Mounting a Rescue

"Any sign of Mitsuki, Nova?" Asked Chiro, his voice filled with worry.

"No… No sign of her."

"Chiro! I found something!" Called Antauri!

Chiro ran over to Antauri. "What did you find?" Chiro asked breathlessly.

"A blood stain, drag marks, and some footprints, monkey footprints…" Antauri stated.

"So, Mandarin bashed Mitsuki over the head, then dragged her off…" Chiro murmured. "Then our next stop is the Citadel of Bone. Monkeys, mobilize!"


Mitsuki was in a lot of pain. She had no idea what Skeleton King had done to her while she was out, but it felt like something was trying to tear her apart from the inside. The pain was so bad, she couldn't even scream. All she could do was curl up into a ball, shut her eyes, and tremble.

Mitsuki's trembling stopped a few minutes later, and when Mitsuki's eyes reopened, they were completely different. The whites of her eyes had turned black, and her irises had turned dark red.

Sorry it's so short... It's kind of a filler chapter, really. More action in the next part! i promise!