Slight time skip-

The air ship was relatively quiet aside from the roaring of the engines, fourty something people had passed the cooking exam. Killua had been more than a little pleased that his partner had passed, despite the fact that she had nearly given him a heart attack when she had saved one of the others from being swept out to sea. And now that the two of them were alone again, he couldn't but help feeling like they were on a date or something. He kept wanting to reach out and hold her hand. It was weird. Or at least he thought so, but maybe it was part of the blood contracts affects.

The contract amplified the deepest desires in one's heart. So maybe his deepest desire was to hold hands with his partner? At one point during dinner he had stopped himself from touching her by stabbing himself in the hand with his fork, then when they had been drinking tea after dinner and chatting he had gotten an erection and tried to hide it from her by dumping his scalding hot drink in his lap. Not the smartest thing in the world to do, but it worked like a charm.

And now that the two of them were standing outside their room; because someone on the air ship was bound and determined to drive him insane, he could'nt help but feel that maybe he should go find her guard dogs and have them stay with her. Because he just knew in is heart that if he slept in the same room with her he would end up doing something like jumping her. The thought of stripping her naked and loving her until the early morning hours, caused him to turn blood red and give her some lame ass excuse before leaving her to go run around until he was too tired to act on his impulses.

And for some odd reason that he had yet to figure out he always ended up right back at the room, reaching for the door knob. Could he be a masochist?

Uzu stood under the warm water in the shower, thinking about the time that she had spent with Killua. He had been watching her like a hawk during the tests, and while she liked the fact that he was watching her at the same time it was also kind of unnerving. She was curious about him, and yes more than a little attracted to him. And since making the blood contract with him her attraction to him had gotten much harder to fight against. It kind of horrified her that she wanted to tie him up naked and milk him dry just to hear him scream. She just wasn't that kind of girl. But the more she thought about it the more she wanted to do just that.

And she knew just by looking at him, that the sex would be fantasic. It was in the way he moved, every action, every thought in his head was carefully calculated. He would be less calculating in bed. He would be more like a untamed wolf. Reaching out absent mindedly she switched the warm water to cold and stood there for another few minutes before giving up the fight and running her hand along the skin of her throat, down to her breasts, and promptly banged her head on the wall. What the fuck was she doing?

"Ahhh, I suddenly want to slit my wrists." She said to herself as she turned the water off and grabbed a towel and muttering darkly about things that innocent young girls shouldn't know about made her way to the bedroom, and nearly died of shock when she found Killua sitting on the bed wearing nothing but a sheet over his hips, waiting for her.

His head snapped up the moment the bathroom door opened and almost jumped to his feet and ran from the room, he was that freaked to find her standing naked under the fluffy red towel, just a few feet from him. He opened his mouth to speak and was mortified by the inaudible squeeking sound that came out, and quickly clapped both hands to his mouth and turned red. Uzu cocked her head a bit and narrowed her eyes at him.

"So your having trouble too then?" She asked, her instincts telling her the automatic answer. Yes.

"Yeah. I'm not sure if I can fight it. Do you...want me to-" She was close enough to touch a second later, holy shit he hadn't even seen her move. She had a odd look on her face like she was torn between nervousness, and excitement. One of her hands reached out and tore the sheet from his lap, the action startling him so much that he toppled over onto his back on the bed.

Well okay then.He thought as she straddled his hips, her core settling right over his aching cock. She let go of the towel to let her hands lightly skim across his chest, stopping briefly to pinch his nipples. He hissed and rubbed his cock against her. She twitched and ran her fingernails along his stomach, then down along his abdomen. Oh god, if she did'nt stop playing with him he was going to lose it completely, and fuck her into the mattress.

"Uzu, stop playing with me and kiss me so we can get started." He growled as he grasped both of her wrists in his hands and yanked her down to him and kissed her. Licking along her bottom lip to get her to open her mouth, and made a soft purring sound as he slid his tongue inside, letting go of her wrists long enough to wrap his arms around her, and pull her as close to him as he could without breaking her in half.

She moaned softly and fisted her hands in his hair. Pulling at it a bit, he felt like a tightly coiled spring about to snap. His normally calm mind was suddenly frantic, he could feel her heart beating in her chest, could hear the ebb and flow of blood in her veins, and lost all sense of self as he rolled them until she was under him. The towel had come apart bareing all fo the skin he wanted to touch. He rubbed himself against her again, and little pin points of light danced in his vision.

He lifted his lips from hers and nuzzled her jaw so that she would turn her head a bit, giving him acsess to her throat. He licked the skin over the artery in her juglar and nipped at the skin before sucking it roughly into his mouth, she cried out and arched her back as he pushed the head of his weeping dick inside of her. God she was so tight. He thought as he kissed his way from her throat to her breasts and nipped sharply at one nipple before sucking it into his mouth and pushing the rest of his dick inside of her. Seh made a strange sound that had his head snapping up to look at her face.

There were tears in her eyes. Was he hurting her? "Uzu?" He said gently, his voice sounding like a caress as he stroked her cheeks with his hand, wipeing away the tears as he klissed her lips tenderly while holding his body perfectly still.

"I'm okay, your just really big. It stings a bit." She said in between kisses. He made a soft 'hning' sound and smiled in the dark. Sweet, stupid girl. My sweet, stupid girl. He thought posessively as he started to move slowly just in case he hurt Uzu again, it would make it easier to stop. She gripped his shoulders, tearing the skin with her fingernails and made a soft whimpering sound that he wanted to hear again, and again, and again.