up slow at the early beginning, but soon it was a worldwide success, being sold in many countries- I guess that's why I got all the press and fuss on my back.

"Yup," I said, popping the 'p', "Jess, you know all I was doing was having a drink with a few mates," I spat out the word mates, as to be honest they weren't mates at all…

"Yeah, some kind of mates Bella! Look what they said about you in the papers!" Jessica's frustrated voice spoke, like it was my fault.

I sighed. I'd ditched the magazine before I read any, knowing that the people who I 'thought' were my mates, obviously weren't by how they acted last night…

"A raging alcoholic, a slut, a man whore! Bella, what happened?!" spoke Jess.

"I… I drank like 2 bottles of shandy! I barely said two words to them, because frankly the loud music was killing all my brain cells, so I said I had to leave early… which they didn't like." I didn't understand why Jess was getting into such a fit, this had happened a million times before!

"Bella, just- don't go out anymore!" she screamed down the phone.

"But why! Everyone else gets to live their life Jess, it isn't fair!" I huffed, sitting down on one of my black kitchen stools, while sipping some of my-now cold, drink.

"Bella, I warned you about this a long time ago..." yes, she had- but to be honest, we both never thought it would go this far! Me and Jessica had been friends since high school, I wouldn't go as far to say as she was a good friend, but she defiantly was reliable and helpful. If it wasn't for her, I wouldn't be where I was today- so what better then to employ her as my assistant? It worked perfectly for us, we barely had any arguments and she gave me the confidence boost I needed by helping me out and always being there for me. Especially after James, our team work was golden.

"Pftt." I sighed, giving up with the argument.

"Bella, I know as your friend that it is hard- but you've always got me? Why don't you come round mine tonight or something?" I did have Jess and she was great... at the start, now though she has met Mike. Which meant that whenever I went over there it was more than awkward, to be honest I preferred being on my own. Maybe, I just needed a man? But there was a fat chance of that happening…

"Nah, it's okay Jess, I was planning a quiet evening anyway," I lied, though really it wasn't a lie, it would probably be the truth after last night.

"Well Bella... I actually have something to tell you, so I would appreciate it, if you could come?" Jessica whined, though I did wonder what she wanted to tell me?

"Can't you just tell me over the phone?" I asked, taking a big gulp of my cold drink until it had all disappeared.

"No Bella!" Jess said in mock hurt. "Pleaseeee!" Jessica begged, causing both me and her to laugh.

"Fine," I huffed. "When?"

"Umm... 7ish? You can have some dinner round here." I could almost see the smile in Jessica's voice.

"Sounds great and Mike?" I asked. Don't get me wrong, I had nothing against Mike, but he was always so nervous and fidgety around me. I don't think he understood I was a normal person just like him and Jess.

"No, Mikes out!" Jessica chirped. "Anyway Bella I need to go now and shop! You'll be okay right? Sorry about earlier Bell's... it's just..."

"My job," I mocked her, causing us to both laugh again.

"Yes!" she agreed, still laughing a little, "Anyway bye Bells!"

"Bye!" I replied, flapping my phone down shut.

Hmm, a whole blank Sunday to myself, whatever could I do? I looked around the kitchen room for inspiration, but nothing came. I sighed, getting up and tried the lounge.

I settled to snuggling up in my cream cushiony leather sofa, draping a blanket around my Pj's which I was still wearing. I deserved a 'lazy day', I thought to myself, as I picked the remote up.

I scanned all the channels first to see if there was anything remotely interesting on. Firstly there was just a lot of talk shows, quizzes blah blah. I stopped when I saw a film on, which I decided to watch for a couple of minutes to see what it was about.

After a few minutes I could tell it was roughly about a very smart, or in my words 'Geek' who was madly in love with the 'slut' of the school, but she wouldn't look at him twice, not that I blamed her. I never got how some girls thought that the black big rounded glasses, messed up hair and weird suit outfits were 'cute', to me they were plain ugly and weird. Why would any girl want to date that? Not that I could talk, my last date... was about a year ago and that was disastrous. It seemed men only liked me for my 'money' and 'fame', I could never tell if a guy was actually genuine or not. By now I had just given up...

I watched all of the film, with the very obvious ending of the girl and geek falling in love blah blah... if only real life could be that easy!

I sighed, now bored with nothing to do. I couldn't even go out because I knew a bunch of paparazzi will be out there, asking about last night.

I decided to put some soup on the stove for my lunch, while running upstairs to find something to wear for tonight. Urghh clothes. I hated anything that wasn't loose fitting! Which most people would be more then shocked with, but people believed too much what they read in magazines, which defiantly was not the real me.

I knew though, that I couldn't go to Jess's in sweats and a jumper, so looked in my wardrobe until something decent showed up. My wardrobe was very limited- not because I didn't have the money, just that clothes, didn't interest me and the fact that clothes shopping almost always killed me.

I found a pair of black skinny jeans and a long baggy vest with a black cardigan to keep me warm. I knew that it was only 2 o clock, so no point getting changed now, so went back downstairs to find my soup ready.


To my surprise I was actually glad when 7 o'clock came, as at least it enabled something for me to do other than be a slob all day at home. I quickly got changed into my prepared clothes, put a bit of pink lip gloss on and let my long brown hair fall down in its waves.

I checked myself in the mirror, before reaching out for the pair of sunglasses which was always by my front door, and a long coat with a hood on it. I put them both on, trying to make the coat cover my face too. Though I knew there was no point, as only I would come out of my own house.

I grabbed the keys and my bag, before opening the door, running to my truck and trying to get out of my drive, before the paparazzi on the other side of my gate would notice. Ha! Fat chance of that!

Luckily I had parked my old Chevy truck close to my front door. Yup, old and a Chevy- I'd had it since the end of high school, and instantly fell in love with it- and no matter how much money I had, that would never change. It also used to be quite an inconspicuous way to get around, but that was before a magazine printed me driving in it.

I unlocked the gates to my apartment, and drove quickly out of it- trying to ignore the people standing there with their big flashes, that almost blinded me. I tried to be as quick as possible to Jessica's, feeling very vulnerable and scared on my own.

As soon as I was at Jess's I quickly locked up my car and ran to her front door, which luckily Jess answered immediately.

I stepped straight into the cream carpet, letting out a long breath I hadn't realised I'd been holding while falling back against her white front door.

"Bella, are you okay?" Jess asked. Jess had quite a petite figure, with middle length brown hair- she was quite pretty in some ways, but God was she a gossiper! Worse than most of the celebrity magazines… And that was saying something...

"Yeah, I'm great." I replied, taking off my big black sunglasses and big black coat.

"Hmm," Jess mused, while taking my coat off of me. "Well anyway come in." Jess motioned, pointing to the doorway of the lounge.

Jess took a seat on one of the brown sofas and I joined her, relaxing a bit- though I wasn't one bit tired, after a day like today.

"Fun day?" Jess guessed, giggling when she saw my expression. "Aww, come on Bell's you know that everyday won't be as bad."

"I guess," I joked. "Anyway some news?" This was the most importing reason for me coming around, and to be honest, it had been eating at me all day.

"Later Bells! Come on your din dins should be ready!" Jess winked at me, before laughing at her joke and leading the way to the kitchen.

I shook my head, but followed her anyway, taking a seat in one of the chairs at the table in the kitchen, while Jess fumbled around with something in the oven.

"Darn!" she cussed, while opening one of the doors of the oven. "Black garlic bread okay for you Bella?" she asked, showing me a tray of very burnt of what looked like some kind of bread.

"Umm… You know what Jess, I'm fine." I laughed, as she chucked it into the bin.

"Right, spaghetti bolognaise on its own then!" Jess decided, putting a plate of spaghetti bolognaise on my mat, and one on hers.

"Red wine?" Jess asked, pulling out a bottle from a cupboard above her.

"Sure," I replied, giving her my wine glass.

"Tuck in!" Jess told me, while she handed me my glass back and sat down on her seat with her glass of wine.

I stuck my fork into the endless spaghetti, twirling it with a spoon and popped it into my mouth; followed by a sip of wine.

"So this news…" I mused over, purposely looking at my food.

Jess took a long swig of red wine before replying, "Well yes, I guess I should tell you now," Jess huffed, putting down her knife and fork and leaning back into her chair.

"That serious?" I joked, copying all of her moves.

"I'm afraid." Jess smiled.

"Well?" I coaxed her, secretly getting quite scared of what she had to say now. I could feel my hands getting very clammy and my forehead brewing with sweat.

"Umm, well first good news, I guess... I'm pregnant!" Jess chirped, a smile instantly lighting her face.

I took a deep breath in shock. "Oh my God, congratulations Jess!" I knew that she and Mike were getting quite serious and I couldn't be happier for them. But then I also felt, a new weird emotion- jealously? Of Mike- no. Maybe it was the fact that Jess was pregnant. I didn't want a baby yet, but it hit me- would I ever be in such a stable relationship to have children? To have a family at all? I'd never considered any of this before…

"Now on to the bad news." Jessica sighed, looking down to the floor.

"Mike's not the Dad?" I joked about; knowing that definitely was not it.

"No!" Jess acted in mock hurt. "No… I wish." Jess laughed, causing me to too, though they were both nervous laughter. "Bella," Jess's voice was suddenly a lot more serious as she looked me in the eyes, kicking my heart beat up a speed. "I, have to go- back to England with my family- I'm so sorry, it's just me and Mike decided it would be the best decision as both of our families are there, it just makes sense."

"Oh." Was all I could say, as the realisation of her words sunk in. How was I going to cope with out Jess? She was my only friend, close friend- who knew everything about me! She gave me confidence, she helped me so much!? How could I do that all alone?

"Bella, I am really sorry for ditching you! But you still have Alice!" Yeah I guess there was Alice, she was the stylist writer for the magazine who me and Jess sometimes hung out with, but really we were complete opposites.

"Who's going to replace you?" I asked, my eyes still wide in shock with my body still not making any sense of this.

"Oh!" Jess's face let go of the sadness for a while, as a smile took its place, "Well don't worry I already have a list of people up for interviews tomorrow, and if we don't find anyone- it's okay! We have until the end of the week!"

"Wait… Woah slow down! The end of the week?" I questioned, why was she leaving so soon?

"Yeah... Well we need to get over their ASAP to get jobs, a house etc. You'll give me a good reference right?" Jess winked, trying to make a joke out of this.

"Yeah sure," I said, though my voice was still empty from the shock.

"Bella!" Jess's worried voice said, while standing up to go over to me and give me a hug. "I'm really sorry."

"But, how… how am I going to cope without you Jess?" I asked, tears slowly filling my eyes.

"Hey Hey Bella! Don't be like that! I'm sure you'll do a brilliant job, and I'm only a phone call away!" she said as she rubbed my back soothingly.

"Yeah… I'm being stupid." I got out of her hug and tried to wipe the tears away, willing myself to create no more.

"No, you're not Bells! Geez I'm going to miss you so much!" Jess started to cry as well.

"Me too!" I replied, pulling her in for another hug.

"But hey, what about if we get you a dishy assistant!" Jess winked. "Maybe me going away could be a good idea, you need a man Bells!"

I started to laugh with her, "Ha! Fat chance of that happening Jess." Oh how wrong I could be…

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