I've realized that the majority of the fictions I write are humor based. I want to try to expand my horizons. To do so, I've decided to issue a 26 Letter challenge to myself. I'm going to be writing a series of unrelated drabbles/short-fics based on the letters of the alphabet. Some will be ridiculous, of course, because I'm ridiculous (and I think some of you like me best that way), but I'm hoping that most will have an edge of seriousness to them.

Disclaimer: Today, I own not the turtles. MLIA.

A is for Apple:

Donnie always told Raph that he needed to eat better. Less starch, more fiber, high protein meals and three glasses of milk, cut down on the empty carbs and salt consumption. There wasn't a single meal (with the exception of breakfast because Donatello was not morning turtles and no, he did not want to make an effort at conversation immediately upon waking) in which Donnie could be kept from hounding everyone about his dietary habits.

It was getting annoying, especially considering that Donnie didn't exactly have the best diet himself. Coffee and whatever else someone, usually Leo or Mikey, decided to shove down his throat couldn't be anymore nutritious then a glass of Orange Juice and a big bowl of Wheaties, in Raph's opinion.

Despite all that he knew, spanning from the mundane to the extraordinary, Donnie managed to be pretty stupid about everyday things, like remembering to eat. This whole "get everyone to eat according to the food pyramid" adventure was turning Donatello into a hypocrite, but Raph didn't mind. He figured that it kept Donnie from becoming the mad scientist that Baxter Stockman was.

Today Don had corned him after practice and commensed telling him about the food pyramid and how many serving of fruit he should be getting every, single, day. After only a few minutes of babble, Donnie had left him with a cheeky grin and, "An apple a day keeps the doctor away Raphie!"

Raph knew this, of course. That saying was as old as dirt, maybe older. But the only doctor the turtles had was Donnie, and Raph didn't want to keep him away.

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