Rick & Minmei – Christmas Morning
(After 'Season's Greetings')
By Doc Redfield

Rick awoke to Minmei in his arms and smiled at memories of the night before. He was
glad not to have spent yet another night on the couch, and the smell of the young
woman's hair was intoxicating. Still, he was soon restless and anxious for reasons he
could not yet comprehend. He carefully disentangled himself from Minmei, smiling at
thoughts of a similar situation in the bowels of the SDF-1 so long ago, and made for his
kitchen. It was Christmas morning.
The young veritech pilot poured himself some juice, mulling over the whirlwind in his
head that had brought him so quickly to his feet after what was arguably the best sleep
he'd had in as long as he could recall. But the meaning of Minmei's words the night
prior finally began to make themselves clear. "Consider resigning your commission,
Rick," she had asked him, and those big, dark eyes had so quickly enveloped him that he
had hardly given it a real moment to sink in. But now he couldn't get around it – she was
finally here, in his arms, in his life, and she didn't even know who he really was. The
irony was enough to make the war-weary ace laugh.
Rick picked up a model veritech and 'flew' it into the living room. He sat down quietly
on the couch and set his juice on the coffee table. Running fingers through stray hair, he
looked down at the photo of Lisa Hayes in an open album, and yet another level added
itself to the maelstrom in his mind. It was too early for this, he realized, and he needed a
shower. Smiling ironically to himself once more, he made his way towards the
"Merry Christmas, Rick."