AUTHOR'S NOTE: Well......nothing to say.

After the whole dog song, the president and Mr. Rucket were on stage, doing their ridiculous farm animal calls. "Bock bock bock bock! Bock bock bock bock!" Mr. Rucket exclaimed, doing chicken calls. President Johnson is doing pig calls. Meanwhile, backstage; Brad, Shiloh, Allie, Drew and Dean were talking.

"This actually turned out great." Brad remarked. "How could that be?"

"I have no clue." Shiloh said. "But we're on our way to being famous!"

"Yeah!" Allie exclaimed, happily.

"Yeah, about that...."Drew began.

"...this has been fun and amazing. But its a one-time thing." Dean continued.

"Yeah, my brother is right." Drew said.

"Come on you guys, you were tight! You're the hook! I mean imagine, the president's boys, 'America's cuties!'" Shiloh encouraged.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, that's what they call us." Drew and Dean finished together, not at all impressed.

"But we're gonna pass." Dean said.

"Yeah, too much drama." Drew agreed.

"Besides, we're gonna focus on the art of tongue painting!" Dean grinned, grabbing some paint out of their backpack.

"Later guys!" Drew said, running away with his brother. The president and his assistant finished up their last farm animal calls and they were done.

"And that's our show!" President Johnson announced. "Remember, when you felt like you've eaten too many junk food, eat some vegetables! Vegetarians, good night!"

Backstage, Shiloh sighed deeply. "Well guys, looks like our ambition of becoming rock stars went down the drain." Shiloh said.

"Just keep practicing and practicing all the time." Brad said.

"My dad's gonna go crazy!" Allie exclaimed, but then started to smile. "Awesome!"

"Yeah!" The three friends exclaimed, together.