Chapter 14

- Natsume's PoV -

I slowly opened my eyes to be buried in Tsubasa's bare chest. What? I thought to myself. Oh yeah… last night…. It all started to come back to me, all everything that happened, the things that were said… the… I blushed at the memory.

"I love you, Natsu-chan." I jumped at the sudden sound.

"I…" I gulped. "I love you to." I managed to utter. Tsubasa lifted up my chin so my eyes would met his.

"Well, I hope so. I didn't want to do all of that for nothing." he kissed my forehead and my face flooded with even more color. "So…" he began.


"You're mine know, you know that?" he asked, lightly cupping my cheek.

"I-I know." I stuttered, looking away.

"Good." he pulled me into a close hug. I wished at that moment that I could stay in his arms…forever…

Christmas Special

Tsubasa, Misaki, and I were seated in a hallway talking about what we were going doing for Christmas.

"Well, I'm going to make dinner for my boyfriend." Misaki boasted, as she grinned as widely as humanly possible.

"Ooo~ You have a boyfriend! Is he blind of mentally retarded!" Tsubasa asked with fake happiness.

"N-No!" Misaki cried.

"Really? Is he really a guy?"

"You're one to talk." she muttered, hitting Tsubasa's head. "He's a guy, unlike you, and he's someone you know."

"Hey, I am a guy. I have proof." Tsubasa retorted.

"Well, at least he's straight…"

"A little curviness never hurt anyone!"

"A little?" Misaki asked. "You, my friend, are way out of line."

I rolled my eyes and turned my focus to a corner of the hallway that had two girls that were just…staring at us? I leaned over to Tsubasa and whispered, "Hey, who's that over there?" I pointed in their direction.

"I have no idea, Natsu-chan…"

"Maybe they have their gay-dar rays on." Misaki laughed.

"Ha, very funny." Tsubasa fake laughed while glaring at her. One of the two girls got up and smiled evilly, the brown haired girl followed suit. They both took a deep breath and began to sing…. (Sung to the rhythm of Jingle Bells)

" Natsume and Tsubasa are gay, and not the happy kind. I hope Natsume doesn't kill us right now. Because we only speak the truth! And don't go all gay, because Jess will throw up…and Paige will video tape it all so be prepared, OH-"

"What did they just say…. GAY?" I yelled the last part…. How did they know? I grabbed the blond's collar. I would've grabbed the brunet's too but, Tsubasa already had the hood of her jacket as she was trying to run away. I glared at the blond and she glared back.

"Sorry, but we only speak the truth." the blond smirked.

"Yes. We do." the brunette also smirked. Then she glared at her friend. "I wouldn't throw up! That was when I didn't like Yaoi…."

"Whatever." the blond rolled her eyes. "Anyway… Shall we play the video of last night… and the night before?"

"Yes, I think we should…" they both were grinning now.

"No! No! N-Nuh-No!" Tsubasa said, waving his hands.

"I'm free! C'mon Paige!" the brunette yelled to the blond freeing her from my grasp. They ran off together cracking up.

"Well…that was…awkward…" Misaki commented.

"Who were they?" Tsubasa asked.

"I believe they were the authors of this weird yaoi romance. The blond one was named Paige and the brunette was Jess." Hotaru randomly popped up and said.

"Woah! We're being written about!" Tsubasa asked excitedly. Hotaru nodded and left.

"Where's she going?" I asked.

"No idea… Tsubasa replied.

"Wait, if we're being written about that means… Crap! They know everything!" I yelled.

"Oh no! Then they know that I broke Misaki's cell phone!" Tsubasa yelled.

"You…did…WHAT!" Misaki yelled grabbing Tsubasa's neck.

"I…ah…" Tsubasa gulped. I heard footsteps growing louder behind. It was probably another freak.

"Misaki? What are you doing?" A familiar voice asked. I turned around to see Malrick. I was right, another freak.

"Oh! M-Malrick! W-What are you doing here!" she cried, letting go of Tsubasa's neck.

"Wait…" Tsubasa came to a sudden realization. "You're dating… HIM!"

"Yes, she is." Malrick smiled, wrapping his arms around a blushing Misaki.

"I thought he was-" Tsubasa started.

"Me too." I cut him off, my face probably disturbed. I felt Tsubasa's arms around me.

"Eh?" I murmured as he slid his face down so our cheeks were even.

"Oi! Misaki! Nyeeh." Tsubasa yelled sticking out his tongue and pulling out on his cheek with his finger.

"C'mon Tsubasa, knock it off." Misaki murmured. "Take your gayness somewhere else."

"Okay! Come on Natsu-chan!" Let's go dance!" I think the Christmas dance has started anyway!" With that Tsubasa took my hand and led me into the dancing hall, were we danced the whole night away….

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