A/N: I do not own the characters of either the Harry Potter or Star Wars universes.

This is a new story that I started, and I'm being entirely honest here, after having the dream. I was writing a unit plan for reading fantasy and the first few lessons were with Harry Potter. And while I was working on the unit plan, I was watching The Empire Strikes Back. Something must have clicked because I started thinking about writing my own crossover with HP and SW.

I've read other HP/SW crossover stories before, many of them quite good. In fact, there was a series where the author had Harry being transported to the SW universe shortly after the events of Episode I. He stopped after Episode II unfortunately. Worse still is that I cannot find the stories anymore.

Anyway, in my story I bring Harry, Ron, and Hermione into the Star Wars universe together after the final battle against Voldemort. This will be a HP/OC and RW/HG story. The story will go through the events of all six episodes with a many of the major changes coming after Episode II. I hope you all enjoy this story. I will not neglect my baby, Harry Potter and the Return to the Past either.

Chapter 1


A living embodiment of the Dark Arts, constructed on a desolate patch of rock miles off the coast of Scotland in the Artic Ocean, this prison for centuries housed the most evil and vile humanity had to offer. And to keep the evil witches and wizards in the masters of the prison employed a creature more corrupt then the people entombed within: Dementors.

After centuries of living and feeding, the Dementors rubbed off on the prison. Light could not survive long inside those walls save with the strongest will in the world. Darkness radiated off the prison in waves.

And it was here that Lord Voldemort, the most powerful Dark Lord in millennia, made his last stand against Harry Potter and his forces of light.

Harry Potter stood side-by-side with his girlfriend and the love of his life Ginny Weasley, exchanging curses with Antonin Dolohov and Maurice Jugson on the third floor of the Azkaban prison.

"Adnihilo," cried Jugson. Harry grabbed Ginny and pulled her into a cell just before the powerful orb of destruction could kill them both. "There's no where to run Potter! Give up now and the Dark Lord may spare your friends."

And if pigs had wings we'd all carry umbrellas though Harry. "Ginny, let's give them a surprise." She nodded and held his hand. The two went invisible just before the Death Eaters came in, killing curses flying.

"Where the bloody hell did they go," yelled Jugson.

"They have to still be here. Come out little baby Potter. You can't hid from us forever."

"I don't plan to," Harry said, standing right behind Dolohov. "Veneficus conculco!" The yellow spell struck the Death Eater, sending him flying back into the stone wall, just bare inches from hitting Jugson.

"That was stupid Potter. Cruor vomica." A lick of purple flame, the same that almost killed Hermione three years ago, flew a good yard from where Harry was standing.

"That was stupid," whispered Ginny, making herself visible again. More direct then Harry; she kneed the Death Eater in a very intimate place. While he was on the ground, she kicked him in the face, breaking his nose. Jugson still had some fight in him though as he tried to grab her ankle and pull her down. "Naughty," she said with a smile and cast profundus vereor. As he relived his worst memories, Jugson screamed like a frightened girl.

"Good Lord, shut up," said Harry, silencing the Death Eater. "Good job Gin."

"Thank you Harry. Let's keep going."

"Right you are." Harry followed her into the hall, eerily silent. "Gin, see if the others are okay," he said softly. He watched her play with the numbers of her galleon. Soon the coin vibrated and the numbers changed on their own.

"Hermione and Ron have cleared the east wing and are nearing the staircase. Kingsley, Augusta, and Remus are almost done checking the cells in the north wing. The others are combing through the other two floors, making sure all the Death Eaters are taken care of. They'll take over here in a few minutes."

"Good. Tell the others we've got a few more rooms and we'll be moving up to the next floor in six minutes." As she sent the message, Harry poked his wand into every cell they past, casting revealing spells he learned from Bill and Professor Flitwick. "Everything seems clear." Then, just as the neared the staircase, Harry reached out his arm to stop Ginny but she was already stopped.

"I feel it Harry. Let me check it out." She conjured a dummy about their size and pushed it forward. As it passed the second to last cell on the right, a swirling cloud of darkness shot out and seized the dummy, breaking it up as it sucked it in. "Isn't that nice. Never seen that kind of spell before."

"Me neither. We don't have time to ask Bill either." Harry tapped his foot impatiently. They needed to pass. "All right, here's what we're going to do. I conjure a wall of light in the doorway. Transfigure another dummy and push it by the shield. Run just a little behind it and hug the far wall. If it breaks the shield, jump as fast as you can past the dummy when it sucks it in. If it doesn't break the shield…well that's obvious." Harry pointed his wand at the doorway. "You ready." At her nod he cast lux lucis parietis.

After the shield went up, Ginny conjured another dummy and keeping it in front of her on the near wall she ran towards the stairs. It was good she had the dummy because the darkness shattered Harry's shield immediately and grabbed the dummy; Ginny dove just before it expanded and grabbed her. A few minutes later Harry was past the trap. "Let's go."

The fourth floor, the last before the top where Harry supposed Voldemort was waiting, was very quiet. Holding Ginny's hand, they walked through, checking rooms for any traps or Death Eaters. "Where are the Death Eaters? They can't all be gone."

Harry shrugged. "I wouldn't think so but there doesn't seem to be a soul anywhere near. Maybe he's pulled everything topside…AHHHHHH!" Harry fell to his knees, his scar burning hotter then the fires of hell. "He's here," he managed to choke out.

Ginny paled and looked around, her wand moving in an arc. The hall was so narrow; he could be right on top of them and she would never know. Then she saw Voldemort, standing at the end of the hall, his red eyes glowing like coals. She had her wand at the ready when she heard Hermione and Ron screaming on the other side of the floor.

So caught up was she with the sudden appearance of Voldemort and Hermione's scream, she didn't notice Harry struggle to his feet. "Gin, go to the others. I'll hold off Tom."

"Harry I can't!"

"Ginny go! Bring the others. This has to be me."

"You don't mean that Potter. You've sacrificed how many tonight, all to kill a few of my insipid followers. I can always find more. But you…once I kill you, nobody will be left to challenge my power. Tonight I will fulfill the prophecy and take my rightful place as Dark master of the world."

Harry laughed, pushing Ginny behind him. When he didn't feel her leaving, he looked over his shoulder and told her to go quickly and save the others. She left, albeit reluctantly. "There's no one else here Tom. Just you and me. No horcruxes, no Hallows, no tricks. I spent the past two years preparing for this moment." He dropped into a defensive stance. "Tonight Tom, you will finally die."

"But it doesn't matter Potter if you've destroyed my horcruxes or if you've destroyed the Hallows," whispered Voldemort. "We duel on skill alone. I have spent sixty years mastering all magic." He dropped into an aggressive stance Harry saw only once when he was training in Mongolia. "I have studied at the feet of some of the most distinguished witches and wizards in the world: Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin, Damodara Jaya, and Chen Zhou. You cannot hope to match my power."

"We'll see." Bellowing with rage, Voldemort ran at Harry and so began the greatest duel the world would never see.

Crying silently, Ginny ran through the prison, dodging rocks and debris falling from the prison. Instinctively she knew the prison was falling apart as Harry and Voldemort dueled. She wanted to be at his side, fighting with him. But as she listened to the distant booms and crashes, she knew she would only slow Harry down.

About a minute later, she saw Ron and Hermione a few yards away. They weren't in danger though. "Hey guys," she yelled. She never saw the Death Eater standing in the dark cell, never saw him raise his wand, and never saw the killing curse that took her life.

Ron looked around, trying to find his sister. When he did he waved. "Ginny, what are you doing here? Where's Harry?" His heart stopped when he saw a green ball of light slam into her side. She hit the stone wall forcefully and fell to the ground limp. "No," he whispered, tears forming. "Dear Merlin NO!"

"Ron, where're you going," called Hermione. Cursing under her breath, she turned around to follow her boyfriend. She was ready to yell at him when he saw her cradling a limp Ginny in his arms. "Ron, is she…" she let the question hang.

Crying, all Ron could do was nod. Hermione got down next to Ron and pulled his head on her shoulder. "I'm so sorry Ron." Then she heard the loud booms coming on the other side of the floor. That could only be Harry.

Then she felt a magical presence nearby, hiding in a cell. "Ron, I'll be right back." He didn't even seem to notice her leaving. His head fell into his chest as he held Ginny.

Hermione disillusioned herself and stalked out the Death Eater in hiding. She knew this was Ginny's killer. The Death Eater didn't know she was in the room. He or she was trying to stay hidden, presumably waiting for orders from Voldemort, orders they would never receive. When she was practically right on top of him, she cast avada kedvra. The Death Eater fell to the ground, limp as a rag doll. She wanted to torture him for killing her boyfriend's sister, her best friend's true love, and her best friend. But once she started, she didn't know if she'd ever stop.

As her rage subsided, the sounds of Harry's duel grew louder. The cell she was in started shaking and buckling, stones falling from the ceiling. Harry had to be dueling Voldemort. But why would he send Ginny away? "Ron, we have to help Harry," yelled Hermione running out into the hall. "He's fighting Voldemort."

Ron didn't move. "Sweetheart," she said, getting down next to him again. "I know you're upset. I am too. But Harry needs us. Remember what you mum said. Even after her brothers were murdered she kept fighting. We can't lose our best friend, not now."

Ron didn't move, didn't even seem to breath as he held Ginny. Hermione sighed. "I have to go help Harry. I'm sorry Ron." She kissed him on the cheek. "I love you."

"Erus navitas telum," yelled Voldemort. Powerful bolts of blue energy shot at Harry. The boy-who-lived levitated a huge chunk of stone as a shield. The storm of energy threatened to destroy his shield soon. Closing his eyes, Harry concentrated on Voldemort's energy. When the rock was destroyed, Harry held left hand in a cup behind his right, absorbing the magical energy of the curse.

"My turn Tom," Harry said, closing his hands on the magic. Infused with Voldemort's power, Harry unleashed a barrage of curses at his nemesis. The Dark Lord couldn't block them all and was forced to jump and dance around, something he wasn't good at. A choking spell finally connected, forcing Voldemort to his knees for a moment, enough time for Harry to summon his wand.

"I believe that is checkmate Tom."

Voldemort sneered. "I don't think so Potter." He disappeared with a rustle of his cloak. Harry broke the wand in two and stuffed the pieces under his belt. But he didn't know where Voldemort went and he couldn't follow him.


"Hermione, where's Ron? What's happened," he asked fearfully when he saw her face. "Mione, please tell me what happened."

Hermione blinked back tears. "Oh Harry…Ginny's dead."

Harry was silent, breathing heavy. Ginny was dead. His Ginny was dead. And he was the one who sent her away. His green eyes flashed red. Without warning, he spun on his heel and disappeared, reappearing on the roof of Azkaban. Voldemort was standing ten yards away, a black sword in his hand.

"I was waiting for you Potter," he said with icy formality. "I wondered what took you so long but I think I know." He smiled.

"You tricked me. You made me think my friends were in danger. It's because of you Ginny is dead." Harry's chest was rising and falling fast and hard, rage consuming him.

Voldemort just smiled. "You blame me Potter. But who sent her away? You willingly sent her away to save the mudblood and blood traitor. You killed your little blood traitor girlfriend Potter, just as you killed your godfather and just as you killed Albus Dumbledore. You are always willing to put other lives on the line when it is convenient." He cocked his head. "You know maybe you and I are not so different. You have anger. You have hate. But you don't use them Potter."

"ENOUGH," bellowed Harry, tears streaming down his face. "You took the one person I truly loved, the one person I could spend the rest of my life with. You've taken my parents, godfather, adopted parents, and the greatest man I ever knew." Harry threw down his wand and unsheathed Gryffindor's sword, which he always wore since studying swordsmanship in Japan after Dumbledore's funeral. "I'm going to kill you."

Hermione pushed open the hatch leading to the roof just in time to see Harry rush Voldemort, wheeling across the roof, lunging and parrying, attacking and counterattacking. Voldemort was powerful while Harry was quick and agile. The Dark Lord was not fazed. He moved with confidence, defending every one of Harry's strikes. Hermione quickly realized that Harry was woefully unprepared to battle Voldemort. The Dark Lord, the man who hated all that muggles stood for, was one of the best swordsmen she ever saw, including the men and women who trained her, Ron, and Harry.

As the duel progressed, Harry realized he was outmatched. Voldemort was older yes, but not physically; his body was only four years old. And while he did not have the grace Harry did, he was smart and powerful. While Harry still had much to learn, Voldemort was in his prime. He had no fear for himself, which surprised Harry because he had no horcruxes. Voldemort was not afraid because he had no doubts he would win.

Trying to find an opening, Harry pressed the attack, purposefully fighting in close-quarters. Quick, hard strikes kept Voldemort on the defensive. But at one point Voldemort took Harry's strike and then pushed him back with all his might. This gave him a minute to gather himself. "Is that the best you can do Potter? I expected better." Voldemort walked to his left, turning Harry. "Not even your friends will help you now," he sneered, pointing at Hermione.

Harry met her eyes and was surprised to see shame. "Hermione is not fighting because I told her not to. The prophecy is between you and I." Harry dropped in a balanced, two-handed style, deciding aggression wouldn't help him, not yet.

"So it is Potter. But that does not stop my followers from rushing to my side."

Harry looked around, a look of comic confusion on his arrogant face. "And what followers are here Tom. Certainly not every Death Eater was in Azkaban tonight."

"I tire of your arrogance boy. This ends now." The Dark Lord ran at Harry, slashing his sword. Harry jumped backwards.

Harry struggled to block Voldemort's strikes, the power behind each attack more then the last. But Voldemort was also tiring himself out, even if it took time. But time was on Harry's side. As Voldemort began to tire, he threw everything he could into his attacks, Gryffindor's swords flashing through the air with impossible speed, his magic fueling his attacks.

Rage helped as well, images of Ginny flooding through his mind. His attacks became more powerful, a veritable storm raining down on a beleaguered and stunned Voldemort.

Hermione stared at her best friend as the battle resumed. With each passing second, he became more and more like a machine. Voldemort could not stand against his onslaught, every blow from Harry pushing him back closer to the edge of the tower.

Hermione was quickly becoming afraid for her friend. She could feel his anger, just as she could feel Voldemort's. At first, when they were fighting with wands and when they started fighting with swords, Harry fought his anger, willing himself to remain calm and impassive. That restraint was gone. Rage drove Harry now and where a few minutes ago Hermione was afraid Voldemort would kill her friend, she was now convinced Harry would win.

It did not take long for Harry to unleashed the entirety of his rage, every once of hate for Voldemort, from the murder of his parents through Ginny, driving him on.

The duel slowed down and Harry felt as if he saw three moves ahead, like Ron during a chess game.

He lunged at Voldemort, ducked under his counterattack, and kicked his feet out from under him.

He summoned his sword and drove it through his stomach, pinning Voldemort to the ground.

He took out his wand and blasted off Voldemort's arms from his elbow down. The ground runs crimson, making Harry's feet warm and sticky. Under normal circumstances, it would've been disgusting. He didn't notice now; all his attention on his fallen nemesis.

Finally, he kneeled down next to Voldemort, fear evident for only the second time in his eyes that Harry could remember. "It's over Tom."

Voldemort shook his head. "This isn't over Potter. I'll never…" Harry stabbed Gryffindor's sword through Voldemort's throat, magic giving him the strength to drive it through the stone, almost till the hilt touched Voldemort's throat.

Harry heard Hermione coming over. She looked very pale and Harry could hardly blame her. "Come on Hermione. Let's find Ron and get out of here."

They found Ron still standing where Ginny fell but Ginny was gone. When Harry asked where she was, Ron told her Percy and Charlie came and took her to the Burrow. Ron stayed to wait for Harry and Hermione.

"Is that rat bastard dead," he asked.

"Yes. It's over." Harry hung his head, blinking back tears. "But I lost Ginny." He broke down.

"Harry, you didn't know Voldemort was tricking you. You wanted to help us and keep her out of danger."

"And I bloody damn well failed."

Hermione hugged Harry, letting him cry. Ron rubbed his back but he was crying too. They both loved Ginny, for different reasons but still with all their heart.

"Touching Potter," boomed Voldemort's voice, seemingly from the wall themselves. Harry immediately stopped crying. He looked ready to kill.

"Where are you? Damn it, why can't you just DIE!"

"I told you Potter that I would not let you escape my wrath. I am dead, you can be sure of that. But soon you will be too."

A blinding white light suddenly burst into being in the hall. Harry felt an incredible pull in his stomach, like a black hole.

Though he could not see it, the prison was being sucked into a void. When the prison was gone, the white void consumed itself and then exploded in a rush of magic and energy more powerful then 100 hydrogen bombs.

Qui-Gon Jinn had barely managed to scramble up the ramp way and into the interior of Queen Amidala's personal transport before the hatch sealed and the Nubian began to accelerate. He had barely escaped with his life and the thought was worrisome. His opponent was strong and had tested him severely. He was getting old, he decided, and he did not like the feeling.

"Are you all right," young Anakin Skywalker asked, his face mirroring concern.

Qui-Gon nodded. "I think so. That was a surprise I won't soon forget."

"What sort of creature was it," asked his apprentice, Obi-Wan Kenobi. He wants to go back and pick up where I left off Qui-Gon surmised.

The Jedi Master shook his head. "I'm not sure. Whoever or whatever he was, he was well trained in the Jedi arts. My guess is he was after the Queen."

"Do you think he'll follow us," Anakin asked quickly.

"We'll be safe once we're in hyperspace," Qui-Gon replied, avoiding the question. "But I am sure he knows our destination. If he found us once, he can find us again."

The boy's brow furrowed. "What are we going to do?"

(Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace Terry Brooks)

"Right now I want you to go to the cockpit and see if Ric Olié needs any help. If he doesn't, go to my quarters and wait for me there. We have much to discuss."

"Yes sir," the boy said excitedly, running off to the cockpit.

Obi-Wan gave his master a look. "I will explain later. Now, what is it you wish to tell me?"

"Yes master," Obi-Wan said respectfully but he still looked uncertain about having the boy on board. "Master, perhaps an hour ago three teenagers suddenly appeared on the ship, among the astromech droids. They were unconscious but otherwise unharmed. I have Jar-Jar watching them. No one else knows they are here."

Qui-Gon looked thoughtful. "Three teenagers. How old are they?"

Obi-Wan shrugged his shoulders. "Perhaps a handful of years younger than I if I had to venture a guess. Two boys and a girl. One of the boys has a very unusual scar on his forehead, the only sign of an injury on any of them." When Qui-Gon was silent for a long time, Obi-Wan pressed him. "Master, what should we do?"

"We will take them to Coruscant, to the council. The Force brought them here. Why I do not know but the council will decide their fate. That reminds me, did you run a midi-chlorian test on all three?"

Obi-Wan, eyes showing uncertainty. "I did Master. Twice in fact for the first boy and the girl. I ran the blood three times on the second boy, the one with the scar."

Qui-Gon heard what he was not saying. "Are their numbers that high?"

"Yes Master," he said nodding. "The first boy has a count of 15,500 per cell. The girl has a count of 17,250 per cell." He paused.

"And the last boy," prompted Qui-Gon.

"Master, the last boy has a count only fractionally lower then Anakin's."

Qui-Gon could not believe what he was hearing. Twice now in the space of days the Force had presented him two people, a young boy and a young man, with unprecedented midi-chlorian levels. But these new teenagers, specifically the one boy, presented a new conundrum: who exactly was the Chosen One?

"Obi-Wan, I am going to speak to the teenagers. Tell Anakin he can wander about the ship if he would like but stay with him. I'll see him tonight." His apprentice nodded and left. Qui-Gon walked down below decks, where the astromech droids were held. He found Jar-Jar standing outside one of the medical bays. "Jar-Jar, why aren't you with our guests?"

"Mesa no thinks they liken me," he said. "Theysa wavin' sticks and makin weird things happen to Jar-Jar. Safer mesa thinks out here."

Sticks he thought. "Thank you Jar-Jar. I'll take over from here." The gungan almost sprinted away, happy to leave. "Just what did those three do to him," Qui-Gon whispered under his breath. None of these thoughts showed on his face though as he entered the room. As Jar-Jar said, the teens pointed sticks at him and all three looked ready and able to use them. How Qui-Gon could not imagine but he felt the Force flowing through them all.

"Who are you," asked one of the boys, a raven-haired fellow with bright green eyes. Qui-Gon quickly scanned his forehead but his messy black hair covered his forehead.

"My name is Qui-Gon Jinn." He smiled at them, hands held up. "I mean you no harm. Would you please put away your weapons?" To his surprise, none of them let down their guard.

"Meaning no disrespect sir," the boy said, stressing the title of respect and making it one of disrespect. "I don't know you from Adam. I don't know what's happened to us. Where are we anyway? We wake up in a room with robots and now this room looks more technologically advanced then any we have ever seen before."

Qui-Gon took a seat on one of the beds. "I cannot tell you what happened to you, at least not without knowing how you got aboard this ship. I'm also not familiar with the term robots. Are you referring to the astromech droids outside?"

"The little trash can things on wheels," asked the red-haired boy, who was half a head taller than the raven-haired boy and about as tall as Qui-Gon himself. Qui-Gon scanned his forehead, which was plainly visible and saw no scar. Interesting he thought, though the way the first boy acted made Qui-Gon think he was the stronger of the two already.

"Yes, those are astromech droids. I'm guessing robot is your word for droids, though no people I have ever met refer to them as such. Tell me, where are you all from?"

"We're from England," said the second boy.

"England? I'm afraid I'm not familiar with that place. Is it a planet or a city?" To his surprise, this question solicited alarmed looks from the red-haired boy and the girl. Even the first boy's eyes widened with some shock, though not alarm. "What's wrong?"

"Harry, we're in the bloody future," said the girl, addressing the first boy. "Dear Merlin!"

"Well, thank you for telling him my name," he said acidly. "This man could have been lying for all we knew and you went and told him my name."

Qui-Gon gave the boy a stern look that the boy took without expression. Then the Jedi Master's look became thoughtful, registering exactly what the boy said. "Could have been lying you say. You trust me then?"

The boy scowled. Qui-Gon supposed he was upset at himself because of the slip of the tongue. "I never said I trust you. But I know you're telling the truth. I knew it from the minute you walked into the room."


"Legilimency," the boy said simply.

"And what exactly is Legilimency? I have never heard the term before."

"It means I can read your mind. Quite easily I might add. You have not mental protections at all. For a Jedi Master, whatever the Hell that is, that seems very strange."

Qui-Gon gaped at the boy, his expression akin to a fish out of water. Very unbecoming of a Jedi Master but he could not help it. This boy could read his mind so effortlessly and the Jedi never knew it.

"Mr. Qui-Gon sir. Where are we going now," asked the girl. Qui-Gon looked at her, grateful at least one of them couldn't—or at least didn't—read his mind.

"We're on out way to Coruscant, the capital of the Galactic Republic and home to the Jedi High Council. After meeting you myself, I must say they will be quite interested in meeting you."

The second boy—Harry—put his stick away and waved his hand, causing a chair to mysteriously appear. What's more, his friends did the same thing as if it were no big deal. "That was called Transfiguration," said Harry, obviously sensing Qui-Gon's question. "It means changing something from one thing to another or creating something from nothing."

"How is it that you three can do such things?When you created those chairs, I felt a rush of the Force, concentrated and focused in a way I've never encountered."

"What is the Force," asked the girl—Hermione. "I've never heard of it before."

"Mione, I think that is what he calls magic," replied Ron, the first boy.

"I agree with Ron. What we call magic they call the Force. If I had to guess, they use it differently then we do as well." Harry turned back to Qui-Gon. "Well sir," no hint of sarcasm this time. "This is how we were taught to use magic where we come from. Creating things like chairs and the like is normal. As for why we can do it…well, without false modesty Hermione, Ron, and I are very gifted." His friends looked proud at his compliment. Qui-Gon could've figured that out without Harry. He already sensed great power in all three, so much more mature then in young Anakin. Of course they had prior training, even if it wasn't as Jedi.

"Do you have any idea why you are here," the Jedi Master asked, returning to his questions.

"It probably has something to do with Voldemort," muttered Ron, tears inexplicably welling up in his eyes.

"Who is Voldemort?"

Harry's face clouded, his eyes flashing dangerously. Qui-Gon felt a rush of darkness flow through the boy, again concentrated in a way he seldom saw. "Lord Voldemort was a Dark wizard from our time. What you would call a Sith Lord if I understand you history correctly."

"You're correct. Someone who uses the Force for evil is a Sith." Qui-Gon gave Harry a serious look. "Please do not read my mind anymore." Harry nodded and Qui-Gon hoped he was indeed stopping. "What did this Voldemort do?"

"Aside from murdering practically everyone I have ever loved, to say nothing of thousands of innocent magical and non-magical people who died as a result of the wars he started," Harry ground out, the Dark side permeating more powerfully now. Qui-Gon even felt it in his companions. They must have lost loved ones to this monster as well.

What surprised Qui-Gon was that even though he felt a powerful darkness in Harry, he was not afraid for the boy. It was different then what fueled the creature he fought on Tatooine. This was righteous anger he believed, something that empowered him. The risk of falling was there but Qui-Gon suspected if this boy were going to fall he would've done it already.

"What happened to this Dark Lord?"

"Harry defeated him," Ron replied.

"But he wasn't finished with me," said Harry. "He did something, created some explosion that destroyed Azkaban and almost killed us."

"Harry, that was probably what sent us here. Remember how we were being sucked into the light. Somehow that opened up a magical wormhole that sent us here," Hermione said.

Qui-Gon didn't know what Azkaban was but it hardly mattered. He agreed with Hermione's theory that this explosion somehow pulled them from their universe and sent them here. What he didn't know was why the Force would want these three teenagers here. He would need to discuss that with the council.

"What is going to happen now Mr. Qui-Gon," Hermione asked.

"Please, call me Qui-Gon. As I said, I will take you before the Jedi Council with Anakin. They will decide what to do with your four. Considering your abilities and knowledge, I would be very surprised if they do not induct you into the Jedi Order. You are old but you will not stay hidden from the Sith for long."

"Who's Anakin," inquired Ron.

"He's another boy I met on Tatooine. In fact, it is because of him we are still not on the planet. If you would like, I will introduce you to him and the other people on the ship. I don't see the need to hide your presence any longer, unless of course you wish to stay here below decks."

"Yeah right," said Ron, earning a glare from Harry. "Come on mate. What are we going to do here alone? Whether you like it or not, we're stuck here. Mind as well stretch our legs."

Harry sighed, looking as if he wanted to argue but had nothing. For a moment, he looked very sad, a lone tear falling down his cheek. "You're right. Okay Qui-Gon, let's meet the others."

As he expected, everyone on board except for Obi-Wan and the weird creature Jar-Jar Binks was surprised to see Qui-Gon escorting Harry, Ron, and Hermione through the ship. They met the Queen first, for security purposes the Jedi Master told them. Harry understood it was more a sign of respect because it was her ship.

When he first saw her, he had to fight the urge to laugh. What the bloody Hell was with that make-up? But she was a very nice woman all the same, as were her handmaidens. As he was shaking hands with the handmaiden Padmé, he was surprised to find out she was really the Queen. Very softly he whispered "Hello your highness." The look on her face was priceless.

After meeting the Queen, Qui-Gon took them to meet his apprentice Obi-Wan Kenobi and the young Anakin Skywalker. The boy was certainly enthusiastic to meet them and was curious how they managed to get aboard the ship. Being ten years older, and so having ten years more of life experience then Anakin, Harry and his friends managed to deflect his questions easily.

As night fell—or so everyone told Harry, Ron, and Hermione—Harry was starting to become angry, with himself mostly. Meeting the Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan, Anakin, and the others took his mind off losing Ginny but now he could sit and brood over everything that had happened. He felt bad for Ron and Hermione; despite their brave front, he knew they were devastated being away from their family. In a way, they had it harder then Harry. Save his two best friends, everyone he loved was dead.

Eventually, lulled by the hum of the ship as it flew through hyperspace, Harry fell into a fitful sleep.

"Welcome to Coruscant, capital of the Galactic Republic," said Ric Olié. "A nice place to visit but I wouldn't want to live here," he added with a wink.

"It's so huge," exclaimed Anakin.

(Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace Terry Brooks)

"Isn't it incredible," whispered Hermione in the same awed voice. Harry and Ron said nothing but they were both equally stunned. The city was bigger then anything they had ever seen and that didn't even include the thousands of ships flying through the air.

They dropped into a traffic lane and cruised around and through buildings. Harry could feel Anakin's discomfort, as well as Jar-Jar's. He apologized to the gungan yesterday. They really thought they were being attacked. The gungan was very nice after that. If he was a little annoying…well, what could you do?

After the hatch opened, Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan led the group off the ship while Harry, Hermione, and Ron brought up the rear. "Come on you three," called Qui-Gon when he noticed they were hanging back. "Walk with Anakin."

Waiting for them to disembark was maybe half a dozen men and women dressed in formal robes. One of the men stepped forward, wearing a kind expression though he looked very anxious. "It is a great relief to see alive and well, your Majesty. Please allow me to introduce Supreme Chancellor Valorum."

"Thank you Senator Palpatine," said the Chancellor. "It is a pleasure to finally meet you your Majesty. I have called a special session of the Senate to discuss your request for relief. I must tell you that everyone is most distressed at the news coming from Naboo."

Harry's respect for the Queen's guards spiked when the faux queen met the Chancellor with a calm and stately façade. Harry tuned out the rest of the Supreme Chancellor's introduction though, shifting his focus to the Senator. Harry didn't know why but there was something about Palpatine he couldn't quite figure out. He shrugged his shoulders; it didn't really matter. In his experience, all politicians were had something odd about them. Why else would they go into politics?

After a few minutes the Chancellor and his entourage departed, leaving only Senator Palpatine. The Senator clandestinely watched the Chancellor leave, exchanging pleasantries with the Queen before leading her into his office. Harry and his friends were about to follow when Qui-Gon held Anakin and them back.

"Your four will wait here with the Queen's handmaidens until Obi-Wan and I return from the Council." Qui-Gon looked at one of the handmaidens—not Padmé who was in the room—and with a nod left them with her. Though Anakin didn't notice, the trio watched the Jedi Master leave, wondering what was to become of them now.

The Jedi High Council was compromised of twelve of the most distinguished Jedi Masters. The seats of the twelve council members formed a circle facing inward where Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi stood, the former relating the events of the past few weeks. Qui-Gon was speaking to the council as a whole but he really was trying to convince Masters Yoda and Mace Windu, the most senior members on the council and the most powerful and respected Jedi in the galaxy.

"My conclusion," he finished quietly, his story completed, "is that the one who attacked me on Tatooine is a Sith Lord." The silence in the council was palpable. Qui-Gon heard the disbelief in their whispers.

"A Sith Lord," growled Mace Windu, leaning forward.

"Impossible," Ki-Adi-Mundi snapped irritably. "The Sith have been gone for a millennium!"

Yoda shifted only slightly, his eyes narrowed, and he eyed Qui-Gon thoughtfully. "Threatened the Republic is, if the Sith are involved." Despite Yoda's tacit acceptance of Qui-Gon's story, the rest of the council still did not want to believe.

"This is difficult to accept Qui-Gon," said Mace, leaning back with his brow furrowed. "I do not understand how the Sith could've returned without us knowing."

"Hard to see the Dark Side is," said Yoda with a small snort. "Discover this assassin we must."

"Perhaps he will reveal himself again," offered Ki-Adi-Mundi.

"Yes. This attack was on purpose," Mace Windu agreed. "The Queen is his target. Since he failed once, he may try again."

Yoda lifted one skinny arm, pointing at Qui-Gon. "With the Naboo Queen you must stay Qui-Gon. Protect her you must."

"We shall use all our resources to discover the identity of your attack. May the Force be with you Qui-Gon Jinn."

Knowing what was coming, Obi-Wan did not turn as his master remained in front of the council. "Master Qui-Gon, more to say have you," asked Yoda, cocking his head.

"With your permission master, I have encountered a vergence in the Force."

Yoda's eyes widened slightly. "A vergence you say?"

"Located around a person," Mace Windu asked quickly.

(Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace Terry Brooks)

"Yes master, around a boy. His cells have the highest concentration of midi-chlorians I have ever seen in a life-form, if only just." He paused. "It is possible he was conceived by midi-chlorians."

There was a shocked silence this time. Qui-Gon was sure many of the masters were thinking of an ancient prophecy, the prophecy really, that said a chosen one would appear, imbued with an abundance of midi-chlorians, powerful in the Force and destined to alter the Force forever.

Looking at Yoda, he realized the aged Jedi had truly listened to Qui-Gon. "Another boy you have seen Master Qui-Gon, with high levels of midi-chlorians?"

"I have master. After escaping the assassin, Obi-Wan told me about two more young men and a young woman that appeared on our ship."

"How did they just appear," asked the beautiful Adi Gallia, the youngest master in over two centuries.

Qui-Gon paused for a moment, deep in thought. "Please understand masters that I do not understand their story entirely. But if I am correct, where they come from they were fighting what we would call a Sith Lord."

"What do you mean 'what we would call?' What are they calling this…person," asked Ki-Adi-Mundi.

"These children are not of this universe. What we call the Force they call magic. They are unfamiliar with droid technology. I have never heard of the place they come from."

"Come from where do they?"

"They called their home England. There is no record of such a place in the Jedi archives that I found, or their home planet which they call Earth." The council fell silent, all thinking about this new surprise. "Masters, all three children have high levels of midi-chlorians in their cells. One boy, Ron, has a count of 15,500. The young lady, Hermione, has a count of 17,250. And the final boy, Harry, has a count only fractionally lower then Anakin, the boy I met on Tatooine; which is to say he has a count over 20,000."

"Are you certain," choked out Depa Billaba, his face pale.

Qui-Gon nodded. "I am master. But there is more. These children are already trained and can use the Force in ways I have never seen. I'm sure they have not showed all their abilities either. They may not have been trained as Jedi but they can use the Force." Qui-Gon paused again, reaching the point of no return. "Masters, finding Anakin and the sudden appearance of Harry, Ron, and Hermione was the will of the Force. I have no doubt of that. There is too much happening here for it to be anything else."

"To be trained as Jedi you request for the quartet," whispered Yoda softly. Qui-Gon only nodded, causing an outbreak of whispers among the other masters.

Mace held up a hand, calling for silence." Bring them before us then."

Yoda nodded somberly, eyes closed. "Tested as Jedi they will be."

Anakin, Harry, Hermione, and Ron waited in a chamber while the Queen talked with the senator. Harry reached out; trying to discover what was going on. Surprisingly, when he pushed, his mind was assaulted with distorted and confused images. Eventually he saw the Queen and senator and her handmaidens but he had to work to hear what they were saying. By the way they glanced at Harry, they knew what he was doing.

After a few minutes, Harry pulled back, tired from the work involved to hold the connection. "What is it Harry," asked Hermione softly.

"The senator has suggested the Queen call for a vote of no confidence when she goes before the Senate. I don't know all the details but apparently he doesn't believe the Chancellor will act decisively. I couldn't get much else. A ward was obscuring the room."

A few minutes later the door opened and Padmé poked her head in. Harry smiled as Anakin sat tall but couldn't keep from blushing as she made eye contact with him for a second before looking for her handmaiden. "The Queen is going to change and go before the Senate. She wanted to leave a video screen so you know what is happening." She threw the screen to the handmaiden and, after winking at Anakin, closed the door and left.

Everyone watched with bated breath as the Queen, angry and upset at the Chancellor's insistence they follow protocol while her people were dying, called for a vote of no confidence. Harry and his friends shared a look. This sudden call for change seemed all together too convenient. Someone was working behind the scenes; of that Harry was sure. Whether it was someone good or bad was another story entirely.

Not long after the Queen called for and received a vote of no confidence, Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan were coming for the children. Obi-Wan took the news of a new Chancellor in stride; he was young and didn't grasp subtly yet, at least politically. Qui-Gon shrugged his shoulders. There were masters much older then Obi-Wan who did not understand politics either. But the Force was moving towards a confrontation, of that Qui-Gon was certain.

The quartet were watching the holovid when he arrived. He noticed that Harry did not look surprised to see him, nor did his friends. Did they sense him coming? He would not have been surprised. "Anakin, Ron, Hermione, Harry, please come with me. The council has requested your presence."

Anakin's eyes widened. "Does this mean we're going to start our training," he asked excitedly.

Qui-Gon said nothing. "Come. The council will explain everything when we arrive." He opened the door and waited for them to follow. The Jedi Master and his apprentice escorted them all the way to the doors of the chamber. Anakin and, to a lesser degree, Hermione and Ron grew nervous as they walked through the Jedi Temple. Harry wasn't nervous; he was more curious then anything else.

When they reached what Harry supposed were the council chambers, Qui-Gon kneeled down in front of them. "The council will test you individually. Anakin, you are first." The young boy, knees knocking, gulped and walked through the doors. Harry gave him a reassuring smile and pat on the back.

As Anakin went through his tests, Harry listened in. Surprisingly, there were only token efforts to protect the chamber. Harry needed a minute to figure out the wards but once he could find a way to take them down, he could hear everything going on with Anakin.

"Good, good young one." There was a pause. "How feel you?"

"Cold sir."

"Afraid are you?"

Harry felt his fear and was sure the Jedi Masters would as well. "No sir."

"Afraid to give up your life," asked another voice.

"I don't think so."

"See through you we can," said the first Jedi softly.

"Be mindful of your feelings," the second Jedi added.

A third, older then the second, said, "Your thoughts dwell on your mother."

"I miss her."

"Afraid to lose her I think."

"What's that got to do with anything?"

"Everything! To the Dark Side fear leads. To anger and to hate. To suffering."

"I am not afraid!"

"The deepest commitment a Jedi must have. The most serious mind. Much fear in you I sense young one."

"I am not afraid."

"Then continue we will."

(Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace Terry Brooks)

When Harry pulled back, he was confused. What were those Jedi doing to Anakin? Telling him that being afraid was something that led to evil. What did they know? It wasn't being afraid that was led to the Dark Side; it was what you did when you were afraid, or when you were angry. He looked at his friends, confidant they had been listening. They gave him identical looks of disbelief.

After Anakin was finished, a Jedi Master who reminded Harry strongly of Kingsley Shacklebot asked Ron to enter. Harry and Hermione held each other's hands, nervous now for their friend. They did not question Ron though as they had questioned Anakin. They only asked him where he was from, where he learned to use the Force, and how he came to be on the Queen's ship on Tatooine. Ron answered the questions as best that he could. Anakin's testing took almost forty-five minutes; Ron was done in twenty because there was no lengthy questioning.

Hermione went next and was done quickly, just like Ron. And all that was let was Harry. "Harry, please come with me," asked the bald Jedi Master. Taking a calming breath and making sure his Occlumency walls were in place, Harry followed the Jedi Master. If he hadn't been watching his friends and Anakin, he would've been shocked at how some of the Jedi Masters looked. As it was, he bowed respectfully to Yoda and, not wanting to stand, conjured a chair to sit at in the center of the room. He smiled inwardly as at least ten of the Jedi Masters eye's widened.

"What is your full name," asked an older humanoid Jedi coldly.

"Harry James Potter," he answered easily. He knew they were trying to unnerve them. Even if he didn't, after everything he went through, an interrogation was nothing.

"What planet did you come from," asked the bald Jedi.


"Where is Earth?"

"From here, I don't know. Actually, even if we found my own solar system, I doubt I could find Earth."

"Do they have space travel were you come from," asked a strikingly beautiful Jedi to his right.

"Not like you do. The most we can do is send people to the moon, as far as I know anyway."

"How old are you," asked the humanoid Jedi.


"Where did you learn how to use the Force," asked the bald Jedi.

"I learned to use magic," Harry began, stressing the word, "in school on my home planet. As some of you noticed, I can use magic to create things. There are other things I can do as well."

"What exactly can you do?"

Harry shook his head. "I'm sorry sir, but I don't think that is something I need to tell you, not yet. Suffice it to say that until I now whether or not you are a threat, I'll keep my abilities a secret." He couldn't help smiling now; every Jedi except for a little green alien who looked like a house elf and the tall, dark Jedi muttered darkly. Harry's eyes fell on the green Jedi for a moment. He couldn't read his thoughts at all, unlike the others. Harry's respect for that man went up.

"Tell us about this Dark Lord you fought where you come from," asked the female Jedi.

Harry's eyes darkened and his voice roughened. "Lord Voldemort was the most powerful wizard I ever met. He was also the most evil. He killed my parents when I was a baby and tried to kill me. He failed. Every year after I turned eleven, either his followers or Voldemort himself tried to kill me. There was no limit to the dark magic he could perform. To this day I don't know how I survived. If I didn't have my friends, I wouldn't have, that much I know for certain."

The Jedi didn't ask him any more questions after that. The bald Jedi pulled out a small screen and asked him to tell him what they were. Harry breezed through without a problem, just as Anakin and Hermione had done before him.

When he was done, he took his seat again. The little green Jedi was staring at him intently. Harry felt gentle pushes against his Occlumency walls, nothing worth noticing. He also knew this Jedi was not trying hard to break into his mind.

"Hmm. Very interesting."

"What is interesting sir," asked Harry, looking at the green Jedi, who just smiled. The other Jedi Masters were looking between them, confusion evident on their faces.

"Learn to close your mind you have. Difficult to learn that skill is."

"Only Sith Lords have reason to learn that skill," said the humanoid Jedi, eyes narrowed with suspicion.

Harry snorted. "Forgive me sir, but what you think of as an evil power I think of as something anyone with an once of sense would master. Your enemies can shield their presence from you; if you cannot do the same to them, you've given them an edge. Maybe that is why the Sith have been able to hide so long. You just can't see them."

The other Jedi eyed him; some with surprise some with anger. Harry hardly cared. If this was honestly what they believed, they were fools, every last one of them. He was relieved to see at least the bald Jedi and the green Jedi look like they agreed with him.

"Old spirit you have for a child so young," said the green Jedi. "Agree with you I do." This revelation caused the other Masters, save the bald one, to look at him as if he just started speaking in tongues.

"You're not considering training this boy and his friends as Jedi are you Master Yoda? Come now, the Dark Side flows through him with ease," asked a blue alien Jedi with what looked like horns coming out the back of her head.

"Oh please, can we drop this nonsense," Harry said irritably, earning a glare from every Jedi except for Yoda, who looked as if he were enjoying the show. "You know damn well Anakin, Hermione, Ron, and I aren't walking out of here without becoming…what do you call them…padawans."

"And what makes you think that," asked the female Jedi.

"Simple. You let us walk out that door, you risk losing us to the Sith. You may not have said as much to Qui-Gon, but I can tell each and every one of you believe his story. You may not like him because he pushes the envelope but that doesn't mean you don't recognize his intelligence. And because you believe him about the Sith, you will never allow my friends and I to walk out these doors. Even if it is just to keep an eye on us, you'll induct us into the Order."

Silence slammed down in the chamber, save the clicking sounds of Yoda tapping his cane. "Correct you are Padawan Potter. Into the Order your friends and you will be inducted. Much anger I senses in you all. But the Dark Side I do not sense. Horrible tragedies you have lived through: losing you parents and the love of your life. If a great Jedi you are to become, train yourself to let go of everything you fear to lose you must."

Harry knew he should keep his mouth shut, knew now wasn't the time to argue with Yoda, the one Jedi he respected more then any other at this moment. But if he didn't speak his mind when something bothered him, he'd be a different person. "Master Yoda, if becoming a Jedi means I have to become some emotionless droid, then I will not join. I promise you that my friends won't join either."

Till now Yoda had not been surprised by anything Harry said. Till now. Hearing Harry's blunt refusal shocked even him. "Dangerous are love and affection. The shadow of greed affection is."

"Then why do we fight at all Master Yoda? Everything I've accomplished in life has been because of my friends and my family. I would give my life a dozen times over to save my friends. And it is not just for them I fight. Even if they were killed, I would fight Voldemort. It is not darkness I fight; I fight evil. And there is a difference. Love, affection, and attachment are what separate us from the evil in the universe. It is what lets us journey into the darkest abyss and come the other side, wiser but still good. Forgive me Master Yoda, but I strongly doubt you have ever loved someone, ever truly loved another being."

Yoda looked at him expressionless. The other Jedi Masters, including the bald master looked taken aback by his speech. But there was a kernel of doubt in the back of every mind. They didn't necessarily agree with him but in someway he had fundamentally questioned their beliefs.

"Before your friends we bring back, Padawan Potter to speak with you privately I would like." The other Jedi Masters all left the council chamber, albeit reluctantly. Now they were interested in Harry, interested in him as a human being and not a specimen.

When they were alone, Yoda pushed himself out of his chair and paced in front of Harry for a few seconds. At last, he stopped in front of a window and looked out at the city. "Over eight centuries, a part of the Jedi Order I have been," he said softly. "Thousands of padawans, trained I have. Forget I have though, my own training."


"When a child I was, a friend I had, Repok Almiston. To the core worlds we came, looking for jobs. But crashed our ship did. Stranded, sure I was dead we would be. Then found we were by my greatest friend: Master N'Kata Del Gormo. Trained to be Jedi we were and Jedi we became before we were rescued."

"What happened to your friend," Harry asked gently.

"Spent years together we did, training padawans. Joined the council together we did. Like brothers we were. But angry Repok became when his mother and sister were murdered. Seduced by the Dark Side he was. In time, fight him I did."

Yoda was very quiet and Harry felt bad for his earlier assumption that Yoda never loved. Dumbledore loved Grindelwald when they were young. Harry knew Dumbledore did everything he could to keep from fighting his friend.

"I'm sorry Master Yoda."

Yoda shook his head. "Sorry you should not be. Sorry I should be. But explain more, later I will." The old Jedi turned to Harry. "Honored I would be Padawan Potter, if allowed me to be your master you would."

Harry did not expect the aged Jedi still trained Jedi. But he couldn't help turn down the offer. Yoda was a great Jedi. But more importantly, he seemed to Harry to be a great man. And that mattered more. "Master Yoda, I would be honored," Harry said with a bow.

"Good, very good. Bring the others back we will. Immediately your training should begin, as should your friends." Yoda gave an appraising look. "Great things I expect from you Padawan Potter. Right Qui-Gon was; for a reason the Force brought you and your friends here."

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