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Opposites Attract

Chapter 1

"Hey, everyone! Let's go visit Tsubasa-sempai!" Mikan Sakura yelled to her classmates. Most of them ignored her as usual but some gave in after they seen her cry. Soon, a party of Ruka, Hotaru, and Yuu were on their way with Mikan to see Tsubasa.

"Wait… Where's Natsume at?" Mikan asked. "We can't go without him!" Mikan rushed back into the classroom to see Natsume, sitting lazily at his desk reading a manga.

"Natsume! Come with us to see Tsubasa!"

"You forced me to go yesterday… why would I want to see Baldy anyway…?" Natsume eyes were still glued to his manga.

"C'mon! I'm sure he wants to see-" she stopped as Natsume pulled on her pigtails.

"Shut up baka."

"N-Natsume! Get off me! Pervert! Molester! Panty stealer! BAKA!" Mikan struggled to get free. "I bet your reading some perverted manga right now! Hmph." she crossed her arms and looked away.

"…Maybe I am. And I like to finish it. But I can't think straight with you being so loud. I'll go if you'll shut up." he glared at her and released her pigtails. Mikan smiled and nodded.

"Hurry, everyone's waiting!" She grabbed his sleeve and drug him along, giggling all the way.

As they met up with the rest of the group, Mikan noticed Natsume's manga was still in his hand.

"Hey… Natsume, what manga is that?" Mikan tried to grab it, but missed his hand and hit the ground.

"Mikan!" Yuu yelled running over to her.

"O-ow…" she bubbled, wiping her eyes.

Hotaru stared at it, then an invention that has a hand snatched it away from Natsume.

Hotaru's eyes glanced over the title right before Natsume snatched it back, sending Hotaru a glare that said, 'You-tell-anyone-and-I-will-kill-you-and-whoever-you-tell.

"What was it!" Mikan asked, lunging herself at Hotaru.

"I don't know." Hotaru lied.

"Meanie Natsume! Why don't you tell us!" Mikan yelled.

"It's none of your business what I read." Natsume muttered.

Ruka watched the scene unravel but, didn't say anything.

Finally after Mikan gave up they continued on their way to see Tsubasa. (=3)

Once Tsubasa was in sight Mikan, who was behind Natsume, began running towards him only to get face-planted by one of Natsume's feet.

"Ow! What was that for!" she yelled, rubbing her head.

"Your irritating me, is that enough?"

"You probably just killed like a thousand brain cells…" Ruka said, watching Mikan.

"She doesn't have any brain cells to kill." Natsume replied, shrugging his shoulders.

"Th-that's mean Natsume." Mikan whimpered, wiping her eyes.

"Get up ugly, before someone mistakes you for road kill." Natsume coldly said, glaring at her.

Mikan got up and ran to Tsubasa.

"Tsubasa sempaaaai!" she hugged him and turned around to stick her tongue out at Natsume.

"Hmph." he looked away.

"Hey Mikan, Ruuka," he paused to wink at Ruka. "Yuu, Hotaru-sama, and Natsume."

"Shut it baldy. I was drug here. I didn't come here willingly."

"Sure, sure. What manga do you have?" Tsubasa asked.

"If I told you, I'd have to kill you, which I'd be happy to do." he replied, fire in his eyes.

"Hmm, we'll see about that." he smiled. "Try and stop me."

Natsume tried to lift his hand but, couldn't. He looked down and saw his shadow touching Tsubasa's.

"Damn you bastard." Natsume cursed under his breath.

"Heh. Curse all you want but, I've got you." Tsubasa smiled and snatched away the manga. His eyes got big. Mikan tugged on his sleeve.

"What is it sempai?"

Natsume glared thinking of demonic ways to kill Tsubasa when he was released.

"I-It's a yaoi!" Tsubasa gaped. Gasps were heard.

"A-And it's one of the worst ones… It's Sensitive Pornograph!"

"Na-Na-Natsume!" Mikan gaped. "I-I didn't know you were like that!"

Natsume eyes got big as he struggled to talk. He couldn't find the words.

"He-He didn't deny it!" Yuu said.

"Of course not. He wouldn't deny it if it's true." Hotaru bluntly said.

"Why didn't I know about this? I thought I was your best friend." Ruka sadly murmured. "Just so you know, I don't mind. Your still my friend."

Right now, that was the least of Natsume's problems. On top of that Valentine's day was tomorrow and his friends all thought he was gay! He's not gay… right?

"Well… I'd say we've tortured him enough." Tsubasa said. He released Natsume and tossed him back his yaoi.

"I hate you guys." Natsume muttered about to walk away.

"Walk away and I'll read that perverted manga out loud." Tsubasa smirked. Natsume stopped in his tracks and turned back toward the group preparing even more ways to kill Tsubasa.

"That's what I thought, gay boy." Natsume's eyes started to burn and because of that he set Tsubasa's toboggan on fire.

"Ahh!" Tsubasa screamed throwing his burning hat on the ground." Thanks a lot, that was my favorite hat."

"Your welcome baldy." Natsume smirked.

"Sempai!" Mikan yelled.

"Whew… I'm not hurt." Tsubasa smiled.

"Well, your hair sure doesn't think so." Hotaru smirked evilly.

"Wha- Oh my God!" he felt the top of his head and a bald spot was now in the middle.

"Natsume burned his hair, wow…" Ruka murmured.

"Ooo! It's so shiny!" Mikan squealed.

Hotaru sighed.

"Come on, Tsubasa, I have a couple hair regrowth vials at my lab."

"Okay, Hotaru-sama." Tsubasa muttered.

Then Hotaru and Tsubasa began to walk toward Hotaru's lab.

"Natsume, did you have to burn his hair?" Mikan asked, turning around to see Natsume and Ruka already fifty feet from her and Yuu.

Natsume's PoV

Well, that was the most ridicule I have got in a little while. I thought, trying to find a comfortable while laying down.

I looked over at the corner that I had threw the manga in, reminding me that I was now gay…

No, I'm not… I can't be… I told myself that so many times, I almost believed it.

Tsubasa's PoV

Wow… I thought to myself, rubbing my newly made bald spot. Just wow… I couldn't believe that Natsume, the schools biggest tough guy, is gay! Boy and am I relieved…- Wait, what the heck am I talking about? It's-It's almost like I'm gay… And I'm not…right? Dang him… Making me doubt how I view guys and chicks… Was he trying to convert me…? Maybe… he liked me? No way… I'm thinking to much… I mean…he burnt my hair and my hat… But what if-

"Tsubasa. Please listen to me when I'm trying to help you. Otherwise, I won't. It's not to my benefit anyway." Hotaru interrupted.

"Ah. Sorry Hotaru-sama." I bowed my head.

"Here take this." she handed me a bottle of green liquid. "Put it on when you go to sleep, and it'll be good as new by tomorrow."

"Ah, that you Hotaru-sama."

"That'll be 2000¥."

"What! I have to pay!" I asked, a bit peeved.

"Of course. It has to benefit me somehow…" Hotaru replied, money in her eyes. I sighed and handed her the money she had asked for. I could've swore I saw a misers grin across her face.

"Well… Thanks… I guess." I said, scratching the back of my head. "I'll be going now." Hotaru nodded and went back to her inventions. I went out the door and stared at the bottle. "This had better work…"

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