Strange Love: A Suite Life Collection

Introduction by Wyntirsno, and a collaborative effort from several.


At Random Suite Publishing Co. a division of Tipton Industries -

It seemed like a normal day at work for the Suite Life fanfic authors that day; some of them were just hanging out chatting while they were on break from writing.

Lodylodylody took a drink of her coke and set it back on the table, the ice clinking in the glass. "I can't wait until we get started on our new story WH. It will be so great to write something so different."

"I know people are going to be shocked when they read it, we have never written anything like it before," Woundedhearts replied as she peeled the plastic off her chocolate muffin.

"It sounds so cool; I can't wait to see what you come up with," DarkElements10 exclaimed.

"I know what you mean. Writing something completely different is a lot of fun. It has been a really interesting experience writing about being a prisoner of war for Zack," Elianna22 said as she sipped her latte.

"Do you guys think I should add a little more romance to some of my stories?" Tiger002 asked the group.

"Of course!" They all said at the same time grinning at Tiger.

"I knew I shouldn't have asked a bunch of women." He smirked.

As they were sitting there talking, they heard a horrible rumbling noise out in the lobby. It sounded like they were being overrun by a herd of cattle on a stampede.

"Do any of you know what all the noise is about?" Snapplelinz asked as she walked into the room.

All of a sudden Wyntirsno dashed in panting. In her rush she almost ran over Snap.

"They're coming!" she shouted.

"Who's coming?" Waldojeffers asked as he came into the room behind Wyn, not knowing of the impending danger.

"The League of the Under-Appreciated Characters, and they are really mad. You should see some of the signs they are carrying," Wyn said. "I saw one that said 'Booty or Bust!!' and another that said 'We Will Not Be Ignored!' I think they are picketing us."

"Whoa, they sound serious," WJ said as a worried look came across his face.

"Yeah, Wyn is right they are demanding more story time," James Doyle said as he came into the room too.

"Who are they?" Ellie asked.

"I've heard of them; they are all the characters that were on the Suite Life shows who never got the chance at love," WH said.

As they were having this discussion the LOUAC were trying to get past Kirby. He was a great security guard and keeping them back with no problem.

He had been working at RSP Co. for a few weeks now and was fond of all the authors. He was trying to protect them, but as he noticed the people in the lobby and read their signs, he couldn't help but feel their pain and thought that he deserved the same chance.

He was torn between his duty and his heart. His heart won out and he unlocked the door and let them in. He joined them as they headed for the break room.

As they burst into the break-room they shouted, "Give Us Love!"

Wayne was the first one into the room and he ran straight up to WH and Lody followed by Connie and Agnes. Together they started yelling at the authors about not getting enough stories written about them.

"I was supposed to be on vacation this week!" WH pouted as she put her hands on her hips and stomped her foot dramatically.

She and Lody got backed into the little cubicle that the coffee pot was in; there was no way to escape and Wayne's cologne was making them want to retch.

"We deserve to be in stories where we get to be the love interests. My boyfriend has been a pathetic loser and dumped me in most of my stories. I just recently got a taste of romance and I want more!" Connie demanded.

"Hey at least you've had someone to be dumped by. I've never been in a relationship! WayneCo has a lot of love kept in cold storage and I need to let it out of the cooler!" Wayne yelled as he walked threateningly closer to the two frightened authors.

They were both scared and disturbed by the comment, but they saw no way to get away from the often forgotten characters.

"You know, I need a guy that likes a strong woman. I am really tired of these wimpy stars that are so afraid to love me. I'm hot, I deserve more!" Agnes growled.

"More, I'll give you more," WH growled back as she stomped on the girl's foot. "Now Miss Thing get out of my face!"

While Wayne and Connie were still busy whining and Agnes was hopping around on one foot, some of the other characters were cornering more authors to try to explain their position.

Mr. Blanket was leaning over and yelling at Wyn, who had hidden under the table hoping to avoid all the commotion. With him blocking her way out she was trapped under the table and he was really starting to freak her out.

"I really think I should be able to have a better love interest. Miss T. and I are just not working out." he shouted as he shoved his doll of Miss Tutweiller at her. "Tell her Emma."

Meanwhile Miss Tutweiller, Arwin and Chelsea were pushing Tiger and JD into the corner as they were loudly expressing their views for their own romances.

"You know I have been in love with Carey for so long, maybe I need someone else who will accept me with all my quirks," Arwin suggested shyly to the men. "Can't you do that for me? I mean, I need someone who will love me. I will fix anything that breaks down around here forever if you will just give me a love life."

"I am tired of just being London's dumb friend, I think I have so much more to offer. Am I not hot?" Chelsea asked coyly. "I could be more…a lot more." She winked at the men.

"Oh yeah, well I still have my 'Follies' costume. I could make the right guy really happy. Hey, have either of you guys thought of taking a cruise?" Miss Tutweiller asked suggestively.

JD and Tiger just eyed one another with an incredulous looks on their faces.

Across the room WJ was standing by the door surrounded by some guys. There was Lance, Trevor, Brandon, and Jeffrey all chatting animatedly with him. They seemed a lot more relaxed than everybody else in the room.

Marcus and Woody were chasing Snap and DE around the room and trying to tell them what kind of girl they were looking for. They had a strange look in their eyes; you could just tell they were on the prowl.

Out in the main office three more authors had just arrived. The Hurricane 13 was running late. Undefinedliving and SilverTurtle were car-pooling with him so they were just walking in the door when they saw the commotion in the break room. They ran to hide in the supply closet as they made a phone call trying to get help.

"Hello? Oh no, really? Of course we'll help. We'll be right there.

Back in the break-room Ellie was trying to get to WH and Lody so they could get away. "We need to do something! This is getting out of hand!" She pushed Connie out of the way and knocked Agnes over as she tried to get past Wayne.

All of a sudden the door to the break-room was thrown open and in walked Zack and Cody.

"Listen up people, you guys were supposed to be having a peaceful demonstration outside!" Zack hollered over the noise.

"That's right, now calm down and back off of these nice people," Cody added.

"Zacky-Boo-boo, Codykins I knew you would come for me," Agnes said.

"Listen boys you don't understand what it's like to be alone and on the sidelines. We just need a chance to be loved too," Miss T explained to the twins.

"Well… why don't we write a collection of unusual pairings for, uh, maybe Valentines?" Lody recommended as she slipped past Wayne dragging WH with her. "We could all draw two names out of a hat and come up with a story for that pair. They could be romantically involved, or in lust, or even just have a crush on each other. How would that work for you guys?"

"Sounds like a plan," Zack said.

"I can live with that," Wayne said. "As long as I get someone hot."

"No, now the names will be drawn out of my hat and you can only be changed once if your author doesn't like the pair he or she got. This is an attempt to get all of you in the LOUAC to get a chance at love," Lody explained.

Kirby who had been quiet during all of the mayhem finally spoke up. "All right it seems like we have things worked out here, I hope I get drawn first. A-hem, anyway, we all need to clear out of here and let these fine authors get to writing. The quicker we leave the more stories they can write isn't that right guys?"

"Yes!" The authors all said in unison.

After they all left, Tiger went to the front window and put a sign up saying:

Now Hiring. Authors Needed. No experience necessary. Apply inside with Lodylodylody.


The End

My friend Lodylodylody has developed a great new project involving all Suite Life characters past and present. They will be randomly chosen in pairing for two fun filled collections. I will post Strange Love in this forum, and Strange Love: After Hours will be posted in the M-rated forum by another great up and coming author, Waldojeffers. If you would like instructions on how to proceed, feel free to PM Lody, Waldo, and myself, or you can join us at Strange Love-a possible collection idea at:

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