Title: Dabbling with Drabbles

Summary: A series of Ukitake centric drabbles, majority with ShunUki pairing. Genderbending, Yaoi, all genres and ratings included, but mostly light and fluffy.

Warnings: Um, let's see, warnings will differ from fic to fic, but Yaoi and Female!Ukitake are the most prominent. Yes, first time writing a GenderBender; all that blasted Defiant Vixen's fault, I tell you!

Disclaimer: Don't own NOTHING of this series, unfortunately. Not even precious Juu-chan.

Hey there! First time writing for the Bleach Fandom, but I have lurked around for quite some time. Ukitake is my favourite character, so it makes sense to write drabbles about him, right? Most stories here will range from 500 to 800 or more, depending on my mood :3

Title: A Complete Weirdo
Pairings: None, really.
Words: 822
Warnings: Er, none again?

He was following him again.

That strange guy with that blasted fan had been tailing him everywhere a few feet behind him, studying his every move with that haunted, yet highly critical gaze that was shadowed by his messy, untameable blonde hair.

Clutching his study notes to his chest, Ukitake was starting to feel really unnerved about his presence, about his gaze. This...stalking had been happening for five days now and he was really starting to become paranoid.

And his efforts in trying to lose his stalker had all failed at some point. He had tried to quicken his steps, hoping to lose the strange guy amongst the crowded hallways, but he always seemed to anticipate his every move.

He had even tried spinning around and levelling him with the hardest glare he could muster, but that resulted in a somewhat triumphant smirk, a sudden appearance of a fan in front of his face before he scurried away, saying something about it being 'oh-so' perfect.

At the beginning, he thought he was just another weirdo that this academy would no doubt attract and he had hoped that this was just a onetime thing. However, he followed him the next day, and the day after that. And the day after that.

What he wanted, he did not know. Was he attracted to his white hair? Though for someone at his stage in life it was considered unusual, but it was not unheard of.

Pressing his lips into a thin line, Ukitake decided that enough was enough, he was going to find out what this guy wanted from him and he was going to do it right now.

"Why are you following me?" Ukitake asked loudly as he spun around, glaring through narrow eyes at the blonde male standing a few feet behind him. "What do you want?"

However, he simply pulled out that stupid fan of his, flicking it open with a quick snap of his wrist and flared it out in front of him. "Hmm," he hummed as he leaned forward, invading his personal space, like he always did. "Do you happen to like cats?"

Huh? He was stalking him all this time to simply ask if he liked cats?

And he thought Shunsui Kyouraku, who was his best friend and who he cared for dearly even though he thought of him as a weirdo with his girl chasing ways was strange; Mr. Complete Stranger here took the cake.

Before he could question him further, though, Kyouraku made an abrupt appearance, his presence by his side startling him greatly. He then made a small noise when he leaned against his shoulder and reached forward with his free hand, poking the man before them in the middle of the forehead. "Forget it, Kisuke. Juu-chan isn't interested in any of your ideas, as you called them."

Ideas? What did he mean?

"You wound me, Shunsui!" Kisuke sighed dramatically, that blasted fan of his appearing in front of his face, his haunting eyes peering over the top. "But you agree with me, don't you?"

"Agree with what?" Ukitake dared to ask.

Kisuke smiled as he snapped shut his fan and then pointed it directly at him. "That a pair of adorable kitten ears and a long, fluffy tail wouldn't go astray on you! They would suit you so well!"


Did he...did he just say that he'd look good with a pair of cat ears and a tail?


"He even sounds like a cat when he's startled," Kisuke happily added, laughing heartedly. "Right, Shu?"

"I do not!" Ukitake all but shrilled at them, his face becoming alarmingly warm. But his claim of denial only caused that damned smile of knowingness to grow in size and he felt his blush deepen further.

"Yeah yeah, he even purrs in her sleep," Kyouraku chuckled as he playfully patted him on the head.

Ukitake immediately swatted that hand away angrily, his flustered expression growing to spread to his ears, prompting him to fear that if he blushed any more, he'd pass out from all the blood rushing to his head.

"But I think Juu-chan here doesn't need the aide of cat ears and tail, hmm? He's already adorable!"


Ukitake snapped his attention to him and glared at him. No, he wasn't pouting. His bottom lip was so not sticking out and his nose was not scrunching up cutely, he was glaring dangerously at them, dammit!

"Oh, by the way, you can call me Urahara." Kisuke snapped his fan shut and smiled widely. "Nice to meet ya!"

Urahara, huh? Ukitake said to himself as he eyed the blonde in front of him, his smile not wavering an inch. He then sighed and introduced himself in return, learning from Kyouraku that he and Kisuke here were drinking buddies.

One more complete weirdo to contend with; his time at this Academy was going to get rather interesting from now on.

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