T down, six more to go! Bwahaha! Guys I'm awful at updating fic, for real. I've got a bunch of one chapter plot bunnies that I dare not post because the risk of abandonment is too damn high (it's too damn high!).

Disclaimer: Maybe if I owned the Ninja Turtles I wouldn't be anxiously waiting to hear back from grad programs. Since I am anxiously waiting for grad programs, I obviously don't own the Ninja Turtles. #whoopsthat'snotreallogic.

T is for Terrified:

Leo hates that they've been brought to the future. He hates Cody, too, in that exasperated way family often does.

For the entirety of their adolescence the turtles had operated on the belief that no one would remember them upon their passing from this life. After all, ninja aren't meant to be remembered but in nightmares; mutant ninja turtles especially so. That scenario changed, of course, when they started to meet humans. Casey and April who walk in the sun, likely to outlive them all. Angel, the Professor. Those few would remember the Hamato family, of course, and mourn them, but the rest of the world- as oblivious to their passing as it had been of their living.

Leo, who breathes easiest in shadow, had liked it that way. He- selfishly, he knows, tactical and a little cold but with such, such love resonating from his core- had liked that his brothers, afraid of being forgotten, afraid of their existence being cast off as the universes' once-in-a-millennium joke, were scared to die. Liked that they had been cautious with it, never too reckless. A healthy fear of being forgotten, eventually, as their family inevitably fell kept his brothers sharp. It kept them alive.

But now, this future and Cody with his unceasing enthusiasm had revealed too much. Had ruined everything. The turtles live in 2105. In Cody's carefully curated collection, Donatello's inventions, digital reproductions of a graphic novel with Michelangelo's name scrawled between panels. Even as two humanoid-turtle action figures, red and blue, that Raph had pointed out in the market the other day.

How terrifying it is to know that his brothers must no longer fear the truest consequence of Death.

How thrilling it is to know that, looking out at this shiny New New York, he doesn't either.

I love writing 2k3 Leo. I honestly do. I just wish I was a bit more adept at writing internal asides.

Also, I'm thinking of posting my completed fic to tumblr. The fandom seems to be experiences a shift in that direction. Thoughts?