Welcome to Shuggazoom

"Bleh… Another boring day at school…" Muttered a fourteen year-old girl with short black hair and brilliant violet eyes as she entered her room. The girl's name was Mitsuki Halloway, and she was settling down to watch a DVD of her favorite show, 'Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force Go!'. Remembering that she needed to take care of the gift her Japanese grandparents had given her for her fourteenth birthday, a real katana, she toke it down from the wall, and toke out her polishing cloth and oil. Turning on her TV, popping in the DVD, and setting it to play all, Mitsuki began to sing the show's theme song softly to herself.

Suddenly, the TV went completely blank. "What the?! Hey!" Then TV went back on, but only showed static. "Huh, this is getting really weird…" The TV's screen now started to glow a green color… "Okay… I had better unplug the TV now…" Mitsuki muttered as she moved to unplug the TV. She pulled it out, but her shock the TV was still on… "What in the world?!" The TV's screen glowed brighter… and brighter… "What's happening?!" Mitsuki panicked, still holding her katana. The whole room soon became engulfed with green light. The light died down and the TV was off… But there was no one in the room…

Mitsuki reawakened in the middle of a strange park, but it also looked oddly familiar… Mitsuki suddenly realized where she was. "Holy… Shuggazoom! I can't believe it! I'm in Shuggazoom! Yahoo!!" Mitsuki cried as she jumped for joy! Mitsuki realized she still had her katana with her, so she stuck the sheath and blade into her belt, resulting in her looking a bit like the samurai of old. "Although this place is so much cooler than Earth, I need to get back home, my parents are going to get really worried about me… I should probably look for the Monkey Team; they'll probably be able to help. But how am I going to explain my situation? Ah, I'll worry about that problem when I find them." Mitsuki muttered as she walked out of the park.

Mitsuki began to wander around Shuggazoom, partially looking for the Monkey Team, partially just exploring, when she suddenly found herself in the middle of a Formless attack! They surrounded Mitsuki, she had nowhere to run, so her only option was to fight! "Thank god I managed to convince my parents to let me take those martial arts and kendo classes…" Mitsuki muttered as she unsheathed her katana in preparation for battle. A few minutes later, Mitsuki was covered in Formless goo, and a little tired, but happy to be alive. Mitsuki was sheathing her katana, when she suddenly heard someone was clapping his or her hands. She quickly turned around and found herself facing a figure in a black cloak. Mitsuki couldn't see the figure's face for the hood it wore. "Well done, girl." Said the figure in a deep, icy cold voice. Mitsuki found herself shivering involuntarily. "Who are you?" She asked.

"You can think of me as a observer."

"What do you want?"

"To see you fulfill your true potential." The figure said just before it melted into the darkness of the alleyway. "Who the hell was that?" Mitsuki thought.

Just minutes afterwards Mitsuki heard voices behind her, "Gibson, I thought you said that the Formless were concentrated around here. So, where are they?"

"Frankly, Chiro, I have no idea. The scanner said that they were here, but now, nothing."

"Looks like someone else got to them first, and there she is!" Mitsuki turned around again, and this time saw a raven-haired teenage boy with bright blue eyes, wearing a black and white uniform with an orange scarf tied around his neck, and orange gloves on his hands, leading a group of five robotic monkeys of various colors. Mitsuki immediately recognized him as Chiro, leader of the Hyper Force. And the monkeys that were behind Chiro were the other members of the Monkey Team: Antauri, SPRX, Gibson, Nova, and Otto. Antauri was still black, so Mitsuki figured she was either in season one or two.

Chiro looked at Mitsuki. "You destroyed those Formless?" He asked. "Yep, those things are total pushovers. I hardly had use to my katana!" Mitsuki remarked. Nova tugged on Chiro's sleeve. "Hey, Chiro? What's a 'katana'?" "Sorry Nova, I have no idea." Hearing this comment, Mitsuki unsheathed her katana, and held it out for Nova to examine. "This is a katana, Nova." The whole Monkey Team looked shocked. "Y-you can u-understand me?" Nova stammered. "Oh yeah, I forgot. Only Chiro, Mandarin, and Skeleton King could understand what the members of the Monkey Team were saying, until Chiro finished his translator late in season two. So, how can I still hear them speaking?" Mitsuki thought to herself. "Yes, Nova, I can. And I don't have a clue as to how or why…" Mitsuki trails off. "Either way," Mitsuki says as she straightened up and sheathed her katana. "My name is Mitsuki Halloway, and I need your help. No doubt Gibson wants to perform an analysis of me, so I suggest we all head back to the Super Robot for now…"

Well? What do you think? Read and Reveiw! Oh, and PM me if you think you know who the robed figure is...