Sookie knew something horrible had happened; this was supposed to be the happiest night of her life. She also knew calling the police would be a waste of her time, despite the strides Bill had made in town. So Sookie did the only thing she could do. She called Eric.

Eric sounded very full of himself answering the phone, knowing it was her. His tone sobered once she had relayed what had happened. She could hear his quick movements in the background as he raced to his car and sped northward into the night. Promising to be there as fast as he could, he disengaged the call. Thoughts sped through Eric's mind as he flew up the highway, wondering what fate Bill had met and if this would be the defining moment that would lead he and Sookie into bed together.

Sookie too had thoughts racing through her mind, hoping she was right in calling Eric. Not that she really had anyone else to call besides her brother Jason and her best friend Tara, both who had had enough of the supernatural to last them a spell, and who would probably be glad to have Bill out of their lives for the moment.

She began to think who would want to harm Bill, apart from half the town of Bon Temps. She assumed it had to e someone of great strength and speed to have taken him without any ruckus and minimal damage while she was in the ladies room repairing her makeup. Sookie glanced down at the sparkling diamond on her left hand. She hadn't' even been able to accept; Sookie's eyes filled with tears once again. She realized Eric would be less than thrilled to help her if he saw the glittering diamond. She reluctantly removed the ring and carefully placed it in the black velvet box and then into her purse.

She soon heard the smooth purr of an expensive car in close proximity, even though she couldn't read the driver's thoughts with him being a vampire and all. A moment later the gleaming black Porsche appeared in front of the restaurant.

Sookie couldn't deny the fact that her pulse quickened as Eric easily maneuvered himself out of the car and to her side in an instant. He certainly was gorgeous, dressed in an expensive steel grey suit which set off his blazing blue eyes. Eric appraised Sookie, looking her over, taking the time to admire the swell of her breasts.

"Good evening Sookie. What has happened here? Start from the beginning."

"Bill and I came here for a nice, quiet dinner after everything that has happened. He arranged for the restaurant to be closed just for us. After we, I finished dining, I went to the ladies room. When I came out, Bill was gone. Some plants and tables had been knocked over, but it must have happened quickly because I didn't hear anything. I wasn't gone very long, so whoever did this had to be quick and strong. I doubt the attacker was human."

Eric went inside the vacant restaurant, examining the damage, looking for evidence and clues of Bill's attacker. Sookie stood on the threshold, nervously pulling her wrap around her as Eric investigated.

"I made some calls on my way here. No one has any idea in regards to Bill's whereabouts. Not even the Queen has any idea as to what misfortune may have occurred to her subject. She is most eager to find out." Eric gave the restaurant a last look over. "There is no sign of blood or anything else that would give me an indication as to what has happened. I can only say that who did this is working outside the sanctions of this area.

Sookie's mind continued to race. So much had happened in the past 24 hours; she had hardly had time to process and now Bill . . . . could be gone from her forever. She could feel the tears welling up in her eyes again and fought to stay in control while in Eric's presence.

"Eric, could you please take me home? I, I don't know what else to do."

Eric nodded and they walked over to his car and drove back to Bon Temps in silence. Despite the fact that Sookie hated to read others thoughts, she wished she could read Eric's right now. The drive took no time at all, and soon they were back at the old farmhouse. They both got out and walked to the front door. Sookie unlocked the door and went inside. Eric hesitated, waiting for an invitation. "Oh Eric, please come in. Thank you for bringing me home."

Sookie set to fixing herself a cup of tea and warmed Eric a bottle of True Blood. They sat at the ancient (not as ancient as Eric, however) kitchen table in silence. Finally Eric spoke. "Sookie, I recommend you do not try to seek out Bill's captors on your own. Wait until I or Pam are with you before you do anything . . . foolish."

Sookie glared at Eric. "Even if I were to be so foolish, Eric, I wouldn't even know where to begin."

"Temper, temper, Sookie. It suits you." Eric combined an easy smile and a leer together as he leaned over and brushed her cheek gently with the tips of his fingers. "Someday Sookie, you will be mine." He paused taking in her reaction of combined arousal and nervousness. "I must go now, but I will return tomorrow with whatever news I have learned and we can discuss our options." He leaned over and kissed Sookie hard, and then almost immediately vanished. The only reason she knew he was gone, was because she heard the car start up and pull out the driveway.

She sat there in stunned silence, overwhelmed to say the least. It was still relatively early, according to vampires; it was only two am. She wondered what caused Eric to have to leave so suddenly. Filled with questions, she rinsed her tea mug and Eric's drained bottle, and headed up stairs to bed.