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"Pein," Konan said aloud. "There are no survivors."

"Good," Pein said. "Now head back to base, Konan."

"Alright," Konan replied. The comm. units disconnected between the two as soon as she finished that word. Konan turned her head to the flaming inferno that was once known as the Hyuuga estate.

"Ugh," Konan said, covering her nose with her arm. The air was starting to reek of blood and burning flesh.

She needed to leave soon before Konoha's people figured out that the Hyuugas were just massacred. Just as she started to make a handsign to perform a teleportation jutsu back to Akatsuki base, a faint cry came from the flames. Konan observed the destruction before her carefully trying to pinpoint where the sound came from. Her eyes soon found a flaming plank, jerking upwards. Konan cautiously walked towards the plank as it moved more and more, towards the right, to finally rest on the ground to reveal something…a woman. But not just a woman, a Hyuuga woman. Her face and body was covered in splotches of blood and smudges of dirt, along with bruises and cuts. She moved the plank even more to the side with one hand, struggling, but doing so successfully. Her other arm seemed to be holding something; the something that made the cry Konan heard not too long ago.

That something was a baby, still crying loudly. Konan presumed that the woman holding the baby was its mother, who was now face-flat on the ground; still breathing, but barely. Konan was only a few steps away from them now. Apparently, the woman sensed Konan's presence, for she looked up at Konan. Konan stared down into the woman's eyes, her face expressionless as it usually was. The woman grinded her teeth as she looked up at the killer who just killed off almost all of the Hyuuga. Blood started to drip fro the woman's mouth. The woman suddenly lost consciousness, her face hitting the ground with a thump. Konan's attention directly went to the baby after that, who was still crying.

To complete her mission, Konan should kill the woman and the baby, therefore destroying the entire Hyuuga bloodline forever. But, Konan sighed, she couldn't find it in her heart to do such a thing, especially to a child so young, even though she just recently killed a few young ones already, but she barely glanced at them when she did. The baby noticed Konan and immediately stopped crying, who was staring down at her, still no expression on her face. The baby had a fluffy patch of hair on her head, being the color of a starless midnight sky, which matched perfectly with her big Hyuuga eyes of lavender, which were now staring into Konan's eyes. For a moment it was silent, the cracking of the fire around them the only thing filling the silence. The next moment, the baby's lip quivered and it began crying again. Konan thought and thought what to do with this infant. If she left it, it would eventually die from the weight of its mother or from the flames, and if she killed it would, well, die of course! A sudden shocking thought crossed her mind.

Why not take it?

Konan shook her head. What do you mean take it?! That defeats the whole purpose of the mission: To wipe out the Hyuuga clan for good! Besides, Pein would never in an eternity ever be convinced to ever take on the roll of parenthood and- Konan's eyes widened. What?! Where did THAT come from?! Parenthood?! Was she out of her mind?! Konan looked at the baby again, who was still crying its eyes out. She stared at it for a long moment, thinking and thinking carefully over the situation.

It wasn't long before Konan approached the baby and its mother and took it from the unconscious woman.

She held the baby in her arms. Its face was going red from all of its bawling. Konan was curious if it was a boy or girl. Only one way to find out… Konan thought, carefully stretching the elastic on its pants outward to look down inside it.

"It looks like you're a girl," Konan concluded, taking her hand from the baby's pants. The little girl had decided to quit crying, since she finally realized that it was useless, and simply looked up at Konan, her cheeks stained with tears. "I guess I'm keeping you then…" Konan stated. The baby blinked. "Now…what should I call you…?" Konan wondered. At the corner of her eye, she saw a light starting to rise. Konan turned her head to find that the sun was starting to rise. She looked back at the baby. "How about…Hinata? That's a nice name," Konan suggested. The little girl still just stared at her. Konan sighed. "Well, whether you like it or not, that's what I shall name you. Hinata…" Konan said to Hinata. Hinata turned her head to the left, hearing the screams and shouts of the Konoha ninja and villagers. Konan knew long before Hinata did that the people were coming, but decided not to pay attention to them, since she knew that they couldn't catch her anyway. Konan held Hinata closer to her chest with one arm, the other hand making a handsign in front of herself. After mumbling a few words Konan faded away with little Hyuuga Hinata before anyone could see them.


Konan arrived to base quietly and unfollowed. She entered the base without a sound; even the creaky front door didn't creek when she opened and closed it. Hinata was sound asleep in Konan's arms, snoring gently. As Konan approached her room's door to put Hinata away in until morning, the candles around her suddenly burst into flames, slightly surprising Konan.

"Konan, what is that that you are holding?" Pein asked from the darkness in the corner of the room, his rinnegan eyes glowing.

"A baby," Konan admitted, looking down at the sleeping infant she was infact holding. Pein stepped out of the darkness, drawing near to Konan, his face being revealed in the candles' light. He looked down at the sleeping Hinata.

"I thought you said that there were no survivors, Konan," Pein said to her. Konan said nothing. There was silence, before Pein said, "No," and turning around to leave. "The mission was to eliminate all the Hyuugas, not leaving one. That baby will be eliminated as its family was."

"No Pein," Konan said, holding the baby slightly tighter. Pein immediately turned around to face Konan, giving her a glare that ran a chill down her spine.

"What was that?" Pein asked, a hint of anger in his voice.

"You heard what I said. I'm keeping Hinata," Konan responded, knowing that she'd probably be killed any minute now. Pein narrowed his eyes.

"Do not speak down to me. 'Hinata', which is what you seemed to of already named it, will go down like the rest of her family."

"No," Konan said sternly. She was really pushing her luck with him. Hinata's eyes fluttered open her head going up to look around herself. Eyes half open, she looked confusingly at Pein, then Konan. Konan caressed the baby's cheek as she waited for Pein to say something. Pein stared intently at Hinata, before looking at Konan again, saying, "Fine. Have it your way Konan. You may keep the baby. You'll see the hell you've caused in due time…" he left towards the door he had entered in, saying over his shoulder, "One more thing: the only reason you and that child are not dead now is because you are…"

"All you have?" Konan suggested. Pein said nothing. He left them, saying, "Just get some rest you two."

"I love you too," Konan said with a small smile across her face. Pein pretended he didn't hear that and shut the door behind him.


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