Halloween Party
Chapter 1
Game On

AN: I don't own anything. Okay it is January I know but I couldn't resist and Halloween is my favorite time the year. An Agent in another department is having a Halloween Party the BAU gets invited to the party and Garcia decides it is time to get Morgan as hers. She sends a box to him with out fit inside tells him to wear it to the party even though he doesn't like Halloween. They'd planned on doing scary movies and popcorn, instead he goes to the party looking for his baby girl, after all he knows she's the one that sent the box. Just so you all know Morgan is in the full cowboy out fit. Cowboy hat to Cowboy boots and spurs MMM.

It had been boring day the only thing they'd done was paper work, most the day Morgan had been back and forth between his desk and Garcia's office. He'd gotten all the files on his desk done by three and had nothing else to do for once. He was sitting in her office helping her go over case files that and things she was scanning into the computer.

"I'd be bored to death, baby girl," he said handing her another file.

"Well you can't think of it like that, hot stuff, or I'd be bored too," Garcia said before she hit skip on the song that was playing. She had an IPod dock set up and they'd been going through his play list for the last half hour they'd been in there. "You gotta update this, I've heard these things like twenty thousand times, handsome," she said looking over at him.

"Yeah, well I like those songs, baby girl and you are not changing them," he protested.

"Hey, who bought you this, after you lost the other one huh?" she asked teasing him.

"Oh you claiming it now are you?" he asked, "Which reminds me, my other one didn't get lost, you jacked it and then got me this one, pretending to have lost it, but you wanted it," he teased.

"No I didn't, and you my sweet sexy man, are not good at your job," she said, "That is the same one you had, I jacked it added my favorite songs and then put a cover on it giving it back," she said which made him look at the IPod he was now holding.

"You are sneaky, Baby girl," Morgan said removing the cover.

"I'm not crazy enough to take your music, and you know not to touch mine so we're even, which reminds me," Garcia said looking over at the computer pulling up an email, "Did you get the email, Agent Daniels is having a Halloween party and we're going."

"The hell I am, we agreed to watch movies and eat popcorn tonight, our usual Halloween celebration," Morgan said, "I will handcuff you to this chair until you say we're not going," he threatened before unhooking his cuffs from behind him and bringing them around front.

"Derek Morgan, you cuff me to my chair, I will spank you, you remember what happened last time you did that, Hotch wouldn't let you call me for an entire case as punishment, you my love are my best friend, I can't take that," she said.

"Ha, I still snuck and called you that night didn't I?" he asked with smile.

"Yes, hot stuff, but I couldn't hear your voice all day and it was driving me nuts," Garcia said, "I love JJ and Emily, but they are not you," she stated.

"Fine, but tonight I will be cuffing you to the couch some how if you even think about going to this party," Morgan said.

"Not fair, for three years now you've picked the Halloween plans I want to pick them now, handsome," she said pouting.

"Fine, but no costume you know I hate them," he stated.

"Morgan, baby, you are wearing a costume and I tell you what, I'll surprise you send it to your place with a note," Penelope said.

"What is going to be on that note?" he asked, he knew she had a wild side; damn did she have a wild side. He'd made the mistake of getting her a rum and vodka coke once, however the second one she'd left out the coke, she was three sheets to the wind and by the time the place closed they were the only ones still there, besides JJ who refused to leave the two them alone in that condition. He still didn't know if his Goddess remembered that night, if JJ hadn't taken the picture of them dancing he wouldn't have believed it.

"It's going to be a dare, and hot stuff you're not going to be able to say no, now, my love," Penelope said as she started shutting down her babies, "You are going to have to go home, you gotta a package coming," she stated.

"You already decided about this didn't you, when Daniels sent the email out last month?" Morgan asked.

"Yep, and let's just say I remember that bar in Texas, and hot stuff, that hat is still in my night stand if you want to reclaim it, all you gotta do is bed me," she stated like she'd said that every single day.

"What did you just say?" Morgan asked.

"What you don't remember Texas, hot stuff, JJ drove us back to the hotel, we woke up in the same bed, hung over, and as I remember both one hundred percent naked," Penelope whispered in his ear, "If you want back in my bed, you're going to play this game, handsome, and by the end of the night if I believe that you have given it your all and I know every single line you could use on some random women, then I'm yours, again," she added giving him a kiss before pulling away, "Consider this game on, lover."

"Penelope," Derek said looking at her, but she was already heading out the door. "You wanna play baby girl, we'll play," he said.

Garcia went home and changed before taking the box she had for Derek to his place. She knew he wasn't there because Hotch had stopped him after he'd left her office. She'd asked him to stall Morgan for half hour before letting him leave. She had everything planned out perfect; this was going to be the best Halloween party that she'd been to ever. There was nothing standing in their way of being together, she'd been single since she joined the team and Morgan hadn't had a steady girlfriend at all in almost three years, he told her everything, and vise versa.

She sat the box on his front porch with the photo that JJ had taken and given to her. "You're mine tonight Derek Morgan, for good," she added taking the note out of her pocket and setting it under the box. She'd written down the rules of the game and if he broke one rule in the game then she was going to have him watch the entire series of Sex and the City with her along with Star Trek, but he was still going to be hers.

Morgan got home finding the box, he should have known that she'd have the team in on this, at least Hotch and Rossi had been. However, he was pretty sure he'd confused them by the time he left. He'd told them they were coming and if they didn't show up, then they were buying drinks next time they went out, if they helped him out then he'd buy the first round. It had worked like a charm and now it was time to play with his baby girl just as much as she was going to him. She wanted him; well she was going to have to work for it, because once he started teasing he wasn't going to stop till she was in his bed. He wanted her, just as much as she wanted him.

He opened the box after he'd taken a shower, he found an entire cowboy out fit in his size along with the boots, and sure enough the hat he'd worn in the bar in Texas was inside. He couldn't believe he was going to do this, but he put the outfit on before looking in the mirror. "Okay I don't look like a dork," he stated looking down at Clooney who was sitting beside him, "I gotta get our baby girl, and well I guess I gotta do this, just wish me luck buddy," he said placing his side arm in the gun holster and putting his credentials and shield in his back pocket.

JJ had picked Emily and Reid up, she was being the designated driver since everybody else just wanted to cut lose tonight, she however didn't, she was pregnant after all, but she hadn't told them yet. Garcia had told her the plan and she filled in Emily and Reid about it. Hotch and Rossi were meeting them outside Agent Daniels house, in twenty minutes. Rossi was picking up Garcia, since she planed on going home with Morgan one way or another.

"I just can't believe they got that wasted in Texas and slept together," Emily said.

"The fact they haven't talked about it since then is the amazing part, it's like it never happened," Reid stated.

"Spence, trust me, they have talked about it, I took picture just in case they didn't remember what happened and gave it to both of them, told them to do something about it too," JJ said.

"What you mean they have talked about it?" Emily asked.

"Em, they had sex that night," JJ said.

"What?" Emily and Reid asked.

"And they haven't changed at all, I would thought they'd start dating or try and avoid each other, I haven't seen either," Emily said.

"Well, don't look at me, I'm just telling you what she told me today, I was as shocked as you two," JJ said.

"What if they are together and we haven't seen it?" Reid asked, "Last weekend I kept calling Morgan, but he never called me back, he said he was at one his places fixing things up, no signal."

"Garcia said she was doing few things around the apartment and didn't feel like going out Saturday morning like we usually do," Emily said.

"Guys, would you stop trying to profile them, we don't know if they are together or not," JJ said with smile, "It would be nice if they were though, however, I think after tonight it isn't going to be any guessing, she said she's getting her man."

Derek pocketed his keys, he'd decided that if he took her to bed tonight he didn't want to be drunk, he wanted to remember it. He took the hat with him, not putting it on yet. He was going to wait and see if he couldn't find her first, then after he got to return that kiss she'd given him then ran out on, then he'd play this game.

Garcia was watching Morgan; she was standing beside JJ when he walked in the house. She took out her cell and texted him telling to put the hat on or she wasn't going to come out and play. Once she saw the hat one and got the return text message you happy? She walked over to him.

"Hey, handsome, glad you came," Penelope said.

"So you do remember Texas I see," he teased looking her up and down. She was wearing a FBI t-shirt which she'd drown a line through the F putting an M instead and he already knew the joke. She'd teased him about it few months back. She'd said it wasn't fair that he had shirt that said he was a Female Body Inspector and she didn't have one that said Male Body Inspector. He'd told her to make her own and so she did. She was also wearing pair jeans that hugged her hips just right.

"I remember more than Texas, hot stuff," she said back, "You going to start flirting or should I just take you to your house and we watch Sex and the City now?" she asked.

Morgan smiled before pulling her into his arms, "Stop talking, woman, give me second to take you in, after all, not every day my baby girl is looking like this," he stated before giving her that kiss he'd planned on giving her.

Garcia moaned as he pulled her flush against his body she could feel his hands against her bottom holding her against him and she could feel his cock against her. He kissed her till he needed air pulling away, "Not fair," she said.

"Not fair, I had to jack off because you left me hard after that kiss today, that wasn't fair, baby girl," Derek said nipping her ear.

"We're playing this game first, then you can have me for the next two days, that outfit includes some handcuffs that should be at your place right?" she asked before walking away from him.

Derek was trying to process what she'd just said, oh his little Goddess loved being tied down, this was going to be fun, he thought before walking off after her. He wasn't letting her away from him for long, he wanted out here in two hours and her in his bed.

"He's right behind you," JJ said with smile looking at Pen.

"I think he already knows the game," Emily stated.

"I doubt that, because if he was playing by the rules I gave him, rule two states, he has to wait to come after me," Penelope said.

"Well he's got his own rule book," Reid replied as Morgan came up beside him.

"Hey, I was wondering if you all were here," Derek said completely ignoring Garcia. He wasn't playing by her rules he had his own, and if she wanted to know what he did to get woman, then she was going to have wait forever, because he wanted her not some other woman and getting her was going to be different.

"Damn, bro, what did you do, arrest a cowboy and make him give you his clothes?" JJ asked with smile.

"Like this is my idea of a costume, you know I hate Halloween unless it's watching movies with certain best friend," he said finally looking over at her, "That's right I'm talking about you, baby girl, you're the one that said I had to come here."

Pen looked at him and tried to avoid looking at his eyes, because damn he was so hot right now, she wanted to forget everything and take him to the back out to his truck and make good on the bed of his truck. "Keep it up handsome, and I might just have to use those cuffs on you," she said.

Morgan took them off his belt loop and tossed them to her, "There you go my sex kitten, they are all yours tonight, now can you get me in them?" he asked walking over to her. He didn't care that the others were there; she asked for it, he was going to give it to her. Derek stood behind her wrapping his arms around her waist leaning down and whispering in her ear. "When tonight is over, you're going to be already wet for me, and I'm going to be able to slide inside of you and I'm going to give you that fantasy you got, the one about my truck and you against it," he said moving his hands down till they were on her hips.

Garcia was trying to keep her face straight as possible; after all half their team was sitting around them. Agent Daniels had turned his kitchen into a bar scene like with bar tables and stools and she was at the right angle. She felt his hands moving again and she moaned leaning back against him, but he pulled away, kissing her neck. "Derek," she said.

"Should we leave you alone?" Rossi asked coming up with Hotch.

"No, excuse me," Pen said going to find where Morgan had gone too, he couldn't just leave her like this, he'd just gotten her hot and damn she was wet. She just couldn't figure how he knew about that little fantasy, she'd only told one person that long time ago, and that person had since left the BAU.


AN: Just to clear things up for some my readers that are new. Kevin Lynch and Tamara Barnes do not exist in my writing world, if they have boyfriend or girlfriend it will be a character I make up. For those that already know this, you already know where this is heading. Hope you enjoy this, chapter two is also up.