I still couldnt believe who was in front of me.

I havnt seen him since we were thirteen!

The Alexander Sterling.

I wasnt mad at him then and im not mad at him now.

"Its been to long Alexander."

He slowly stood.

"What are you doing here?" he asked shakily.

I switched my weight and put my hands on my leather covered hips.

"Your not excited to see me? Im sure excited to see you."

"No, no ,no, of course. Im just surprised to see you thats all." he stuttered.

I gave a sarcastic laugh. "You thought you got rid of me 5 years ago didnt you?" he swallowed. "You of all people should no how hard it is to get rid of me."

He eyed the gate. I laughed at that. "You have nothing to fear Alexander. Im not here to hurt you or your Raven like the Maxwells."

His soft brown eyes turned red. I guess he was sensitive on that note.

He began to shake and his fangs began to come out. "Dont you ever go near her."

I pushed him against a big tombstone, my own fangs coming out. "Or you'll what??"

I jumped up into a nearby branch and swung my legs, enjoying the breeze.

"Its to late anyways darling. Raven and I happen to be friends in Dullsville High."

His eyes flashed. Then he smiled suddenly. "How are your parents Alexandra?"

I stopped swinging my legs. The branch I was sitting on broke from the pressure of my hands constricting.

Arms caught me around my waist and I looked up into soft brown eyes. I jumped out of his arms right before he was about to drop me.

"I-I should be going." he said walking backwards.

I nodded in agreement.

He disappeared into the night.

Let the fun begin.

I made a mad dash home.