AN: FYI I had no idea what I was talking about in the previous chapter in the dance routine: I just tried to describe the image in my head and failed miserably but it was supposed to be incredibly sensual and romantic. Anyways, this update has FEMSLASH so don't read beyond the limo scene or you'll get a shock. Enjoy x

"And our winner of Dancing on Ice 2010 is…." announced Phillip, pausing way too long for it to be dramatic effect; it was just ridiculous. We were stood in the centre of the ice with the other finalist and Miley held tightly onto my hand, I couldn't help but notice the subtle difference there. Before today it would just be holding hands but now… it was holding hands.

"Hannah Montana and her partner Lola Lufnagle!" Phillip shouted into the microphone. We both jumped into the air, hugging each other then hugging the other finalist. We were presented with flowers and a tiara each. We we're still happy dancing when Phillip thrust the microphone in front of us, asking us how we felt. Uh hello? Did you not see the happy dancing and the girly screaming?

"It's just amazing. I can't believe it. Wow. Lola was brilliant and I can honestly say this has been the best day of my life," Miley said into the microphone. I grinned as she squeezed my hand.

"You were both amazing. Especially considering it was so last minute with no rehearsal. It really shows that there is no I in team," said Phillip. I quickly moved towards the microphone; I'd waited ages to be able to say this.

"No, but there's two I's in winning team!" I yelled, lifting our entwined hands up in the air. The audience chuckled and applauded. Awesome.


"So how long?" I asked once in the limo back to our hotel, taking her hand.

"Hmm?" she mumbled, obviously just coming out of a day dream. I smiled.

"Before, when you kissed me you said you'd been waiting to do that for a long time. I was just wondering how long that was,"

"Since I first saw you smile," she said softly, "It was my first day at school and you were in my first period biology class. Miss Harbottle announced to the class that there was a new student and you turned and smiled at me… I never thought that you'd ever like me back so I tried to ignore my feelings for you… but I couldn't,"

"That's the exact moment I fell for you," I breathed.

"I sometimes thought you would catch me out; with my staring at you or hugging you more often and for longer, or just touching you in general…"

"I noticed but I just thought it was wishful thinking y'know," I smiled at the girl who was finally mine, "Six years we've liked each other… If I only knew then just to pay some guy to fall down some stairs we'd have been together for ages,"

"You paid him?!" she exclaimed.

"Y'know you take things too seriously sometimes, Miles… that was just destiny that made him fall," I grinned before taking her lips in mine for our second kiss. It seems impossible but I think this is even better than the first – a lot less hectic and not fuelled by utter desire. This kiss was much slower but it was filled with even more emotion.

"You gotta love destiny," she whispered before our lips met again.


"Congratulations on winning Miss Montana, Miss Luftnagle," cheered the hotel receptionist. Luckily she was the only one there to congratulate us, considering it was pretty late right now.

"Thanks," we both said politely, when we really wanted her to just shut up and give us our room keys. She handed them over and I pretty much snatched them up and pulled Miley away before she asked for autographs or something.

The lift was already open so I dragged Miley inside and hit the button for our floor. Miley giggled at me then stopped as she caught her reflection in the lift mirror.

"Oh god, look at the state of my wig!" she exclaimed, stepping forwards for a closer inspection. My purple wig wasn't brilliant either.

"That's what you get for making out in the back of a limo," I chuckled, noticing our still swollen lips. That girl could kiss!

"I suppose it's worth it then," she joked and I hit her arm playfully in mock-offence. She then put her hands on my waist and pulled me to her, and her hand slipped into my back pocket. She pulled out both of the key cards and held them up. "I think we'll only need one of these tonight," she whispered and I felt a familiar burning sensation flood straight to my core. I found that I couldn't respond but I'm sure that the darkness in my eyes told Miley everything she needed to know.

The door to the lift pinged open on our floor. She silently took my hand and led me down the corridor to her door. I suddenly felt insanely nervous, much more than I'd imagined I'd be and trust me, I certainly have imagined it… a lot. She placed the key card into the slot and the little light flashed green before Miley swung the door open. I nervously shuffled into the room after her and closed the door.

"I'll be two seconds," she told me as she disappeared into the bathroom. Two seconds. Two seconds to compose myself because right now, I was terrified. Lilly, get a grip! The girl you love wants to be with you as much as you want to be with her! I exhaled deeply and pulled off my wig.

"Hey," Miley breathed on the back of my neck, her hands snaking around my waist. I turned into her embrace and her lips quickly took hold of mine, her tongue instantly roaming my mouth. I pulled back to look at a now wigless Miley… my Miley.

"Miley," I breathed, "I'm sorry… it's just too fast,"

"Sorry," she said, dropping her head, "I thought it was what you wanted,"

"It is," I reassured her, putting my hand under her chin, "I'm just nervous… I mean I really care about you – you're so important to me,"

"And you're so important to me," she said pulling me into a hug and resting her head in the crook of my neck, "I was just nervous," she mumbled. Miss 'I got nerve' was nervous?! She sure had a funny way of showing it. "And I really want to be with you… completely,"

"Me too…" I breathed into her hair, "Let's just not rush it eh?" I said, pulling her back so I could look into her eyes. She looked kinda sad and embarrassed. I kissed the tip of her nose, "You are too goddamn cute," I told her and watched as her frown turned into a grin. "Now… where were we?" I muttered before pulling her into a kiss.

"I thought… you… didn't wanna… rush things," she said in between my attacks on her lips.

"This is arguably much slower than what you were attempting," I told her and pulled at her shirt. She quickly whipped it off and tossed it across the room. I could hardly keep my eyes off of Miley's newly exposed chest. Sure I'd seen her in bikinis and stuff but now…. now I could touch them. I practically dived on Miley's chest, kissing the flesh there and running my hands over them, before sliding my hands down to her waist, not pausing in my kissing on her still red bra-clad breasts. Miley moaned into my touch which only spurred me on, my previous nervousness forgotten. My hands were on the hem of her jeans and I pulled her towards the bed. I went back to kissing her mouth and so I was surprised when the back of my knees hit the bed and I toppled onto it.

"Oofft," I exclaimed. Miley just chuckled at me, having somehow kept her balance. Her grin quickly disappeared as she quickly pulled off my shirt and removed my jeans, leaving me in my underwear. I sat up and placed long kisses on that toned stomach I'd longed after for so many years. Miley practically purred and I grinned through the kisses. I could do this all day but I grew impatient and tugged at her jeans until they fell to the ground. I couldn't help but grin at the purple boy shorts she was wearing, the black waistband that had 'I'm with the band' written in hot pink and the huge familiar logo emblazoned on the right leg.

"You wear Hannah Montana pants?" I smirked, looking up at her dark eyes.

"Free merchandise…" she shrugged before she straddled my legs, wrapping her arms around my neck and tangling her fingers in my hair.

"Nice…" I breathed before her mouth was on mine again. She kissed down my jaw, my neck and onto my shoulder, pushing my long blonde hair away to expose the flesh that she bit lightly then used to mark me as hers. I carefully leant backwards so I was lying on the bed, trying not to disturb Miley as she drove me wild.

Miley's hand snaked around my back and unclasped my black bra which she eagerly tossed across the room, before lowering her mouth to take a nipple into her mouth. I moaned instantly and I felt her grin. Miley's tongue circled around my nipple and she lightly bit and tugged at it, while her hand teased my other exposed breast. I closed my eyes in pleasure and at the feelings that were exploding inside of me. I wrapped my arms around her and fumbled for the clasp, and finally undoing Miley's bra. She pulled it off herself without taking any attention away from what she was doing. I took hold of Miley's face and pulled her back up to my lips, and moaned delightfully at the sensation of Miley's naked chest upon mine. I felt her grin as her tongue danced over mine. She altered her position of hovering over me so that her thigh was in-between my legs, I moaned louder this time both from the sensation of her breasts rubbing wonderfully across mine and the warm leg which my hips were now instinctually using to rock against, creating a friction which aroused me more than I though humanly possible. Miley moaned into my mouth, obviously enjoying the sensation on her thigh. My hands tightened in her hair as I felt her slide a warm hand across my stomach and lower, scratching lightly as she went. She pulled her mouth from mine and kissed her way down my body, my skin exploding at the sensation. I felt her place several kisses across the top of my thigh before she pulled off my last piece of clothing. The air was cool on my burning centre which only increased in temperature as I felt Miley's tongue dance across it, kissing here and there. My hands gripped the bed sheets beneath me as my back arched in pure pleasure. I almost screamed in ecstasy right then when I felt Miley's tongue inside me. My hips bucked and my eyes rolled back. Oh wow. Miley circled her finger on my throbbing clit and my hips instinctually began to grind along with the rhythm as Miley's tongue penetrated my sex.

"Fuck," I almost whimpered as I clenched the bed sheets in a steel grip. It was a phrase I repeated over and over again which only seemed to spur Miley on as I felt a finger enter me. I gasped loudly as my back arched high off of the bed, but Miley secured me down with her free hand, never taking her attention away from the onslaught of pleasure she was giving me.

"Miley," I moaned, feeling the edge coming closer. I repeated her name much louder as I felt another finger slip inside me, pumping away. "Miley!" I screamed as I reached my climax.


We we're both pretty spent as we finally got under the covers. We we're both breathing heavily and sweat was beading across our naked bodies. I finally toss back the cover slightly, too hot to have the clingy hotel duvet across me. Miley rested her head on my bare chest, her cheek feeling cool on my burning flesh. I ran my fingers through her hair slowly, her heavy breathing across my stomach felt oddly soothing… as if that's how it should always be.

"Miley," I said softly after several minutes of silence.

"Hmm?" she responded, completely content.

"You're not my first," I told her bluntly, to which she propped herself up to look me in the eye. I saw the hurt she was trying to hide in her eyes. She started to speak but I put my hand over her mouth gently before continuing. "You're my forever."

I moved my hand from her mouth to see that she was smiling; a hundred watt smile. Her face grew closer to mine and ever so slowly she took my lips in hers. I turned us over so that I was above her… it was time to make her feel amazing again.


AN: Sorry if that ended up being more awkward than sexy or whatever... I've never wrote anything like that before. Tell me if it's crap or whatever, so I know not to do it again and FYI I felt insanely uncomfortable writing it so I hope that doesn't come across in the writing :S. Also, I've no idea if they make Hannah Montana pants but if they do... were can I get some lmao! Thanks for reading :)