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I soared across the waves, the wind in my hair and the sun on my back. I could hear the roar of the waves as they tumbled towards the shore, towards the world. I could loose myself in these moments; the moments where I was at one with the water, completely in my own little microcosm where there is nothing but me, the board and the waves beneath me. Then I heard a voice calling me from across the water. I focused onto the beach and saw a brunette bouncing up and down, waving at me. I edged slightly to the left and headed straight towards her. My eyes roamed her body, mesmerised. She was wearing that yellow bikini again, revealing her toned stomach and flawless body. I was only metres away from her now and so focused my eyes onto her beautiful face.

I stepped off of my board and carried it under my arm. I was just about to set it down when she took my hand and dragged me towards a quieter end of the beach. As she came to a stop, I set my board upright in the sand and rested an arm on it to calm my nerves. What was she so excited about telling me? Why had she dragged me to the quiet end of the beach? Lilly, don't get your hopes up, you know it won't be that that she's going to tell you.

"Lilly, you'll never guess what's just happened!" said the brunette, grinning widely.

"What?" I asked, eagerly awaiting her answer.

"Hannah's going on Dancing on Ice, in London!" she exclaimed, jumping up and down.

"Oh my god, that's amazing Miley," I told her as we happy-danced. It wasn't exactly what I was wishing she'd say but I was happy nonetheless; it was a great opportunity for her, for Hannah.

"Training starts at the weekend; I can't wait," she said, still grinning. God, I loved her smile.

"Next week? You're leaving for England so soon?" I asked, no longer happy-dancing.

"Uh huh. They had someone drop out, I forget her name, but who cares – I'm going on Dancing on Ice," she said, then she stopped jumping up and down, "Why aren't you happy-dancing?"

"You're leaving for another continent; it's hardly something to celebrate,"

"Lilly, I am leaving. I never said that I was leaving you," she said as she lifted my chin to look at her face, "I can't go to another country without my Lilly, and Hannah needs her Lola,"

I don't think I've ever had a wider smile.


"Welcome to England, Miss Montana," he kissed both of 'Hannah's' cheeks, "and…"

"Lola, Lola Luftnagle," I told the excessively camp British guy.

"Charmed I'm sure," He said, almost grimacing. What's his problem? "Miss Montana, we have a car waiting just outside to take you to your hotel and then at noon we shall take you to the arena," he said, again, excessively camply. This guy is going to get irritating.

"Mark, collect Miss Montana's luggage will you," he announced seemingly to no one, but suddenly Miley's luggage was whisked from her grasp and taken towards the exit. What about mine? I have to carry mine? Typical.

The three of us walked towards the exit, although I lagged behind seeing as I had to pull my own suitcase! I even had to pop the trunk and put my suitcase in the back by myself. The camp guy even had the cheek to tut as I finally got inside the car.

"Well now that we're all ready," he said sarcastically, he turned and tapped on the window that separated us from the driver. The car lurched forward and exited the airport pick-up point. "Miss Montana, I'd just like to thank you again for doing this for us,"

"Oh it's no problem at all. I absolutely adore England," she said, her face practically pasted across the glass as she stared out of the window.

"Well then I should apologise for this dreadful weather we're having of late. The constant snowfall almost cancelled your flight. The snow is causing such chaos; I can't wait until it disappears,"

"I love the snow; it makes everything look so pure and clean. It's beautiful,"

"Oh. Me too, I love this weather," he said hurriedly. What the hell? This was going to be a long drive. I directed my gaze out of my window and tried to ignore the camp guy as he agreed with everything Miley said.


Six weeks we've been here. Six weeks of watching that tosser practically undress Miley with his eyes. Okay he had to touch her seen as he was her dancing partner, but did he have to drool as he was doing so? Pervert. She's eighteen for crying out loud and you're like in your thirties or something!

Despite my disgust at her partner, with a name so Russian I can't even pronounce it, I couldn't take my eyes off of Miley. When she first went onto the ice she could barely stand and came back to the hotel covered in bruises. Now, she was gliding effortlessly across the ice and held her poise gracefully in the crucifix position of which her partner had just swung her into. She was amazing. She looked amazing. I cursed myself under my breath as I realised I was probably drooling over her too. Damn it, Lilly.

"Brilliant, Hannah, absolutely amazing," said the one and only Jayne Torvill, with Christopher Dean by her side. "You are more than ready for tonight's first live show."

"Thanks," Miley responded, slightly breathless.

"I have a feeling you'll be in this competition for a while," smiled Chris. I still can't believe I met the famous Torvill and Dean, although they weren't as excited about meeting me than Hannah Montana, they were such lovely people. Much nicer than that camp tosser who'd met us from the airport.

"Thanks, but I'm a little worried about the nerves taking over tonight. I mean its one thing to go out and sing in front of thousands but dancing on ice is completely different,"

"Everyone's like that for the first performance. Trust me, the first show is always the worst," smiled Jayne, with the Russian paedophile grinning like a Cheshire-cat and nodding like one of those Churchill dogs I seem to be seeing everywhere. "Right now, you've got a few hours to rest before you come back here for the dress rehearsal and then the live show after that,"

"No pressure then," laughed Miley, nervously.


"I can't do this, I can't. I just can't," panicked Miley as we sat in her dressing room. She was going on after the commercial break.

"Miley, listen to me: you are amazing. I'm not just saying that because I'm your best friend. I'm telling you because it's the truth. Your rehearsals were flawless. You're going to be great out there Miley," I told her, my hands on her shoulders.

"You really think so?" she asked, almost shyly.

"I know so. So get your skinny butt out there and show Britain how you really do it,"

She laughed at that. "Thanks Lilly, I don't know what I'd do with out you,"

"Suffer endlessly obviously," I grinned as she pulled me into a hug. I had to reach up higher than usual as she'd gained an extra few inches with those skates on. They made her legs look endless, and the skimpy pink leotard with the tassels and glitter – hot! I really should go and congratulate the wardrobe department because Miley looked beyond fantastic.

"Wish me luck," she said as she started walking towards the door, going slowly as she balanced on the thin blades.

"You don't need luck," I told her, following her out of the door but heading in the opposite direction. I took my seat in the front row, prime location for Lola, the best friend of Hannah Montana. I'd seen the other performances but they were nothing in comparison to what I knew was coming. I applauded all the same though, especially since Gordon Ramsey was sat next to me, his wife was a competitor so naturally; I applauded much more for her than the others. Can't have the star of 'The F Word' mad at me can I?

"Please welcome our next star, all the way from the USA, teen-pop sensation- Hannah Montana! And her partner…"proclaimed the host, Phillip Schofield, mumbling Miley's partner's name. He obviously couldn't pronounce it either, "Dancing to Hannah's latest hit, Party in the USA!"

As music started, the crowd's loud applause died down. My heart raced as she glided across the ice, interpreting the song with the brilliant choreography Torvill and Dean had given her. The crowd roared with applause at every move she did. They loved her. I loved her too but that was obvious; although not to the only one that mattered.

All too soon, her performance was over and I pulled myself from my mental babble and applauded along with the rest of the arena.

"Wow Hannah that was an amazing first performance. Absolutely spectacular," gushed Schofield, "How do you feel after that?"

"Completely shattered actually," she smiled, hands on her hips as she tried to get her breath back. Everyone chuckled.

"You've come here on your own as well," continued Schofield. On her own? Hello, I'm over here, "Well not totally alone you brought a friend with you, but your family are watching back home,"

I saw the camera spin to face me. Oh god, I'm on TV. I hope this purple wig doesn't make me look fat.

"Yeah, that's Lil-Lola," she corrected herself, "She means a lot to me and I wouldn't be able to do this without her. And I'm sure my dad and everyone's watching back home,"

I grinned into the camera as the other host, Holly somebody-or-other got the results from the judges.

Karen: 5.5. Nice one.

Nicky: 5.5. Excellent.

Jason: 3.5. Tosser! I joined in as the audience booed him.

Emma: 6.0. Woo!

Robin: 6.0. And another!

"What an amazing set of scores for a first performance. That's a grand total of 26.5, putting you straight to the top of tonight's leader board,"


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