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A small, brown haired boy laughed as he pulled a girl of black hair along over the rocks on top of the cliffs of Benbow Inn. The girl leapt and stumbled after and along her friend as they hopped over the gray rocks in the early morning, watched over by a pair of watchful, blue eyes some ways away. If you were a standing afar, heading up the hill toward the inn for breakfast, you'd only see two small figures against the white light of the rising sun of Montressor.

"Come on, Liz! To Treasure Planet!" Six-year-old James Pleiades Hawkins yelled as he pulled on the fairer skinned, chubby hand he gripped in his equally chubby hand.

"Right behind you, Jim!" Six-year-old Elizabeth Aurora Kingston crowed back as she waved her slingshot gun in her opposite hand, a little slingshot she could shoot with a pull of a trigger. Courtesy of her the friend who was rock jumping with her.

As the leapt, the junior Hawkins—whose hair was still close shaved—pretended to steer a solar ship, making rocket sounds as he went. As he navigate the two of them around the rocks and through the labyrinth of towering boulders, Liz shot at make-believe monsters they had drawn on the stone earlier with black charcoal, aiming for the small targets the mischief makers had also decided to draw on the earlier.

This was James Hawkins, more commonly known as Jim. The child had thought James too weird to keep saying, like he was an old geezer or something, so he decided Jim was better. A happy child who lived at the inn with his mother, Sarah Hawkins, while his father was usually away on a trip, he was smart as well as resourceful and curious as a six-year-old could be. He was at an age where his eyes were still big and innocent, and his smile still mischievous and bright.

His partner in crime was the girl Elizabeth Kingston, or Liz, a name Jim had given her. Agreeing that her full name was also too "old and girly-like" and rather a mouthful, the two changed her name to Liz. An impish child with a thick, wavy mane of black locks, Liz's hair had been shorn off mostly to keep it under control. A bright orange scarf was tied to substitute as a headband to further restrict it. Her eyes were big and shining, and just as excited and curious as her long-time friend. She was strange looking child. Pale, white skin seemed nearly transparent, and her over-large eyes shone bright purple. She seemed almost too fragile to touch.

But despite the strange, eerie appearance, young Jim Hawkins remained undeterred. Jim and Liz had been together for as long as either could remember. You rarely ever find one without the other nearby.

"Hurry Liz! We're almost there!"

"Watch out for the meteor shower Jim! POW! POW! POW! KABLOOEY!"

"Kablooey? That's just stupid, Liz."

"No it ain't!"

"Kids! Time for lunch!" Sarah called from the doorway of the inn.

"Coming!" Both chimed obediently.

The day passed for the happy children. The world was still a bright and happy place for them. Night came and the two prepared for bed. As the two children climbed into Jim's bed, along with their favorite storybook. The read the storybook through, staring in awe and wonderment at the holograms of the famous pirate, Captain Nathaniel Flint.

As the two closed the storybook and crawled into the blankets, a comfortable silence issued between the children.

"Hey…Liz," Jim began hesitantly. "Why'd you think my Dad's never around."

Liz mused silently for a while before voicing her thoughts, "Maybe the same reason I don't want to stay at home, I simply like it here better. Maybe your dad likes traveling more. Just likes we want to go to find Treasure Planet, maybe he's looking for something?"

"Maybe," Jim agreed sadly. Then he brightened up as he remembered something. "You know how our moms and dads wear those rings?"

"Yeah?" the black hair girl replied, tilting her head slightly curiously.

"Mom said they wear that to promise each other that they'll always stick together," Jim continued. "It's their promise that no matter what happens, they'll face anything and everything together."

"Just like us?" Liz chirped excitedly.

"Just like us," Jim confirmed firmly in his all-knowing, childish fashion. He leaned over the side of the bed and opened a drawer on the nightstand. Rummaging through with his chubby hand, he pulled out to circlets shining dull in the nightlight. One ring shone a dull brass; the other was a plain silverish, metal ring. "See, one ring for you, and one for me." Handing her the metal ring, the two fitted on the small rings. "A promise to face anything and everything…"

"Side by side and arm to arm," Liz finished contently, wrapping her right hand over her left fist, the hand on which the metal, silver ring was fitted on.

The children lay there quietly, glowing in their sense of a child's accomplishment, bodies turned to one another. It stayed like that for a few minutes. A comfortable silence, which partially tricked Sarah into thinking they were quietly asleep.

"Wanna hear Treasure Planet again?" Jim broke the silence.

"Let's" his friend agreed.

As they opened the book, the deep voice of the hologram storybook rang out from under the blanket, filling the children with the adrenaline of adventure.

"There are nights when the winds of the Etherium, so inviting in heir promise of flight and freedom…made one's spirit soar!"

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