"No!" Raven screamed. She tried to escape.

"Yes! You will mother my child and it will kill you!" Brother blood shouted while he stood over Raven, who was sobbing.

"I wont! It might not happen!"

"It will. And when it does, you will not kill it, you would never."

"No!" Raven whimpered. She tried again to escape from the enchanted chains that held her down, but is was no use. Her wrists throbbed and her head hurt from being hit. She cried and faced the floor. Brother Blood left her there.

He didn't come back. Raven was there for a week. She couldn't do anything. She had screamed until her throat was tender and raw. She pulled at the chains until her wrists blistered. She had no idea where she was. How could her friends find her? But they did. Somehow, they found her. Limp and broken, they found her. She didn't even remember being found. She was so light headed from staying awake and being starved. She couldn't even stand up. They almost thought she was dead.

"Oh, Raven." someone had said, just before she blacked out.

She woke up in the medical wing of the Titans tower. She was alone. When she tried to get up, she found she was strapped down.

"I'm alone and strapped down." she said and found that it hurt for her to speak.

She sat there for another hour. Then Robin came in. He didn't notice she was awake until she made a quiet little noise.

"Raven." He said in a strange tone. "Does it hurt anymore?"

"Does what hurt anymore." Said Raven, confused.

"You tell me." Robin said, even more confused than Raven. He waited for her to answer but she didn't. "You've been having violent fits and screaming about how it hurt and you wanted us to kill it or you!"


"Do you feel okay?"

"I feel fine." Raven said. She was still confused. She had no memory of these violent fits Robin was talking about. "How long was I out?"

"Not more than an hour, but you've been in here for three weeks."

"I don't remember anything." She said.

"That's... weird but not unlikely. A lot of people forget things when they are in critical condition." Robin pulled up a chair and sat down. He wanted to find out more. "What's the last thing you do remember?"

"I remember being kidnapped,"

"By Brother Blood."

"How did you know?" Raven asked. She wondered how much they knew.

"We got a video message from him. He said that he wasn't going to kill you and that we shouldn't look for you. He said he would take care of you." Robin said with his eyebrow raised. "What else do you remember?"

"Just that, and being really tired and hungry and nothing else. That's all that happened." Raven said. It was a lie. But it convinced Robin. She was good at lying as long as the person she was lying to didn't pry.

"Okay. That's also weird." He got up and unstrapped Raven. She went to her room and paced the floor. Someone knocked on her door.

"Go away." She demanded. She listened and heard footsteps out side her door. Fading away. That was weird. She looked into the hall, but there was no one there.

A week went by and things got back to the usual. But not for Raven. She was depressed and tired all the time and she tried not to show it. Yet she knew her friends knew. She could see it when they looked at her. Whenever she was home she was in her room, crying, and she didn't know why. Then she didn't even leave her room when she needed to go on a mission. She heard the others get home. She still cried. She heard a knock on her door. They were always knocking on her door. It sounded like thunder to her ears. This time, she didn't even have the will to say "go away". She just moped there. After a few minutes. Her door opened. She couldn't even look to see who it was. Someones hand was on her shoulder. She tried so hard to lift her head, but she couldn't. She was breathing heavily. Someone was lifting her up. Someone was carrying her. Somehow she was on her bed. She remember not being able to walk over to her bed, she was so tired. Then more noise. Someone was talking to her.

"Raven, what are you doing?"

"Nothing." Raven said. Her energy was back suddenly. It was Beastboy. "Beastboy."
"What's wrong?" He said. He was feeling her cheek. He was kneeling beside her bed. "Your really hot." He said. Raven hit him. "No, you're burning up. You have a fever."

"Why would you care?"

"Why wouldn't I care, Raven, your my friend."

"You never noticed when I wasn't there. All this week."

"I've been trying to talk to you, but Robin said to lay off and you'd be better. But clearly you're not!" Raven started to cry again, she lost her energy, again. "I'm sorry Raven."

"He raped me, Beastboy. I feel, I- he wanted me pregnant, and I feel a baby inside me. I know its happening." Raven turned away from Beastboy and groaned in the pain from the weight she was carrying.

"Raven, If you'd have told us-"

"Don't tell them." Raven whispered.

"I wont, but you have to calm down and get out of your room. I promise I wont tell them."

"Go away." Raven whispered.

"No. I wont leave unless you come with me."

"Beastboy." Raven whimpered. She was still crying. He pulled her up by her arm. He pulled her out of her room. Her eyes hurt, her head hurt. Beastboy put Raven's arm over his shoulder and he helped her up. Beastboy took her to the roof. He put her down and she was limp and laid on her back in the late afternoon sun. She sniffed. She had stopped crying. They fell asleep next to each other. Raven wished that she would never wake up. Beastboy wished that he could always be there for Raven.

This chapter was depressing but the next one wont be. raven will get better and Beastboy...... well you'll just have to read the next chapter.