Sookie wasn't sure if she was awake or asleep. All she could feel was a flood of heated emotion and passion toward Eric. He was all over her kissing and touching her in more than one place at once. They were kissing and Eric's hands were threading through her hair.

She was touching herself, sliding her fingers in and out of herself. Eric watched every move she made, open mouthed and and enraptured by her actions. And when she slid her slippery fingers out and said to him, "This is what you do to me, Eric," he very nearly exploded.

Sookie went to lick her fingers clean, but Eric beat her to it, licking one digit at a time, slowly before moving to the next. He could not believe what she had done, and it only made him want her more.

Quickly he shoved her down and pressed himself inside her, unable to hold back any longer, murmuring her name, moaning as he filled her. Sookie willingly took him, forgetting reason and rationale in the throes of passion. She was certain the bed was going to collapse due to the ferociousness of their coupling. She was afraid SHE would break, but the murrmurings and looks from Eric kept her from pulling away and continued to be drawn into him as he thrust inside her again and again.

Eric knew she was close. He slid a hand in between her legs and slid it down her clit. He could hear Sookie moaning in pleasure and calling his name, begging him. Fangs sliding out. He bit into her shoulder, delighting in her taste. A few more thrusts and flicks of his finger sent them over the edge, screaming and calling out each other's name.

Sookie sat up and found herself completely clothed with Eric laying fully clothed against the headboard, smiling at her. "Enjoy your dream?" he smirked.

"Oh shut up! What are you doing back here?"

Eric laughed. "You can't deny it Sookie, you were dreaming about me."

Sookie glared at him. "And how do you know what goes on in my dreams?"

"Sookie, you were wrything in your sleep and calling out my name."

Sookie paled and turned to stare at Eric. "I. Did. What?"

Eric just smiled back at her while she glared daggers at him.

"This is your fault. If you hadn't made me suck those bullets out of you . . . none of this would've happened."

"So you admit you dreamt of me? From what I could tell I was very good." Aroused, Eric slid closer to Sookie, fangs coming out. He reached up to touch her hair, but the sound of his cell phone stopped him.

He sighed. Of course, he thought. He grabbed his phone from his pocket and looked at the caller id, rolled his eyes and said, answering, "This better be good."

On the other end, Pam rolled her eyes, having a good idea what she interrupted. She almost giggled at the thought, and barely managed to restrain herself. "Bill has been located, Master. Lorena has taken him. It will be light very soon, so there is not much you can do. And since he is her child, she probably won't kill him. Yet."


"Do you need anything else this evening, Master?"

"No, you've done enough already." He sounded mildly irritated.

"Good evening, Master."

"Good evening." Eric ended the call and turned to Sookie. "Bill has been located."

"Really? Is he ok? Where is he?" Sookie was overjoyed at the news.

"I do not know. I do know it was Lorena who took him. He is probably safe for now, being her child."

"That evil bitch! Why would she do such a thing?"

"Some makers cannot bear to be separated from their children, even if they have let them go. From what I gather, Lorena wasn't stable to begin with . . .perhaps that is why."

"She is jealous. Jealous that Bill has found true love with me."

Eric made a sort of choking sound. "In love with someone who dreams of another?"

Sookie ignored his comment. "So what do we do?"

"Nothing now. It is too close to dawn. I will contact her tomorrow and find out why she has done this and done it in my territory. For now, I must find a place to rest. I would not make it home in time." Eric looked at Sookie, expectantly.

Sookie sighed. "Well there is the cemetary, or Bill's house, but Jessica might be there."

"I will have to take that risk. Do you know where he rests?"

Sookie nodded and explained the location, shuddering.

"What is wrong?" Eric demanded, wary of the increasing light.

"It's just that I promised Bill I would never tell anyone where he rested. "

"Sookie, he isn't here now, and this knowledge is useless to me other than it giving me immediate safety. You have my word that I will not use it against Bill in the future, nor will I share this information with anyone else."

She nodded, her eyes filling with tears at the very thought of Bill again.

"I must leave you now, but I will return the moment it is dark."

Sookie nodded again, her lower lip still trembling.

"Pleasant dreams, dear Sookie." Eric kissed her hard on the mouth and then vanished before her eyes.

Sookie sat back against the headboard, pulled the covers up to her chin and cried.