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"Temari…I'm sorry…" Sakura frowned.

"GAARA?" the elder sand sibling shouted. Nothing else was said. She looked down, grimacing. How it must of felt to have your younger brother taken, when he was just starting to take a new road in his life.

"We should hurry, everyone. It takes three days to get to the Sand, so let's move," Kakashi said quietly after giving Temari a moment to accept the new information.

"Okay. Let's go," Temari said. They continued their trek through the forests, all together, just like that.


Indeed, three days passed, and the shinobi reached the Sand, aiding Kankuro after he had been attacked by the Master of all Puppetmasters.

"That was longer than I was hoping for, hmmm," Deidara had said.

"It was nothing. Let's just move. We already have your jinchurriki, now we have to find mine. I wish it would just come to us."

"Oh, that reminds me Danna, what kind of jinchurriki do you have to get, hmmm?"

"Does it really matter? As long as we catch one, they'll be happy."

"You have a point, hmmm. Come on then. Last chance to ride with me, you know…"

"Never," Sasori grumbled.

"Suit yourself," Deidara shrugged. He leaped onto the creature's back. He grinned down at his master before zooming off into the distance in one huge burst of wind.

Is he ditching me? Sasori asked himself. He saw Deidara disappear as one little dot being the last thing he saw.

Yeah he's ditching me.


"Alright, all better," Sakura, said after feeding Kankuro a dose of medicine.

"Okay! Let's move!" Naruto made a run for it towards the door.


He turned around, looking at Kankuro.

"Please…save my brother."

Naruto beamed at him determinedly, giving him a thumbs up.

"You betchya!" he said.

After exiting outside, a woman jumped from the building at landed right in front of them with a crashing sound.

"AH!" Naruto and Sakura backed off.

"I'll be accompanying you," she said, getting up.

"Granny Chiyo!" Sakura addressed.

"Yes," the old woman looked at them all. "It's been a long time since I've seen my grandson."


"You ditched me," Sasori stated. He dredged towards the huge barrier by the river, Deidara standing next to it, looking onto his partner coolly.

"I know, hmmm," he said.

"You'll be paying for that later," Sasori glared. The two of them brought a hand up to their faces to take the seal away from the barrier temporarily to get in. However before they started, the rock started coming up all by itself without them commanding it so.

"?" the Akatsuki stared into the empty cave the rock showed…seeing only one figure in it.

"Princess!" Deidara grinned. Hinata rolled her eyes.

"Oh, so you came too?" Sasori asked.

"Yeah. Mother said she didn't want to come, and, you know her. She gave me her ring so I could do the extraction in her place."

"Why didn't you let me in when I got here seven hours ago?" Deidara suddenly glared at her.

"Because. You ditched my onii-san," she shrugged. Deidara twitched as Sasori swerved around him to follow Hinata inside.

"Did you not happen to notice the gaping wound on my arm, hmmm?" Deidara shouted angrily.

"Yes I did. Pein said to treat it after the extraction, because if we did now, it'd just waste even more time."

Deidara ran up to her side. He put his undamaged arm around her, making her lean in close enough to give her a kiss. Sasori resisted the urge to throw up.

"What was that for?" Hinata asked, not expecting that at all.

"Oh nothing," he replied, letting go of her. "I just missed your taste, hmmm."

"Please, I'm right here," Sasori said, rolling his eyes.

"You're late," a voice suddenly boomed at Deidara and Sasori. Pein appeared in front of them.

"Hey, she's the one the that left me outside with your jinchurriki!" Deidara exclaimed. Pain completely ignored him as he turned around.

"Make the preparations immediately," their leader commanded them. Hinata smirked up at Deidara before doing as Pein told them.

How bipolar… Sasori thought as he watched Deidara burn a hole through Hinata's back with his eyes.

"Finally…" Pain said to himself, seeing all ready and his members balanced on each finger of the great statue.

"Oh, why hello Itachi," Deidara said, seeing the Uchiha on a statue finger.

"Shut up you idiot. We're starting," Hinata said, a handsign brought up to her face. Itachi was staring coldly at Deidara. The blond noticed, giving himself a strange gleeful feeling inside as he smiled slyly, bringing a handsign up to himself as well as the others had done.

The rings on the statue's hands glowed, Pein bringing a handsign to himself as well.

"Be aware that this will take three full days," Pein said to everyone. "Zetsu, keep watch outside."

"Yes…" the member replied.

"Three days? I wish Hinata was next to me, hmmm," Deidara thought aloud.

"Honestly, can't you go one day without mentioning her?" Sasori muttered.

"All of you quiet," Pein ordered. "It begins now." Suddenly the rings glowed even brighter.

"Sealing Jutsu: Nine Phantoms Dragon Seal!" nine entities resembling dragons spewed from the statue's mouth, all diving in a loud explosion below them towards the unconscious jinchurriki. Several quiet moments passed. There was no sound except for the hissing, agonizing moan of Gaara as his life was sucked out of it. Deidara peeked over his hands to get a look a Hinata. Her eyes were currently shut, even though Deidara remembered them being open not too long ago.

"Enemies are approaching," Zetsu suddenly spoke up. "They appear to be elite Konoha ninja."

The blond artist saw Hinata open her eyes slowly to a half way.

Konoha… Hinata thought, rather softly.

"One of them seems to be Might Guy," Zetsu continued.

"Might Guy…" Kisame trailed off with a suspicious sharky grin.

"Who?" Pein asked. Deidara's eye skimmed over to their leader lazily. Funny how "God" asked questions.

"He's a jounin from the Leaf. He's also an expert on taijutsu. Do not underestimate him," Itachi suddenly informed. Deidara noticed Hinata was now watching the Uchiha.

"Right…well in that case, use that jutsu," Pein replied.

"I'll go! I've been dying for some action!" Hidan's voice suddenly boomed. Deidara almost fell off the statue's finger, making Sasori roll his eyes at him.

Newbies Sasori thought to himself.

"No, I'll go. I have a score to settle with him!" Kisame insisted.

"Fine. Kisame, Itachi, you two go," Pein concluded.

Hidan grumbled to himself as Kisame yet again grinned,

"Finally!" Kisame said from the outside of the cave. He and Itachi sat cross-legged on a hill. "It's time for some payback! Heheheh!" Kisame began the jutsu. However, when he did, he noticed Itachi's chakra wasn't being used up for a jutsu too.

"Itachi," Kisame said.

"Yeah, I know," Itachi said back, tightening his handsign to cast the jutsu.


"Everyone stop!" Kakashi suddenly yelled. The team did as told; Naruto, Sakura, and Granny Chiyo stopped, right behind Kakashi.

"!" Naruto gasped at the figure before them.

"Who…?" Sakura started.

"Itachi!" Naruto gritted through his teeth.

"What?" Sakura looked on at the shadowy figure up ahead on the trail. She suddenly became consumed with rage as well. THIS is the guy who's been torturing Sasuke-kun for so long! she growled inside.

"Long time no see, Kakashi, Naruto," Itachi greeted. Naruto's fists shook from how hard he had been gripping them. Suddenly he jabbed viciously at Itachi.

"First you take Gaara, and then there's that you guys are after me…hell, you guys took away Hanabi's sister HINATA HYUUGA!"

Itachi was caught off guard. It was hardly noticeable, but when Naruto had mentioned Hinata, there was the slightest twitch at his eye.

How do they know about her? He asked himself.

Kakashi caught the twitch, as small as it was. So it is true. The elder Hyuuga sister's among them after all, he thought. Itachi began to talk.

"What reasons does the Akatsuki have for taking a child of the Hyu-"


"Nobody look directly into his eyes!" Kakashi suddenly warned. "He uses Mangekyo Sharingan, so once he even looks into your eyes for a split second, you're already finished! Look away!"

"!" everyone immediately looked away.

"Anyway, coming back to you, Itachi," Kakashi started. "About that question you were beginning to ask before Naruto interrupted you…shouldn't you know the reasons to that?"

"But why would I?" Itachi asked.

"Drop the act. I saw your eye when Naruto asked. Hinata is with you, so start talking."

Itachi stared at the group for a moment.

"…she despises Konoha."

"What?" Naruto yelled. Itachi replied with a blank stare. "What do you mean by she despises it?"

"I meant what I said. She does not care at all for her homevillage. She is completely devoted to Akatsuki, and does whatever it takes to help its goals be reached."

"You…monsters…" Naruto started lowly. "How could you? You brainwashed Hinata into your evil organization! Brainwashed her! That's it…I'm NEVER Akatsuki for this! NEVER! Tell me where she is right now!"

"I thought you were after Gaara," Itachi stated.

"Him too! I'm gonna save all of Akatsuki's victims before it's too late! You hear me?"

"Calm down Naruto!" Sakura exclaimed.

"She's right. You can't just run into things Naruto. Haven't you learned anything these past two years?" Kakashi questioned. Naruto started taking slower breaths, his eyes glaring deeply at Itachi's feet.

"Putting aside these rescues, for just a moment…" Kakashi motioned at his face. Itachi watched him.

"Just how much…of your eyesight has been lost, Itachi?" Kakashi looked dead into Itachi's Sharingan with his own.

"!" Itachi's eyes suddenly became more intense.

"You must get very sick from it, I'd have to guess. Does Hinata help you at all with it?"

"Have you people touched her?" Naruto said darkly.

Itachi's eyes fixated onto Naruto.

"No," Itachi answered. "Now enough talk on the Hyuuga."

"You're right, we should probably just get down to business," Kakashi moved into a fighting stance, the rest of the team copying. Itachi watched all of them, assuming no positions for himself.



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