The room was packed. Well okay maybe that was'nt the right word to use, but it was close enough since there were over four hundred and seventy something perticepants in the Hunter exams all packed into a small room that was'nt even the size or a football stadium, so when he ended up steping on several people he could'nt help but laugh a little bit. The slight noice was lost to many, but to his trained ears it was as loud as a yell, and had a wierd almost hystrical sound to it. Was that really his laugh, or had he worked so much dodging his familys search dogs these past month that he had finally snapped?

He had a comical look on his face as he deftly manuvered his way through the crowds and saw a young girl about his age with semi long silvery blond hair, wearing a cloak and carrying a fishing pole, behind her were two older guys guys. A tall blond, and a man about twenty something wearing colored shades, a suit and a tie and thought, well they are'nt going to last long. He cocked his head, there was something about the girl and her friends that he could'nt quite place.

As soon as the girl started moving through the crowd, he watched in amazment as the others in the room parted for the mysterious person and her friends like the red sea parted for Moses. How curious. And intresting all at once. He had left his home because there was something out in the world that he could'nt find there, something he desire so much he would kill for it a thousand times over. He wanted a companion, someone who would'nt be bothered by the fact that he was a cold blooded killer at the tender age of thirteen. So far he had come across several people that would have fit his criteria, but the moment they had been told what he was, and who he was; they had tried to kill him leaving him no choice but to kill them first. It sucked, but he was starting to think that he should give up.

But those peoplereally stood out to him. They gave his trained senses a funny feeling that made him feel warm, and tingly all over. Could they save him from his lonliness? Well he would never know unless he tried to get close to them, so he made a split second decision that could; and would change his life forever. He would become one of their group. And he would find his companion among the three or he would die trying.

"Uzu, dont go any farther ahead of us." Kuraprika said warningly as he reached out and wrapped his fingers around her delicate wrist, his eyes widening in suprise at just how thin her wrist was. If he was'nt careful he would end up breaking it. She turned her head slightly and glanced at him out of the corner of her eye, and nodded in understanding. She knew the people here were dangerous, but she could'nt help but feel like a wolf in sheeps clothing at the moment.

She was pretty dangerous herself with her monsterous physical strength, speed and agility. And she was more than aware of just how many people in the room seemed to realise that she was'nt normal, it was why the crowd had parted for her. Animal instinct. Even though they were'nt completely aware of it they felt deep down that she was a killer and it scared them into wanting to stay out of her way.

So when the test started and she and the others started running with everyone else she had to slow her pace considerably or she would have lost Leorio and Kuraprika in the crowd. And since she had become friends with the two she had no intention of losing them for any reason, that and she could already feel the eyes of some of the other Hunter exam perticipants. They were already schemeing on how to ruin their chances or becomeing Hunters. The feeling that they were giving off was starting ot piss her off. If Leorio and Kuraprika were'nt so close to her; she could lash out and get rid of some of the more dangerous ones.

"Hey! What the hell are you doing brat, thats cheeting!" Leorio yelled in her ear, causing her to trip. She would have fallen if Kuraprika had'nt reached out and steadied her as soon as she tripped. She looked at him and saw him smile and felt his hand on the small of her back gently urging her to retake her spot in front of them.

She gave him a grateful look and thanked him quietly before turning her attention back to the front, and almost tripped again when the kid Leorio was yelling at was staring at her. Leorio said something else drawing the teens dark green eyes away from her for a second, a cold almost murderous look crossed his face, then he looked back at her. His look sofened considerably when he looked at her. He even smiled at her before jumping off of his skate board and picking up as he fell into step beside her.

Two loud growls sounded behind her, making her jump slightly. What was their problem? She wondered as she glanced at them over her shoulder. The dark looks on their faces spoke volumes; telling her that they believed that they should be the only ones so close to her.

"Kind of possesive of you, aren't they?" The guy next to her said as he glanced at her. She gave him a small smile.

"Yeah, I guess so." She said with a shakey laugh as she recalled the sailor that Leorio had thrown over board the ship that they had met on when the guy had scared her. She was still pretty sure that the poor unfortunate soul had drowned.

The boy snickered, she had such a funny look on her face. It made him wonder what she was thinking about as he got a closer look at her. She was a pretty little thing, just an inch shorter than him, her skin was so pale she almost reminded him of a ghost. If not for the color of her vermillion red eyes, the pale pink of her lips, and the bizzare color of her hair she would have been a ghost.

Her body was slender in build, but had nice curves considering her age. Not too small but not too big either. Her face had a sweet and innocent look to it, that was at odds with her nature. He could sense that she was a killer like him, the major difference between them was that she had a concious. He didn't.

"Whats your name?" He asked curiously as he let his shoulder brushed against her. She looked at him and smiled again, this time there was no nervousness behind the action.

"I'm Uzu. What's your name?" She asked with the same sweet smile. He blinked and hesitated for a second. Then gave her a slow smile and said,

"I'll tell you; if you give me a kiss." Kuraprika snarled and grabbed a card out of the crazy clowns hand and threw it at the boy as Leorio quickly grabbed Uzu and pulled her out of harms way. The boy dodged, and watched as the person in front of him fell to the ground with the card sticking out of his spine. Damn it, the boy was starting to piss him off.

Killua looked at the fallen man then back at the blond who had thrown the metal card at him and resisted the urge to tear his to pieces.

"It's one thing to take advantage of Uzu because she's innocent, or stupid. But it's unforgivable to try to take advantage of her because your a pervert. Do it again and you die." Kuraprika snarled. Uzu looked at the boy, Kuraprika had just tried to kill him for joking around! This was too much.

"Stop it! Apoligize to him for trying to kill him." She snapped at Kuraprika as Leorio let her go, the blond look startled and opened his mouth to argue, then sighed and muttered an apoligy under his breath. Killua cocked his head and then looked at Uzu again. How intresting. The blond guy and the other one obviously liked the girl, and wanted to protect her which was why his joke had gone over like a lead balloon.

He understood their feeling considerably, she was a female, a member of the fairer sex, she was fragil compaired to them. He had had such things drilled into his head since he was a child so that he would be able eventually find himself a companion, and would'nt feel the impulse to kill or hurt her. Even now he felt the same protective feelings toward the girl, but for much different reasons.

Reaching out she tangled her slender fingers in his hair and leaned in, pressing her lips against his own just for a fraction of a second, but it was enough to seal their fates together. "I'm Killua." Nice to meet you, lover. He thought as she pulled away from him to continue running. He would become her constant companion from now on, and watch her every move.

After reaching the end of the tunnel she stood with her back against a tree several feet away from the others and wondered if she had enough time to take a nap. It was'nt that she was actually tired, she was just bored. That part of the exam had been disgustingly easy for her. She felt the palm of a hand against her cheek and opened her eyes to look at the person touching her and squeeked in suprise. Killua was leaned against the tree next to her, his face dangerously close to her own, a teasing grin on his face.

"Tired?" He asked curiously. Her face turned an adorable pink color as she looked away from him.

"No. Just bored." She said with a sigh. He snickered, and let his hand drop back to his side.

"We have a while to rest, before we have to move on. Wanna hang out?" Killua said as he looked at her again. Uzu's expression brightened and she grasped his arm and pulled him away from the tree so quickly that he didn't even have time to dig his heels in.