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She walked into her lab and everything was the same as the day before. She did her normal routine, hung up her coat and bag, turned on all of her equipment. Everything was in place as usual. Then she went upstairs to say hello to her favorite NCIS team.

She skipped through the squad room greeting each individual as she passed by. Last but not least was the team leader Leroy Jethro Gibbs. "Morning Gibbs!"

"Morning Abby." He replied as usual. Abby then skipped off to get her Caf-pow! Today was different for Gibbs, when she skipped away he had a bad feeling. This didn't please him knowing that his gut never fails to be right. "Hey Tony when your done with that paperwork will you go check on Abby."

"Um…sure Boss." Tony was confused as to why he needed to 'check' on Abby was something wrong? He wasn't going to ask he knew he wouldn't get a straight answer anyways so he just blew it off.

About 30 min later Gibbs was getting antsy as the time passed so he decided he would just go check on her himself. As he got up from his desk all of he agents looked up at him questioning his actions. He didn't say anything to them. He slammed his chair into his desk and headed swiftly for Abby's lab.

The elevator doors opened and he slowly walked into the lab not wanting to scare her. There was no one there. "Abby?" he called. Her music was still playing so he went to turn down her stereo so she could her as he called out one more time. "Abbs?" again there was no answer. Gibbs was starting to worry and then out of the blue his phone rang. It made him jump because he was deep in thought. "Gibbs"

"Boss. The director wants…"

"Tony not now I'm busy."

"Bu…" Gibbs didn't let him finish before he hung up. He needed to find Abby. Maybe she was in ballistics he thought to him self as he walked back to where the guns and bullets are tested. There was no Abby there either. Well maybe she just went out. But when he walked back to her desk her coat and bag were still hung up. He decided he would call her. Before he did that he sat down at her desk and noticed a note lying on her desk.


An emergency came up and I had to leave. Sorry I didn't call you but I had to go. I will be back later so don't bother looking for me. I am sorry I worried you because I know how you get but I am fine. Please don't try and contact me because I will not be able to answer my phone.

Love Abby :)

This note didn't give Gibbs a good feeling. I was written in her hand writing but what was so important that she would leave her bag and coat. Also her equipment, lights, and music were still on. Another thing that bothered him was that in her note it seemed she was trying to reassure him that she was going to be ok. Did this mean something bad had happened? He needed to find out. Gibbs didn't touch the note. He pulled out his phone. "Tony, tell everyone to grab their gear."

"Do we have a case boss?"

"Yeah now get your stuff and get every down in Abby's lab now!" Gibbs hung up the phone. In less than 5 min the three agents were down in the lab.

"Boss, where is Abby?" McGee asked still confused as to what was going on.

"Well McGee if I knew that you probably wouldn't be down here."

"Gibbs. What's going on?" Ziva asked.

"When Abby came into the squad room this morning I had a bad feeling and that is why I asked Tony to go check on her when he was done, but as the time went by the feeling got worse so I just came down here to check my self. When I arrived all of her equipment was still on and her music was playing."

"That isn't like her boss." McGee added

"Ya think McGee? Anyways I went to check the ballistics lab to see if she was back there but she wasn't. I decided I would call her. I sat down at her desk and found this note." Everyone surrounded the desk and read it. Tony pulled out the camera and took pictures of the note.

"That note sounds really fishy." Ziva said as she bagged and tagged it.

"I need you three to dust the place for prints and look of anything out of the ordinary." Gibbs demanded as he walked out of the lab.

"Boss?" Tony called after him. "You want all of us down here?"

"Yes Tony" he said pushing the elevator button. "The more people the less time it takes. "McGee run the prints and any evidence you find. You're the only person she trusts with her stuff." Gibbs spit out before the elevator doors closed.

After Gibbs told the director what had happened he went outside to the parking garage to see if her car was still there. There it was parked right next to his like it was every day. He drew his gun and ran in a crouch toward the car. He opened all the doors and trunk there was nothing there, but another note in the trunk. It read:


I should have known you were smarter than to by Abigail's note. She insisted to write the note any ways she knew you would worry. But you don't need to worry she is in good hands. Oh and don't bother looking for her. You will never find me or our beautiful Abigail. So don't waist your time trying. She is mine now, Gibbs. But if you would like to see her just go here:

The kidnapper had left a website. Gibbs took a picture with his phone then pulled a napkin out of his pocket and grabbed the note with it careful not to ruin any evidence. He didn't bother taking the elevator. Tony was startled by Gibbs bursting in the lab door. "We have another note." Gibbs was out of breath from running up the stairs.

"Where did you find this one?" McGee asked opening an evidence bag for Gibbs to put the note in.

"Well I went to see if Abbs car was still here or if they took it but it was here. There was nothing in there except this note. It was in the trunk." McGee had already got on the website on Abby's computer. There was a link that said Abigail Scutio - Beware of Content.

"Uh Boss…" McGee was afraid to click on the link. Gibbs looked over and McGee put it up on the plasma so the all could see. McGee reluctantly clicked the link and it brought up a video. "Boss this is a live stream." It showed Abby sitting in a chair against the wall. She was still in the clothes she had come to work in. Her hair was no longer up in pigtails and she looked like she had been crying. Her hands were tied behind her back and her feet tied to the chair. The sight made Ziva gasp; this wasn't what she had expected. The room wasn't completely dark so there must have been windows at the top of the walls or a sun roof. Abby looked like she was still healthy and hadn't been hurt. She was awake and didn't look scared or worried. She must have been sitting there a while. Gibbs broke the silence. "McGee!"

"I'll get this up stairs on the plasma and feed it to MTAC then try and trace the signal." McGee said as the all headed for the elevator.

"Tony I want…"

"People in MTAC watching for any clues that could help us out. I will have them contact you immediately." Tony finished his sentence

"No have them contact you then if it is important contact me. Ziva…" Gibbs continued.

"I will look for anyone that might be holding a grudge against you or Abby."

"We will get her back Boss." Tony assured. "We have to."

When they got upstairs they all got strait to work, eager to find their forensic scientist. Gibbs sat at his desk. His chair was turned to watch the plasma beside his desk. He couldn't stand to see her sitting in that chair hopeless. He imagined the thoughts that were going though her head. He couldn't believe he let this happen. Just then someone walked into the room Abby was in. Gibbs stood up as if it would help him see. McGee and Ziva stood up and walked over to join Gibbs. (Tony was still up in MTAC) The man was wearing all black and had on a face mask and gloves that were also black. He brushed her hair out of the way and gently rubbed the side of her face with his right hand. She pulled her head way. The man chuckled and grinned. "Say Hi Miss Scutio. I'm pretty sure they are watching you by now." He said pointing to the camera. The man had a deep and creepy voice. As he talked to her he walked in circles around the chair she was seated in. He stopped behind her and pulled her hair back behind her so it was hanging down her back. Still behind her he crouched so he was at her level and put his head next to hers. He turned to kiss her neck and she gasped as soon as he did and looked away knowing she couldn't stop it. The man pulled a knife from his pocket and brought it up to where he had kissed her. He looked up at the camera and smiled as he brought the knife to her cheek and made a little sliver in her skin. She didn't make a noise but Gibbs could see the tears now streaming down her face. The blood from the cut slowly slid down her face. The man kissed her forehead like Gibbs always did then left the room. Abby looked up at the camera tears still flowing constantly. She managed to form a small smile across her lips to let them know she knew they were watching.

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