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With out even saying a word Tony pulled out his phone and dialed a familiar number. Tony looked at Gibbs while he was awaiting them to answer. Tony smiled. "Probie? ...She's wants to see you."

"Wait, you mean shes awake?" McGee was in shock.

'Yeah, McGoo now get your ass up here." With that McGee hung up and headed down to the hospital."Boss, go. I'll call the others. She will want to know we are here." Gibbs nodded and headed toward her room. Tony sat down and began calling the rest of his team mates.

Tim couldn't believe it. She was awake, she was going to be ok. He could finally tell her how sorry he was and how much he needs her in his life. This experience had made him realize how he could not possibly live with out her any more. He knew how she felt about committed relationships, but he would try this one more time. If she didn't want him the way he wanted her he would understand and try to move on but he didn't know if he could. He loved her too much.

Gibbs slowly entered Abby's room not wanting to startle her. "Gibbs?" Abby asked in a small voice. It broke his heart to hear her like that, broken and quite.

"Yeah Abbs it's me." He said walking further into the room. He made his way to a chair and pulled it close to her bed. She was laying on her back with her eyes still closed. Gibbs took his hand and pushed the hair out of her face and caressed her cheek rubbing her soft skin with his thumb. She turned her head toward him and rested her head on his hand. She opened her eyes but did not look directly at him. "Abby?" At the sound of her name she looked him straight in the eye.

"Gibbs, I'm sorry." She said after swallowing hard.

"Abby, you have nothing to be sorry for."

"But I do. Oh my god! Is Tim ok?" She asked sitting up too fast for comfort. Before he could answer she winced in pain.

"Abby you need to be careful you are going to be sore for a while." He gently laid her back down in a comfortable position.

"Is Tim alright!" Abby asked sternly. She was always stubborn. Gibbs thought and laughed to himself.

"Yes McGee is alright. He had to stay at home for a few weeks but he is fine now." Abby was worried at why Tim wasn't there. Why wasn't he with Gibbs? Gibbs noticed the worried look on her face and her breathing quicken. "Abby?"

"Where's McGee?" Gibbs could see the tears forming in her eyes.

"Hey, shhh." He soothed as he kept brushing her hair out of her face. "He is on his way." as soon as he said that he noticed her breathing became calmer.

When he arrived at the hospital Tim ran inside letting nothing stop him. He went straight to the nurses station. "Sir?" the nurse asked.

"Abigail Sc..." McGee was cut off by Gibbs voice.

"McGee!" McGee rushed over to Gibbs. The boss placed his hand on his younger agents back and gave him a sincere smile. "Our girl is this way." Gibbs lead McGee to Abby's room. When they got to the door Tim stomach jolted. His boss noticed the sudden change in the atmosphere. "You alright McGee?"

"Yeah Boss, I'm just afraid to see her." McGee answered truthfully, he knew Gibbs would know other wise.

"Tim, look at me." Gibbs grabbed Tim's shoulders and turned him so they were facing each other. "She wants you." Gibbs wasn't one to explain himself and how he knows things but McGee could see it in his eyes as he looked back and forth from each one, he could see in the depths of blue that his Boss knew what he was talking about and meant every word. He also knew that Gibbs knew McGee's feelings for her. He knew that "she wants you" meant so much more than her wanting to see him.

"Tim..." Gibbs stated. McGee snapped out of thought and stared back at the older man. "...now, get your ass in there!"

"Right. On it Boss." McGee said with no question. He walk up to Abby's door and grabbed the handle. Before he went in, he turned to look for his boss. "Gibbs?" Jethro nodded toward McGee telling him to go on. "Thank you, for everything." McGee continued. Then proceeded to open the door. Gibbs smiled proudly at his agent and made his way back to Tony.

When McGee entered the room he did so quietly so he would not disturb her. Slowly making his way around the corner, he didn't say anything. As he got closer to the chair he had seen pulled up close to her head, her noticed the sight before him was nothing he had ever wanted to see. Her pale skin and dark hair against the bright white sheets she was rapped in. She looked so weak and fragile that he was afraid to touch her. He sat in the same chair Gibbs had been sitting in earlier and just looked her over. Seeing all the bruises on her arms and face made him wish he had killed the guy himself.

Abby woke up to find that McGee had fallen asleep with his head on the edge of her bed by her thigh and right below where her hand rested. It made her happy to be waking up to see him there with her. She lifted her hand and petted the side of his sleeping face. This had woken him up. "Oh I'm so sorry Tim. Please rest." Abby apologized. She didn't even sound like herself. Her voice was very soft and quiet. He sat up in his chair and moved it as close to the bed as he could.

"No Abby, I'm ok I would rather be awake now." He said as he stared into her soft green eyes and gave her a smile. When she didn't smile back it worried him. "Abby? You ok? Want me to get a doctor?" He asked slowly standing. She placed her hand on his.

"No Tim. I'm fine." With that said he sat back down.

"Then what is wrong?" Abby could see the concern and hurt in his eyes she hated that she hurt him, emotionally and now gotten him physically hurt.

"I'm sorry Tim, for everything." Tears started to form in her eyes as she thought threw all the times she had hurt him with the little things she did. Beginning with breaking his heart and ending with almost breaking his head.

McGee could see her thinking and the pain in her eyes. "Abby you have done nothing wrong. None of this is remotely your fault." He assured her.

"Tim." She swallowed hard. "I'm not just talking about now. I mean everything me and you have gone through. I'm sorry it was my fault. I had never meant to hurt you."

McGee didn't know what to say he couldn't tell her it wasn't her fault because, in fact it was. She had broken his heart. He still loved her and forgave her for it long ago whether she knew it or not.

"Tim?" She asked after a while of not getting a response. He still was unsure what was needed to be said but he knew exactly what needed to be done. He leaned forward in his chair and placed a solid kiss on her lips. He had only meant for it to be a peck but she in fact deepened the kiss. It had to be the best kiss either of them had received in a while. The kiss was passionate and full of pure love until...

"Probie! That is not what that bed is for!" McGee jumped at the sudden noise and Abby giggled. It was the first time he had heard her laugh since this whole thing started. He sat back in his chair and watched Abby as she talked to Tony.

"Tony!" Abby said as excited as she could. Tony made his way to the other side of her bed and sat on the edge.

"Hey, baby girl how are you feelin'?"

"Better now." She answered looking over to Tim who was still watching her. She gave him a loving smile and he returned it but the moment was broken with Tony gagging. McGee shot Tony a glare while Abby just smiled.

"Seriously Probie, if Boss catches you doing that to his favorite you will never see the light of day again."

"Who won't ever see the light of day again DiNozzo?"

"Giiibbs! My silver-haired fox." Abby greeted as he walked in followed by Ziva and Ducky. He went over to her and kissed her cheek and sat down in one of the chairs in the room. After Ziva and Ducky said there hellos and sat down Gibbs spoke.


"Yeah Boss?"

"You gonna answer my question or am I gonna have to beat it outta ya?" Tony shot a look at Abby and McGee who were both snickering.

"Oh I was saying that McGee here wont see the light of day if he keep suckin' face with your angle over here."


"Ow!" Tony yelped rubbing the back of his head. "Abs that hurt."

"Good." she said as she kissed him on the cheek. With a grumpy face he got up and took a seat by Ziva.

"So McGee you and Abby huh?" Gibbs questioned

"Oh um...I..I..um..." everyone smiled at the old Tim they knew when he first started.

"McGee!" The young agent shut his mouth and swallowed. "Good for you." Gibbs continued, nodding his head. Tim smiled back. There was an unsaid thank you in Tim's smile that only Gibbs could see. They both knew this was a perfect ending to a tragic story.

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