The next bit was a blur. A total, magical, exhilarating blur. All of sudden I was unable to breath, as a pair of the softest, most amazing lips were against mine. My heart was thumping so hard that it felt like it was going to jump out of my chest. My hands automatically were in Edward's soft hair, my body was pushed right against his, but it still didn't feel close enough.

As if he could read my thoughts, Edward placed both of his hands firmly around my back and waist and pulled me closer to him. Our lips moved perfectly together, like dance moves that had been practised a million times; it felt perfect and right. No kiss with James had ever compared to this one. No kiss in the whole universe could ever compare to this one.

This kiss put the last little part of my life into completeness.

I don't want another pretty face

I don't want just anyone to hold

I don't want my love to go to waste

I want you and your beautiful soul

You're the one I wanna chase

You're the one I wanna hold

I wont let another minute go to waste

I want you and your beautiful soul

Beautiful Soul by Jesse McCartney

Chapter 15-Beautiful Soul


I knocked lightly on the red door; it was in a line of smart apartment houses which all looked very expensive. How the heck could Tanya afford this?

The door slowly opened, revealing a blonde girl, with ruby red lips and black thick set glasses, in a classic and simple black dress. She was pretty that was for sure, but nothing more to me. She wasn't beautiful or incredible; just pretty. But then I was Edward Cullen, I was more than lucky just to get pretty.

"Edward!" She smiled brightly at me, and for once the smile actually seemed to reach her eyes. I saw her do a double-take at the grey suit I was wearing, highly unlike me, but Alice had begged me to let her dress me.

"Tanya." I tried to smile back, as I brought her in for a hug, which contained no spark.

"Please, come on in!" Tanya opened the door widely and I followed her into her grand apartment.

She showed me, into what I guess was the lounge, which was very modern with sleek black leather sofas, massive paintings on every wall and a glass coffee table in the middle of it all, not to mention the 50-inch flat screen TV on the wall.

"Wow…" was all I could say.

"Yeah, well my parents died when I was younger, and they had some money," Tanya mumbled.

I looked at her wide eyed. "You never told me they died… I'm so sorry Tan I-"

"Look it's fine, it was ages ago; I'm over it," Tanya replied unexpectedly quite fierce. "Anyway-" she smiled "-thanks for coming over… I just wanted to make tonight… special. You know it's been a month since we met?" Tanya smiled, wide eyed.

"Really?" I asked. That month had flown by. But I wondered if that was because of Tanya, or if it had more to do with Bella.

"Yuh huh," Tanya mumbled, though I barely heard her. When I started thinking about Bella, it was very hard for me to stop - which I knew was a habit I needed to break, and soon.

"So," Tanya said, suddenly louder. "Have you seen this? Apparently after one meeting, 'they're in love!' Well lucky Bella Swan! He's hot!"

My attention suddenly went back to Tanya at Bella's name, I looked up too see Tanya showing me a magazine cover - 'Star'. Bella and Jacob were on the cover together. I could tell that it was an old picture; but it still made my blood boil and my heart ache.

"Oh right," was all I could manage to say, not wanting to show Tanya my true feelings about the matter. But I needed to see it; I needed to get over Bella- she wasn't mine and she never would be! I had to start concentrating more on Tanya, before I lost her.

I looked up at Tanya to see her eyes observing me very strongly, like she wanted more of a reaction out of me or something.

"So," Tanya said again, raising one eyebrow, "I've got a little... erm… treat? Upstairs…"

I was naïve, so at the time had no idea what she was going on about. I smiled and nodded, before following her up the white spiral stairs, to yet again another grand, breath-taking room: her bedroom.

This room shocked me the most out of them, not because it was the biggest, and not because when I compared it to the lounge it was tiny. No, it was more to do with the bed. Or, more precisely, what was on the bed. Roses. A million rose petals everywhere! Accompanied with scented candles at the corners of the room which, I had to admit, did smell amazing.

"What's all this?" I asked, as Tanya grabbed my hand.

She then moved to stand very close in front of me, before dropping my hand and instead placing hers around my waist. Slowly, she then reached up to my ear on her tiptoes before whispering, "Like I said… one month is a big deal."

I shuddered, finally grasping what she meant. But then I smiled; this was what I needed. Something finally to get me over Bella- once and for all.

Though the next day, my thoughts were completely different; with a different girl beside me in bed…

A smile was on my lips as I woke up the next morning. The smile hurt, but only because I could tell that it had been on my face since the moment I had fallen asleep last night. Probably even before that.

The smile grew wider, as I looked down at the naked figure in the bed beside me, tucked delicately in my arms. It was like our bodies were built to form and mould together so perfectly. The warmth from her skin radiated my whole body, almost giving it an extra life of its own.

I didn't know how long I just stared (smiling my head off) at the perfect body tucked into my arms; but it didn't feel long enough. Soon the magic body started to stir and awaken from her peaceful sleep.

"Mmmm," the voice of an angel moaned as she started to stretch her body and open her eyes.

I lightly lent down and kissed her forehead. I immediately blushed; was that the right thing to do? What about if, to Bella, last night had only been a one night stand? I didn't know! I had no expertise in this area… well that wasn't exactly true…

But I knew that was a mistake now, I knew it at the time, I knew it when Tanya had tricked me. Well not trick me, I guess she was my girlfriend, but her ways were deceiving.

As memories of what happened between me and Tanya, before I met Bella on her date entered my head; a sudden wave of guilt flooded through my body. Suddenly I couldn't look at Bella, I couldn't be near her. I'd done an awful thing; me! The geek, Edward Cullen! The slut!

As I quickly leapt out of the bed, I'd forgotten how much of Bella's body was resting on mine, causing her to slam onto the bed beneath her. I started panicking. I didn't know what to do. I looked at the bedside table for my glasses, but they weren't there; they were nowhere in the room!

I could hear Bella muttering something in her bed; but I'd gotten into such a panicked state that I didn't have the nerve to turn around and help her out. Instead I ran into the lounge, hoping to find my glasses there, but no such luck. Where were they!

"Edward, what are you doing?"

I turned around, slowly, to see Bella leaning against the bedroom door with the bed covers wrapped around her fragile body. For a second I forgotten everything I was doing, I was entranced by her beauty too much, even with my glasses off.

"Edward?" Bella asked again, awakening me. Her face was filled with concern and confusion, it nearly mirrored mine.

"I...I..." I stuttered. "Have you seen my glasses?"

"You wore contacts…" she pointed out, again her face filled with such confusion that it hurt me.

"I… I have to go." I nodded, though I knew that leaving was the one thing I definitely did never ever want to do.

"Why?" Bella asked again, nearly crushing my heart.

"T-tanya…" was all I could say.

Bella bit nervously on her bottom lip, while slightly nodding her head; God, she was so beautiful. "Don't go," she almost begged, shattering my heart.

"I don't want to," I replied truthfully, never wanting to look away from the chocolate eyes.

"But Tanya…" she reminded me.

Now I was speechless. What did I do? Should I just come clean and tell her? Would she understand? I knew that Bella was a very understanding person; she had all of the best qualities. But did people tell other people this kind of thing? I just didn't know.

"I slept with Tanya yesterday," I blurted out, red flaming my cheeks.

Again Bella nodded, still biting her bottom lip- was she going to chew it off?

"Just last night?" she asked, never changing her expression. God did I want to know what she was thinking, just a little sign – not knowing was killing me.

"Yes, but Bella?"

"Yes?" She increased her gaze into my eyes.

Well Edward, it was now or never, I'd already made a fool of myself, why stop here?

"I want you Bella. I don't want Tanya. I never wanted her. And I know this is sounding stupid, because just look at me and look at you! I'm the geek, the nerd, whatever. Last night to you was probably just a one night stand, because you were vulnerable and wanted to feel loved and I took advantage of that - yes me. But I don't regret it, because last night was the best night of my life, ever. For once in my life I felt confident, like me, not the geek I really am, I felt like a whole new person and that was because of you. Bella I know that you're going to turn me down now, but I honestly don't care! Okay, no I will one day, but not now; not after getting the chance to spend one night with you. I wouldn't swap that for the world, even if it does mean a rejection the next day, I'd take a 100 of those for another night like that! And no, it wasn't just the sex! Not at all! It was just being close to you! And properly knowing you. It was incredible. And I only had sex with Tanya, because I wanted something to help me get over you! And yes, you can sack me now, just let me get my clothes." I let out a big breath of air, before turning around, with ruby red cheeks.

"Edward!" Bella shouted out, before pulling my shoulders backwards so I had to face her. She smiled an extraordinary smile at me, which took my breath away, before plunging right in to kiss me. It was incredible. As soon as our lips touched, my body felt aflame, built on electricity; I felt alive.

But Bella, much too soon pulled away, before placing both of her hands on either side of my face; while her face suddenly became serious as her eyebrows knotted in a cute way. "Edward, I'm not going to reject you! You're not a 'geek' or whatever you call yourself. To me, you never have been!" Tears started to bubble up in her gorgeous eyes, but I could tell they were happy tears. "I don't care what you did with Tanya, you two were dating, I understand it. I tried to do the exact same to get you off of my mind with Jake last night. Edward, I want to be with you, no, I need to be with you. I just feel so complete in your arms standing here; like before there was a huge chunk of me missing! Please, please stay," she whispered the last sentence, while letting the tears roll down her slightly flushed cheeks.

All I could do was nod and stare endlessly into her perfect eyes. I knew the smile from this morning had returned to my face, and I liked it there. I was shocked and stunned as well; half of me thought that this was some kind of joke, but I only had to look at Bella once to know that every word she had just said was true.

Suddenly my back was pushed against the wall behind me, with Bella literally jumping on top of me, and continuing the earlier kiss. I kissed her back with more passion this time, and so did she. We were both grabbing each others bodies, trying to eliminate any distance at all between us, we both needed to feel each others bodies and warmth.

I picked Bella's legs up, while still kissing her, and wrapped them around my body. She was as light as a feather, not that I was really paying much attention to her weight, other than her soft, sweet-tasting lips on mine. I then slowly slid down the wall, so that she was sitting very tightly on top of me, and I could now use my hands to grab her chest closer to mine. Finally was the dork getting the princess?

I didn't know how long we stayed like that, neither of us could get enough of each other; while I couldn't even feel my body, it felt like I was floating because I felt that happy. Happier than I had been in my entire life. It felt like all of the bad things I'd been through - the bullying, the teasing - was all worth it for this moment now. Now who was laughing, bullies?

A familiar ringing noise finally made both of us realise where we were and floated us back to reality again. We both, regretfully, pulled away from each other, to stare into each others' eyes. Bella gave a very cute, embarrassed smile, before untangling her legs from mine, standing up and running to the phone.

I still couldn't move off the floor, my whole body was in total bliss and happiness. I knew that I was smiling like a drunk man, or someone on drugs; but I did truly feel like a new person. Bella wanted to be with me! ME! I wanted to shout it out loud, scream it from every roof top!

"Shit! It's 11 o'clock! Oh man, Alice I am so sorry!" Bella started running around with the phone, grabbing clothes from her bedroom. She sounded panicked and worried, though whenever I caught her face, I could see her smiling just as much as me. "Edward… err no I have no idea where he is actually. Have you asked Tanya?"

Tanya. Well I would end it with her; we both knew that our relationship was going nowhere anyway. It was me, Edward, she wouldn't be that upset. I knew that for sure.

Finally, I managed to slide up the wall to go and find Bella. I walked into her bedroom, where she was looking in her wardrobe for even more clothes to wear. What had happened to the ones she just had? She was mumbling some excuse to Alice about what happened last night. I knew that she couldn't have heard me approach, so I quickly wrapped my arms around her waist to pull her into me and started kissing the back of her delicious neck.

"Ah!" Bella screeched down the phone, before stifling a giggle. "A-alice, I really, rrreally need to go right now! Bye, I'll be in work, in… uh just a sec, yeah just a sec." Bella hung up the phone before turning around with an accusing expression on her face. "That," she said, pointing a finger at me, "was not funny!" Again she leant forward to lightly kiss me on the lips, before turning around again and sighing. "I have nothing to wear!" she moaned, dropping her hands down to her side.

"Go naked," I whispered in her ear. "I won't mind, I promise."

Bella giggled. "I'm sure you wouldn't, but my colleagues might and I'm sure that Star magazine would love it. You know just after one meeting, they made out that Jacob and I are 'in love'!" Bella spat out like a piece of dirt.

I smiled. "Yeah I saw that somewhere."

Again Bella's mobile went off, but when Bella look at the caller ID this time she sighed, "Jake. What should I say? Except from a major apology about last night…"

"Well Bells, we still have the ball this weekend," I reminded her; unfortunately we had both invited Jake and Tanya as our dates.

"Crap! Well I'm going to have to cancel him and eurgh!" Bella moaned, tucking her head into my chest.

"Shsh!" I calmed her, while rubbing her head and hair. "Look maybe it'll just be easier to keep with the original plan about this weekend? We don't want to cause a big story or anything in the news? It'll make the weekend horrendous. Just tell Jake that your feeling better now and you'll see him Saturday night." I couldn't believe the words coming out of my mouth, but I knew that this was the most sensible thing to do. That didn't make me like it any more, though. I kissed the top of her head, as I felt her head nod into my chest.

"I'll call him back," Bella agreed, turning away to call Jake back.

I walked into Bella's en-suite and had a quick shower, before changing back into my clothes from last night; a grey suit was okay to go to work in, right?

When I walked into Bella's lounge she was already changed and ready to go, wearing a tight grey pencil skirt and a white blouse; she looked so sexy and incredible.

"Wow," we both said at the same time, then laughed.

"Is this okay for work? I kind of have nothing else to wear," I mumbled, blushing a bit.

"It's perfect and very sexy." Bella smiled, giving me another once-over look.

"Okay great." Though I didn't feel too great; only more nervous with Bella's eyes gazing over my body. I still wasn't used to this kind of thing.

"Oh but wait," Bella murmured, again knotting her eyebrows in concentration.

"Yeah?" I asked, walking over towards her; why be so far away from her when now I could be as close to her as I wanted?

"I told Alice, that I had no idea where you are…" Bella admitted looking a bit guilty.

"Oh," I replied, wondering how we were going to get out of this situation. "But if Ali, sees me in this." I pointed to my outfit, causing Bella's eyes to defocus again and go back to thinking.

"Oh!" she suddenly shouted, making me jump a bit. "Last night you stayed round Tanya's and then you can sneak into work and I'll tell you off!" Bella wiggled her eyebrows at me, looking very proud at her plan.

"Err… I don't know Bella…"

"Don't be silly, come on!" Bella tugged at my arms, pulling me towards the door.

Bella POV

"He's still not here?" Alice asked, raising two finely plucked eyebrows at me, as she played with a whole puncher on Edward's desk.

"Nope," I said, pretending to 'tut' and shake my head.

"But this is Edward we are talking about; where could he be?" I could see Alice's frustration in her eyes, probably annoyed that her brother hadn't told her a thing about last night.

"I don't know." I shrugged my shoulders, leaning against the wall. "He called 10 minutes ago to say that he's on his way…"

"This is just so unlike him!" Alice said, smacking down the whole puncher onto his desk.

"Ali, come on, your wasting your lunch break, I'm sure Edward will be here soon."

"No, something's definitely up with him! And I can read him so easily, that as soon as he walks in, I'll know what," Alice said confidently.

"Oh right," I replied, knowing that she would never guess where Edward was; which was currently the backseat of my car.

"Hey," said a perfect velvet voice which melted my heart.

"Edward!" Alice nearly screamed at the man walking into the room. "Where the heck have you been!"

"Whoa Ali." Edward put her hands out cautioning her, while I tried not to laugh. "I was, at Tanya's and kind of… last track of time?"

"Why do I think that you're lying?" Alice scrutinized his expression, not looking very impressed.

"Why do you care so much?" Edward fought back, giving a smirk.

"I…I don't. Hey Bella, aren't you supposed to be telling him off for being late or something?" Alice put her hands on her hips and started tapping her foot.

"Err oh yeah, Edward don't do that… er again." I tried to sound stern, which is kind of hard when you are trying not to laugh.

"Hmpf. Anyway both of you are coming out tonight; we are all going to Seven. Bella I'll be round yours at half sixish. Edward you and Jasper are meeting us there at half seven. And oh yeah, I am not taking no for an answer!" Alice smiled sweetly before walking out of the room, her high heels tapping loudly against the floor.

As soon as she was far enough away, both Edward and I burst out laughing.

"Oh God!" I breathed heavily from the laughter. "That was so hard not to laugh!"

"I know!" Edward agreed.

"Anyway!" I stood up straighter. "We've missed half a day's work; back to it Mr Cullen!

"Of course Miss Swan." Edward nodded, before walking smartly back around his desk.

Again I tried not to laugh as I got to the door, which I closed firmly behind me as I made my way into my office and sat on my chair.

Turns out concentrating on work, with Edward outside your door was very hard. All my body wanted to do was kiss him, everywhere.

After 30 minutes, I gave up trying and decided to go out, to the loo. Well that's what I told myself, knowing really I just wanted a excuse to see Edward.

As I opened the door, Edward was already standing there with his hand up like he was just about to knock, we both laughed again. His laughter was like music to me - peaceful, relaxing, amazing music, which I could listen to all day and never get bored.

"Physic now, are we Miss Swan?" Edward pulled a breathtaking lopsided grin, as he put one hand on the door frame by me.

"Seems that way," I agreed.

For a few seconds or probably minutes, we just stayed like that, staring into each others eyes. And although I wasn't kissing him all over, I was definitely not complaining; just like with his laughter, I could look into her emerald, green sparkles for ages. They were definitely more beautiful than anything in the world, so full of life and meaning.

"Was there anything in particular you wanted, Mr Cullen?"

"Yes," Edward whispered, grabbing my waist tightly. "You." Edward pushed my body gently backwards, so that he could close the office door and recreate last night all over again…

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