"NO THere is no way!" I told Alice as we walked to our table.

"Oh come on you'd make a great governor." She whined. Alice was talking about me running for KYA's governor and I happily decline. But of course Alice wouldn't take no for an answer. We took our seats. I sat on the other side of Jasper. Emmett was on my other side. Rosalie sat next to him, and Edward...ah Edward, my bestfriend, a nd secret crush next to her. He was currently sucking face with his current, evil girlfriend, Tanya Denali...I hated her and she hated me. She was always talking about me, and Edward and I were supposedly still bestfriends, but I've tried to distance myself from him, he's going to end up hurting me. Tanya was painfully beautiful, and we all knew it. I tried to forget it and focus on my lunch.

"Bella please...just atleast consider it." Alice pleaded once more.

"Consider what?" Emmett, my older brother asked as he slung his arm around my shoulders.

"Running for KYA governor." I sighed.

"Aw, Bella that would be a good idea. We could even be your campaign team." Rosalie said smiling.

"No. That wouldn't." Tanya said licking her lips.

"Who asked you w horre?"Rosalie asked her.

"Watch it Rose." Edward said.

"You have no righ to tcall me that." Rosalie growled back.

"What's you and everyone elses' problem?" Edward shouted exsasperatedly. No one looked at him.

"Anyway like I was saying.." Tanya said flipping her hair over her shoulder. "You can't run because Lauren is running from her school."

"You act like we care what nasal nose is doing." Alice huffed.

"Dont' talk about her like that" Tanya shrieked

"Raise your voice at her. One more time." Rosalie growled.

"Whatever, you guys just chill out." Jasper said. Always the peace maker.

"I don't care what you say Tanya I'm running." I told her. "The two of you can sit somewhere else tomorrow." I said pointing to Edward and Tanya. THe rest of my friends nodded.

"where are we supposed to sit?" Tanya fumed. "We've always sat here."

"No, Edward's always sat here. You however were unwelcomed here from the day you started, like a cockroach." Emmett smiled as he said this.

"As for where you sit I don't give a d..." (I'm trying not to cuss.) I said as I got up and slammed my chair into its original position and stormed out of the cafeteria.

Later on that day.

I was walking to my car when I Saw them. Tanya and Tyler making out. I Wanted to tell Edward I had to...but I'd tell the gang first. I spotted Alice first I ran over to her and pointed her towards the skanks directioon. She gasped.

"You have to tell EDward." She told me.

"He won't believe me, he'll think I'm trying to sabatoge their relationship." I pleaded. She pondered it.

"I'll tell him then."