Close Your Eyes.

A/N: I loved the episode Blink. So I couldn't help but write this 111-word drabble.

Too short for my taste; it was hard to shut up and stop writing, but I think it summed everything up.

Huge thanks to the awesome GluttonousAnorexiaNervosa for giving this the once over. :-)

Disclaimer: I own a pair of blue slippers. Too bad I don't own a blue TARDIS. Or the rights to Doctor Who for that matter.


Don't close your eyes.

Don't shut them, not even for a second.

The lithic monsters move faster than light itself.

You won't even scream before they get you.

The crying angels of stone can take away your life.

Will take away your life, if you let them.

But they don't kill you.

Maybe what they do is worse.

These angels rip you away from loved ones.

Family, friends, home; everything dear to you.

You're still able to grieve your loss.

No way back through time.

Stealing the essence of your life to prolong their own.

Keep watching.

Don't blink.

Not even once.

Listen to what the Doctor tells you.

Good luck.


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