Three Minutes

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Blissfully married for three years, Itachi and Sakura enjoyed a little quiet time that seemed few and far between these days. With Itachi running off for duty at the police station and Sakura always at the restaurant, time with one another was very hard to come by. But when they did… it was not wasted. More often then not, one could find the pair at home when they weren't busy or at the Uchiha compound… helping Fugaku with that damn list.

And, would you believe it… Shisui got married?! In a rather strange turn of events, he met Ino at the party and the two just hit it off. They had married not six months after their meeting and had a child that Sakura found herself babysitting half the time. Oh, how Sakura wanted that. A child of her own but there hadn't been any time to sit down with her husband and talk about the prospect of children. And she knew he wanted children too. But as the time stretched since their wedding, the couple hardly had time for… strenuous activities.

Today though, Sakura was just not feeling well. There was a slight ach behind her eyes and her stomach protested almost violently whenever she even thought about food. Here she was, sitting in her office at the restaurant with her small trash can on her lap; even the smell of food made her stomach churn with upset. She felt positively miserable at the moment.

"Still sick, huh?" came a voice from the doorway. Sakura didn't look up, if she did… she would surely vomit.

"Damn flu won't go away!" she grumbled, feeling the urge to vomit grow. "Not again!" she hissed and bowed over the can. Ino was by her side, patting her back and whispering soothing words as her friend expelled her stomach contents for the fourth time in two hours.

"You should really go home honey. Sick people and food don't mix." Ino sighed as Sakura stopped heaving.

"Please… don't say the 'F' word around me." Sakura breathed as she sat back and wiped her mouth with a napkin.

"I know what your problem is." Ino said with a knowing smile. Sakura cocked an eyebrow at her friend.

"Oh, really?" her sarcastic response came while she placed the trash can back on the floor. "How sure are you, anyway?"

Ino gave a tiny grin. "About fifty percent." A giggle slipped passed her lips as Ino rubbed the back of her neck. "Take the test Sakura. You do still have the ones I gave you?"

"I just had my period, Ino." Sakura snapped irritably. Her stomach gave an uncomfortable roll in reaction.

"Three percent of all woman still have their period in the first three months." The blonde responded, waving a finger at her friend like a teacher reciting the day's lesson. "You've been fighting this for two days now. Do I need to call your husband and tell him about my suspicions?" Sakura stilled, eyes wide.

"N-no… if this is what you think it is, I want to be the one to tell him." Green orbs met blue sapphire as understanding flowed between them.

"Do you need me to take you home?"

"Yeah… I think it's best I stayed down for a while."


Itachi sighed over his paperwork with a light frown. When was the last time he and Sakura sat down and had dinner together? He couldn't quite remember. But that was not the issue bothering him at the moment. He had heard Sakura in the middle of the night. It worried him that she was sick and still heading off to work when she should be resting. It's not like they needed the money nor did she really need to be at the restaurant all the time. Ino was perfectly capable of looking after things.

He glanced at the clock. Time seemed to move of it's own accord… slowly. It had only been a minute since he last looked and it was pissing him off. Itachi stood from his chair and decided that he would call it a day. Hey, he's the Chief now. He can do what ever he wants. Exiting his office, Itachi flung his suit jacket over his shoulder and headed for the elevators.

"Yo, Itachi! Where are you going?" Shisui called as he raced to catch his cousin. Itachi paused and turned to face Shisui as said man caught up.

"Sakura is sick. I'm going home." He stated and there was nothing anyone could say to stop him from doing so.

"Really? I didn't know that." The knucklehead said with a sheepish grin… one he wore when he was hiding something. "Well, you tell her I said to feel better soon."

"What are you hiding, Shisui?" Itachi asked flatly, straight to the point.

"W-what? Nothing, honest!" he defended as Itachi glared at him.

"You will tell me what you know, cousin or so help me…" he trailed off, taking on determined step forward. Shisui cowered and scurried away from Itachi.

"Nothing, I swear. On my daughter's life, I swear!"

"You're a very bad liar." Itachi commented, taking another step forward.

"Alright! I'll tell you… just please, don't kill me."


Sakura sat on the toilet seat as she read the instructions on the box. So damn complicated yet simple at the same time. It narrowed down to one simple phrase: if the strip turned blue that meant positive. So, why was she hesitating? Sakura sighed; she should have told Itachi what she was doing. She really needed him right now. But she couldn't just call him at work.

'Hey Ita-kun, could you come home? I'm going to take a pregnancy test and I was wondering if you would hold my hand?'

Yeah… that sounded so stupid the more she thought about it.

"Better take both, just in case." She whispered to herself. Without further delay, Sakura did as the instructions said then turned the timer to three minutes and set the tests on the counter.

Now sitting on the rim of the tub, Sakura clicked her tongue and tapped her foot. What if it was negative? Sakura slumped a little. All that worrying for nothing. She desperately wanted to have a child of her own with the man she loved. Itachi would be devastated if it came out negative. Sakura looked at the timer again.

Two minutes

But were they really ready for the next step in their lives. She thought so. Rolling her head back, Sakura smiled softly, remembering the way Itachi interacted with Akira, her neighbor's son.


Sakura sat on the back patio with her neighbors Kurenai and Asuma Sarutobi, enjoying a cool glass of iced tea as a warm spring breeze whipped passed them. Akira ran around the backyard with his new puppy, laughing and carrying on without a care in the world. Chatting back and forth, the neighbors smiled fondly as the little boy cheered for joy as his puppy bounded away to retrieve the stick he threw.

"He's gotten so big." Sakura smiled softly. At the time, she and Itachi were still dating while spending as much time together as possible.

"That he has." Kurenai agreed with a warm, motherly smile. "Kira-chan starts school this fall." The boy was growing up so fast it seems.

"So where's this man of yours? Isn't he supposed to be here?" Asuma asked with a sly smirk. Sakura looked at her watch and frowned.

"Itachi should be here soon." She said with a shrug of her shoulders. Sakura gave a startled cry as strong arms wrapped around her from behind her. She turned to see Itachi smiling softly at her. "You scared me half to death, Tachi-kun!" she glared and playfully slapped his arm. "Thanks for the warning, Asuma-san."

He grinned. "My pleasure… literally!"

"Excuse me, mister?" the voice of a small child caught Itachi's attention. He turned to meet the chubby, grinning face of a raven-haired, red-eyed boy with a small dog at his side. "How's come you're so tall?" Akira asked, eyes shining with innocence and curiosity. Itachi knelt down to the boy's level, a soft smile on his lips.

"Because I eat my vegetables." He answered, chuckling as the boy made a face.

"Veggies are nasty!" Akira whined with a cute pout.

"That may be, but young boys like yourself need to eat them to grow up big and strong." Itachi supplied as his smile grew. Akira sighed, defeated.

"Do I have to?"

"Yes. All big boys eat their vegetables."

Akira grinned. "I'm a big boy too, so I have to eat my vegetables!" and that's who they got Akira to eat the green stuff on his plate.

~End Flashback~

One minute

Well, if is was negative, they could always try again. Sakura could only imagine what Mikoto would say on Saturday if it turned out to be positive. The woman never shut up about wanting grandchildren, not that the couple minded. Sakura just wanted to complete Itachi's dream… as well as her own. They both new what they wanted and work hard to achieve it. But the 'baby making' issue posed some problems. They didn't have the time for intimacy and when they did, they were either too tired or they were interrupted. And the times they… did the deed, he would be called away for work or some idiot relative called.

"Is it really too much to ask for a little time for ourselves?!" she shouted to the tile walls of the bathroom. This was definitely the worst three minutes of her life.


The timer went off. Sakura stared at the plastic bell ringer for a moment before she stood and looked at the tests. With a frown Sakura threw the box away. They were blue. The damn things were BLUE!! Storming her way out of the bathroom, she stopped… and ran back into the bathroom.

"They're blue… they're BLUE!!" she squealed and jumped up and down, much to the protest of her stomach.


Itachi sat at a red light with a growing from. He picked up his cell phone and dialed the restaurant.

"Thank you for calling Haur's. This in Ino."

"Is my wife available?" Itachi asked as he pressed on the gas.

"Oh, actually… I just took her home. She didn't look so good." Ino said into the receiver. Itachi bit back a growl.

"Why did you not call me?" he asked, his voice had gone deathly calm.

"She asked me not to…?" stop digging your grave, Ino! Itachi hung up the phone and steered his car in the direction of home. He was seriously going to talk to her about the secretive crap that was floating around and about what Shisui had told him.


Shisui led Itachi to his office and closed the door behind him. He fidgeted with the buttons of his suit.

"Look… Sakura's been sick for a couple days, mostly in the morning and whenever she's around food, right?"

"Correct." Itachi answered, yet he was puzzled as to how he new that. Then again, Shisui was married to Sakura's best friend and they talked about everything. So, why hadn't she talked to him about what was going on?

"Ino and I believe Sakura's…" he trailed off, unsure if he should really tell his cousin or wait for Sakura to confirm their suspicions.

"What?" Itachi asked, glaring at his cousin. "Anything that concerns my wife, concerns me." Shisui sighed at the words then nodded.

"We think she's pregnant."

~End flashback~

Itachi pulled into the driveway and parked his car. Steeling his resolve, he strode up the front walk and stepped through the front door only to stop. Sakura was yelling something he couldn't quit make out.

"Sakura, I'm home." He called, walking further into the house, pitching his briefcase onto the coffee table. Itachi could hear muffled footsteps from upstairs, she was running to meet him. He made his way to the base of the stairs as Sakura rushed down and pinned him with a fierce hug.

"Welcome home, Tachi-kun." She whispered happily into his chest. Itachi could do nothing but hold her as she giggled manically and squeezed the breath out of him.

"What's going on, Sakura?" he asked, making her look up at him.

"The most wonderful thing in the world, Tachi-kun." She paused, her smile growing wider. "I'm pregnant!"

He stared at her for a moment before his lips twitched upward, turning to a full blown grin as he scooped her up and laughed. He spun her around until she cried out for him to stop.

"I'll take that as a 'I'm so happy!'"

"Of course!" he said in turn before pulling her into a passionate kiss. When they separated, Itachi placed his forehead against hers, his smile more normal. "You have no idea how much this news means to me, aisai."

"Well, aruji, who's going to tell your mother she's expecting her first grandchild?" she asked as she closed her eyes and basked in happiness.

'I take that back… those were the best three minutes of my life.'

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