Two classes and several doodles serving as notes later the girls met up to discuss plans to get revenge on the teacher who gave them detention. (How they were going to get revenge on a ghost is beyond me, even though I'm the one writing this).

"We should hire the Ghost Busters," said Felicia.

"Umm, I don't think they exist," said Tonya.

"Why don't we be the ghost busters? I really don't think anyone would be mad if we got rid of him. The vacuums seemed to work pretty well on Ghost Busters, I'm sure there's one lying around in a closet somewhere."

…An hour later…

"-Hey, what are you doing."

"Uhh." At this point the two girls bolted towards the door to find a new way to get back at the ghost. Failed attempt number 1.

Running out of the kitchen the two girls raced up to Binn's classroom and quickly flung two heaping handfuls of tiny white crystals (salt, duh) at the ghost. Attempt number 2? Yeah that would be a fail of the extreme sort.

Three more failed attempts later of bright lights, trying to scare him to death, and a therapist attempt to see why he wasn't going to the other side, the two girls admitted defeat.