"Today, my boyfriend and I were starting to get in the mood. I get on top of him, lean down to kiss him, and he begins to laugh. Puzzled, I ask him why. He tells me that when I'm naked and on top of him, I remind him of a cow, with 'udders' . Offended, I go to get off. 'No no' he protests, 'a SEXY cow'. FML"


Elizabeta leaned over, eagerly seeking out Gilbert's lips, coming to a confused halt as she watched his eyes, seemingly mesmerized with something.


"You know, you kind of remind me of a cow."

She could only stare in shock as Gilbert began chuckling, quickly exploding into loud cackles, his nails biting into Elizabeta's sides as tears gathered at the corners of his eyes.

"Y-your tits...th-they're like UDDERS...!" Gilbert erupted in another round of laughter, moving to grab the brunette's chest.

"G-Gilbert, you idiot!!" Elizabeta's voice echoed the disgust she felt as she pried the man's hands off of herself, gathering her discarded clothes (and thoroughly decimated pride) and heading for the door.

"N-no!" Gilbert tried in vain to calm himself, reaching an arm out to her while the other held his aching chest. "I meant a SEXY cow!!"

With that, the door slammed.