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On every planet in the galaxy you'll find the flux. A powerful magical energy, here on Akillian we call it the Breath. Flux is so strong that it had to be band, except in Galactik Football, the most spectacular sport in the universe. After nineteen years, against all the odds the Snow kids won the cup for the second time in a row, stunning the entire galaxy, now they're attempting to do it again but new changelings lie ahead. Our fate is in their hands. Galactik Football.


Genesis stadium was a magnificent place, here you had amazing sites to visit, shops to see and five star hotels that made you wish you could never leave. The most amazing event happened here every four years; the Galactik Football cup, where the best football teams in the galaxy, battle it out for the title, Champion. In a hotel close by specifically made for football players. Our young heroes are training to keep the title of the Champions and win the cup for the third time.

"D'jok, pass the ball, Micro-Ice is wide open!" Aarch shouted through the microphone. D'jok instantly passed the ball into the air. Micro-Ice dribble the ball down the field, dodging three Shadows player before passing it to Rocket who made an excellent goal, turning the score 4-0. "Excellent Rocket! Now get back to position, you still have ten minutes before trainings over." Aarch shouted excitedly. On the pitch D'jok gave Rocket a high five, as they walked back to their paces. D'jok faced a smirking Sinedd. In real life, the real Sinedd would show in an evil expression because he wouldn't have liked the fact that his team was losing. The team played well for the last ten minutes with D'jok scoring another goal. Micro-Ice nearly scored another goal but the ball disappeared before he had a chance to kick it. "Ok, that's enough training today." Aarch voice echoed on the pitch, which also disappeared. The Snow Kids found themselves back in the training room, with their coach, medic and professor, smiling back at them. "Well done, that was an excellent training session, as a treat I'm letting you have the rest of the day off but don't stay up too late you've got training early tomorrow."

"Thanks Coach!" All of the team cheered, as they ran to their rooms, with their two other reserved team mates, following them out of the training room. Once they exited the room, all of the couples that existed in the team kissed each other, except Rocket and Tia. While the twins and Mark, could only watch from the sides and began to make gagging noises at the couple's romance. Until D'jok and Micro-Ice somehow managed to slipped of their shoes and chuck it at them. Forcing the twins and Mark to make a run for it; laughing as they went.

"So, you want to go and see a movie or something?" Micro-Ice asked Yuki, who was still laughing at her cousin's silly behaviour, at least it was an improvement from when they used to give evil glares when she and Micro-Ice had first started dating. In fact it was so bad that they used to step in between them to stop them from holding hands, it wasn't until Yuki threaten to tell the journalists what their baby names were when they were younger that they regrettably became more supportive about her relationship with Micro-Ice.

"Yeah why not?" She answered with a sly grin on her face, there was this new horror movie she wanted to see and one way or another; she was going to force Micro-Ice to come with her. However, Micro-Ice could already sense what she was thinking when the sly grin appeared on her face. He signed to himself because he knew not matter what; he was going to give into that cute smile she always gave him when she wanted something. "What about you guys?" Yuki asked the four other people that were still with them.

"I was thinking of taking Mei out to dinner, unless you had other plans." D'jok turned to Mei with a loving look in his eyes.

"Dinner sounds good." She smiled back. They all turned to look at Tia and Rocket, who were both standing next to each other but their seemed to be a tense air between them.

"Sorry, guys but I've already got plans." Rocket replied and before anyone could say anything else he began walking down the hall. Everyone turned to Tia, who was also watching Rocket with a sad expression on her face.

"Are you ok Tia?" Mei questioned her best friend, forcing Tia to break her gaze from Rocket's back.

"Sorry, I've got plans as well." Tia claimed, also marching off with a look of determination on her face.

"Uh oh." Yuki and Mei muttered as the same time, making the boys look at their girlfriends with confused expressions on their face. Both of the girls had worried expressions on their faces. They could both tell Tia's and Rocket's relationship was out the edge of cliff and if someone didn't do anything soon; one of them was going to be pushed off it.

Meanwhile, Aarch had just finished talking with Dame Simbai about new training methods he was planning to set up for the Snow Kids, so they had better chance of winning the cup for a third time. A big yawn escaped his lips; he was beginning to think he was getting to old for this. He had just only reached his office in time to receive a call from Aduim.

"Hello Aduim, how are you?" Aarch asked politely. Even though they had started dating again three years ago, he still felt he needed to be careful around her. He had already broken her heart once there was no way he was letting it happen again. Aduim smiled sweetly back at him. Aarch still couldn't believe that through all these years Aduim still looked young and beautiful, not a single wrinkle or white hair had appeared on her face. Unlike him were his hair had turned completely white.

"I'm good thank you; I was just phoning to see if you wanted to go out tonight." She announced on the other end of the phone. It only took Aarch half a second to decide.

"I would love to Aduim." Aarch grinned. They quickly made arrangements to meet in an about ten minutes at a small cafe near the hotel that he and the Snow kids were staying out. When they both finally said good bye, he left a little note for Clamp or Dame Simbai to find if they were looking for him and to phone him if there was an emergency. As he strolled out of his office he couldn't help but feel over confident about this year's cup, even though the odds were against them one to a million.

D'jok was struggling to put a black tie on in his room. He had called a restaurant a few moments ago and made reservations, he was just about to put the black piece of material in the last loop when someone grabbed him on the shoulder, nearly scaring him to death.

"Micro-Ice, what the...?" He stopped talking when he saw it wasn't Micro-Ice trying to scare the hell out of him but his father; Sonny Blackbones. He honestly thought he was getting better at the whole dad sneaking up on him thing but he consider a few months ago that it was something he was never going to get use to it. "Dad, hey." D'jok managed to stutter out when he overcame his shock.

"Hey son, you look quite dashing." Sonny smiled proudly at his son. He regretted not be able to see his son as much as he liked but his pirate instincts wouldn't allow him; at least, not yet. "Taking Mei out to dinner." D'jok could only nod at his father's question.

"Yeah, coach let us finish training early, so I decided to take her for a night out before the whole cup starts." D'jok answered, finally finishing off his tie.

"Well don't let me keep you waiting, I just wanted to pop in and say good luck and let you know I'll be there for all your matches." He beamed at his son. D'jok instantly hugged his once long lost father.

"Thanks dad that means a lot." D'jok grinned back.

Tia had enough. In fact she partly blamed herself for letting it get this far. When Rocket had first started acting stress about the upcoming galactik football cup and locking himself in his room to study matches she had let it pass over her head, thinking it would pass. But it only got worse. Rocket began to lock himself in his room twenty four seven, blowing her off when she tried to talk to him, evening after training sessions. Determination filled her body as she prepared herself for tonight's events. Tia had tried nearly everything to get him to spend a bit of time with her, now she was going on the last defence she had. She was going to seduce Rocket. Tying up the last strap on her heels, she took the chance to look at herself in the mirror. She chose to wear a red dress the stopped half why down her thigh and carefully hugged her curves, giving her a curvy look, she also done her face up and chose to wear very high black heels. Satisfied with the results, she sneaked over to Rocket's room and lightly tapped on the door. When she heard Rocket call come in, she pushed the button and walked inside.

"Hey Captain." She tried to say seductively but failed when Rocket completely ignored her. Sighing to herself, Tia sat herself next to Rocket on the bed. "So, what you doing?" She asked, stretching her legs out in front of her and learnt back a little, so her well shaped legs would get caught in Rocket's eye sight.

"Taking notes." Rocket grunted back, completely ignoring Tia's attempts. Tia pushed her lips together in annoyance but she wasn't going to give up that easy. When you have the most stubborn person on the planet as your boyfriend, you learn to become just as stubborn.

"Well, I was thinking, since we've been working so hard maybe we could go for a walk or something" She suggested, placing her hand on Rockets arm and began to rub up and down it. "Or maybe go out for dinner or just..." She stopped when Rocket brushed her hand away from his arm.

"Tia, can't you see I'm busy, maybe another time." Rocket answered, as he continued to scribble notes down in his notebook. Tia could only sit there shocked. The only other time Rocket had acted like this was when he brushed her away for his crazy Neverball obsession. Deeply hurt and offended, she ran out of the room. Rocket didn't even try to stop her.

"Yay, I win again." Thran cried out when he blew up Mark's space craft. The single lads (as they liked to call themselves) were mucking around in their room. Just chilling and doing guy stuff.

"How is this possible? I was so close." Mark moaned, placing his head in his hands with a miserable look on his face but it quickly disappeared when he came up with a wicked idea.

"Gentlemen," He began, standing up from the bed and changed his posture, so it looked like he was about to make an important speech. "I have had enough of Thran kicking my butt at video games and watching our fellow teammates finding their sole mates. So I propose that we go out tonight and find us all a lady, since we..." Before Mark could finish he found himself bombarded with pillows, making him fall to the floor. Pushing the pillow out of his face Mark saw both Thran and Ahito laughing at him. "Real mature guys." He huffed, pushing himself off the fall. As the twins continued to laugh at him.

"Come on Mark, we're single for a reason, what makes you think the girl's brains would be working differently tonight?" Ahito yawned and place his head back on the pillow it had been resting on a few seconds ago, before he had to listen to that terrible speech. Thran and Mark both watched, as Ahito returned instantaneously went back to sleep.

Tia lay in her room depressed. It seemed the only thing Rocket cared about was football. She was still stroking her hand from when Rocket had pushed it away, like she had burnt it and was trying to sooth it better. She had no idea what to do, she loved Rocket so much and she couldn't bare breaking up with him but the way he had treated her lately made it seem like he didn't love her anymore. She grabbed one of Mei's wiped and began cleaning her smudged make up. A sudden anger burned inside, making her throw a pillow across the room. What had she down to deserve this? All she had ever done was love him, even through his Neverball obsession. Grabbing her purse from the nearby stand, she marched out of her room, determined to forget about Rocket for tonight and enjoy her night off.

The beeping of their alarm clocks was the first thing to wake all of the Snow kids. Most of them tried to ignore it at first, for example Micro-Ice had grabbed his pillow and placed it tightly across his head, trying to ignore the buzzing and muttering curses under his breath about how football was so much torture. Then Aarch's voice floated through the micro-phone.

"Get up and dressed Snow kids, training is in half an hour." All of the Snow kids started muttering curses to themselves before forcing themselves to get up.

"Good morning Tia." Mei yawned to the her best friend, while she stretched her arms above her head and wiped away the sleepy dust hovering in her eyes. That's when she finally noticed that the bed next to her had no person sleeping in it. "Tia!" Mei called out just in case her fellow team mate was in the bathroom. When no one answered she began to get worried. She didn't remember if her friend had been asleep when she got back last night. She had such a wonderful time dancing and eating with D'jok that she hadn't really paid any attention. Don't panic Mei, she told herself. She might have got up a bit earlier for some reason and is already in the training room. Quickly getting herself changed, she ran to the training room. Panic rose up in her chest when she realised everyone else was there; except Tia. "Has anyone seen Tia?" Mei asked, trying to keep herself calm. Everyone turned to face her, as she walked closer to her group of teammates and the staff.

"Isn't she with you?" Mark questioned dumbly, he could be such an idiot sometimes.

"No, otherwise I wouldn't be asking." Mei snapped back, making Mark hide behind D'jok. Everyone just stared at each other and then at Rocket.

"Don't look at me; I don't know where she is?" He answered honestly. Some of the Snow Kids couldn't help but feel annoyed with Rocket at that moment, since he was her boyfriend and should know where she was. None of them had missed the signs of how badly he had been treating Tia, even Ahito and he was asleep most of the time.

"All right Snow Kids, I'm sure Tia will join us any moment." Aarch stepped in, trying to keep the peace between the players. "For the moment Mark will take Tia's place." Before anyone could argue he ushered his players into the holo-trainer and took his post as coach. But as the session went by and Tia failed to show up, he couldn't help but start to worry about Tia's whereabouts. It seemed to be affecting the Snow Kids on the field as well, since their playing was starting to become sloppy. In the end, Aarch had to call the training session to a halt because he really didn't see the point of continuing if the Snow Kids weren't even going to try and play if they were worried. "What's the matter with you? You're acting like you've never played football in your lives." He demanded, even though he already knew the answer, he still needed to act like a coach.

"Sorry sir but we can't stop worrying about Tia." D'jok spoke out with all the Snow Kids nodding in agreement; including Rocket, even though he hadn't shown it, he was the most worried out of all of them. Aarch pinched the bridge of his nose as he tried to calm himself down. Before he could say anything else a loud thud sounded behind the group of team mates.

"Ahito!" Thran cried out, kneely beside his brother. "Ahito, Ahito wake up!"

Bright lights burned her eyes as she opened them up. Pushing herself up she saw that she was lying on a white bed, surrounded by grey walls. Where was she? She thought to herself, as she carefully stood up to walk to the door but stopped when pained suddenly appeared around her head and neck. Wait, who was she? She asked herself after the pain had subsided. More light broke through the room as the door open, making more light come through.

"Good you're awake." The shadowy voice hissed. She slowly paced the arm that was shielding her eyes down, as her eyes grew adjusted to the light. The figure stepped forward to reveal a man in his forties, with white hair, a blue suit and a pink coat. "Are you ready to play Neverball?" He smirked.

"Yes sir." She answered, even though she had no idea what Neverball was or even liked the sound of it.

"Very good." The man grinned and waved her to follow. She rubbed the tiny device on the back of her neck before following the man out of the room.