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Well after yesterday i stayed as far away from my parents as I could possible. Nothing was on my agenda for today, so I decided to start operation Meet Alexander. I didnt want to hurt him, just have some fun! If he was the only other vampire in town, we had to stick together.

I put Shadow outside with one final kiss on the head and ran to school.

I was as happy as I was ever going to be when I over heard some girls talking across the school.

"I just feel so bad for him" says some girl.

"Well his mother did die."

With a quick peek in their mind, I realized who they were talking about.

Alexander McQueen.

RIP Alexander McQueen

My blood ran cold. He was dead? My whole body felt frozen, aside from the skull ring and bracelet I wore designed by him. For the first time in many years, I felt something in my chest. it was a painful feeling, like loss. Or, I dont know, but it was a sad feeling. My breath caught in my throat and I choked to get it out.

Something wet slid down my cheek. I touched it. A tear. Oh my blood. I was crying.

I looked around quickly to make sure know body saw me and speed walked to a nearby alley way. I pulled a compact out of my Gucci bag to check my makeup. Thank blood none of my MAC makeup smeared. If it had, I would have been pissed.

Putting a cap on my emotions, I made my way back to school. I saw Raven walking with Becky, but decided to ignore her.


I sighed and kept walking.


I heard him running up behind me so it wasnt a surprise when he snatched me By the arm. I glared at him, and thank blood, he got the picture and let go. i crossed my hands over my chest and balanced my weight on one foot.

"What is it Trevor?"

His green eyes stared into mine as he spoke. "Did you hear about the wolf that attacked me yesterday?"

I pretended I was uninterested, which I was. "Really?"

He nodded, his blond locks flying. "Yeah, like a total beast. Of course I wasnt afraid." he quickly assured me. Liar. "But you know coach and everyone was acting crazy."

I switched my weight. Is that so?"

He smiled charmingly. "Totally."

I rolled my eyes and turned away. "That's nice Trevor."


I ignored Trevor the rest of the day and Raven. I already knew enough to find Alexander. I didnt want to accidentally learn more than I wanted to. When the bell rang i was the first one out the door and out of the school.

Shadow greeted me with a hug and a kiss at the door. I patted his fluffy head and headed to the kitchen. I grabbed a cup of noodle and put it in the microwave for three minutes.

I sat on the counter swinging my legs humming Paparazzi by Lady Gaga, one of my favorite songs. When the microwave dinged I grabbed my soup and my way to my room.

just to piss my parents off I played loud music and jumped around a bit. It was only hours until dawn. Which meant only hours to meet the neighbor.


I had on a black cat suit and black heeled boots. My hair blew in the wind as I ran. I was on my way to the mansion when I over heard a soft voice coming from the grave yard. Deciding to investigate I made a detour. I slowed to a walk and followed the voice.

A boy was sitting on the ground talking to a stone with fresh flowers in front of him.

Thats when it hit me.

I recognized that voice.

Alexander was none other then Alexander Sterling.

He must have smelled my shock because in the next second he was standing up facing me.

"Alexandra?" his soft voice whispered in the night.

His soft brown eyes filled with confusion as he looked me up and down.

"Its been to long Alexander."

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