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Pairing: Thirteen/Cameron

Author's note: I'm very new to fanfiction. I also don't know a lot about medical terminology and such.

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Chapter 1:

Thirteen woke up and got ready for work. It was only recently she was hired to work for House along with Taub, Kutner and Foreman. She miserably drove to the hospital with the other rather angry and aggressive drivers.

Thirteen made her way inside the hospital and into House's office. She, along with the rest of the group waited for House to arrive. After about half an hour, House came through the door, "New case ladies."

House limped over to the table and threw down the folder in the middle. "It seems that a high school student has a fever, hallucinations, abdominal pain, nausea, irritability-"

Taub cut him off, "I think anyone who has those symptoms wouldn't be walking around smiling and high fiving everybody."

"True but it's in the folder so I have to say it." House responded

Foreman smiled, "Yes because House is known for obeying hospital procedures."

House leaned towards Foreman, "Don't get cute with me. I obey procedures…sometimes."

Thirteen was eating at a table in the lunchroom with the group when her eyes caught something…or someone.

The woman was beautiful, she had long blond hair, deep blue eyes, a beautiful smile, slender body that most girls would kill for, and from what Thirteen could see, she was very charming.

Thirteen couldn't stop staring but if she were completely honest, she wouldn't want to. Kutner snapped his fingers in front of Thirteen's face, knocking her out of her trance.

"See someone you like?" Kutner asked with a smile.

Thirteen knew she was caught, "I was just-"

Foreman shook his head with a smile, "You don't want to get mixed up with her."

"Why not?" Thirteen asked

"Every guy that asks her out, she turns down." Foreman responded.

Thirteen smiled, "All the more reason why I should ask her. What's her name?"

"You like a challenge or something?" Foreman asked her with a raised eyebrow.

Thirteen smiled and looked over to Cameron, "Most definitely."

Foreman sighed, "Dr. Allison Cameron."

Thirteen couldn't concentrate on her work for some time now; she was too busy thinking about Cameron. It has been two moths and Thirteen still never approached her. She just stared from a distance until Cameron would look in her direction and she'd look away. Thirteen was confused because no woman or man has ever had this effect on her. She was the one who affected people, not the other way around. She was surprised that she liked this feeling. She thought about how she would approach Cameron. Oddly, she wanted it to be memorable. At first she was only after one thing, but now she is rethinking. She actually thought about having a future with her.

Thirteen overheard about Cameron needing a ride home. She thought to herself this was her chance.

Finally, Thirteen decided she should just be the brave and confident person she is and go for it. She had finished for the day so she waited for Cameron to leave the locker-room.

Cameron walked out and stopped.

Thirteen smiled, "Hi, I'm Thirteen but you can call me Remy."

Cameron smiled and extended her hand, "I'm Cameron but you can call me Allison."

Thirteen shook it, "You used to work for House right?"

Cameron gave her a warm smile, "Unfortunately."

Thirteen laughed, "He's actually not bad. I met worse."

Cameron looked surprised, "Worse?"

Thirteen nodded

"Wow. I can't imagine…that."

"Well it's true. Anyway, I heard that you needed a ride home. I wanted to offer."

Again, Cameron looked surprised, "Wow. Yeah, that would be great. How did you hear about that?"

Thirteen tried not to look guilty. She didn't want her to know she tried to find out everything about her. So, she decided to blame her boss. It wouldn't seem out of character from him, "House."

Cameron bit her bottom lip and nodded, "Of course. Remind me to kill him later."

Thirteen let out a nervous laugh, "Will do."

Thirteen looked to her right and motioned forward, "My car is parked there."

Thirteen started to walk in the direction with Cameron by her side, "Okay. Thanks again by the way. You really don't know how much I appreciate this."

"Really it's not a problem." Thirteen left out the part where she wanted to say she was glad to do it.

They got to the parking lot and Thirteen unlocked the door. They got in and put on their seatbelts. "So where so you live?" Thirteen asked

"On Rose Street. It's in the Vineyards."

"Okay. I know where that is."

Thirteen began driving when Cameron spoke, "So why are you called 'Thirteen'?"

"House was deciding who he would hire, he said he didn't have time to remember names so he have us numbers. Mine just never left."

Cameron shook her head, "Only House would give people numbers as names."

Thirteen shrugged, "I don't mind. It doesn't really bother me."

Cameron nodded with a smile, "I heard you like to be mysterious."

Thirteen smiled, "Sometimes. I'll admit it can be fun. So why is your car in the shop?"

"My nephew thought it he wouldn't get caught borrowing my car. I found out when I got a call. My car is so badly damaged it will be in the shop for a week. At least he is okay, though."

Thirteen couldn't help but feel happy about this, "If you'd like I can give you rides home until your car comes back."

Cameron smiled, "That is very generous of you but I couldn't-"

"Really, I don't mind. I get bored driving alone anyways. The radio isn't that great."

"Well, if it's not too much trouble-"

"It isn't." Thirteen wanted to smack herself for sounding desperate and too excited.

Cameron gave her a loving smile and Thirteen could just melt.

"Alright then. I really do appreciate this."

"It's okay. I will be here tomorrow at six."

"Okay. Thanks again." Cameron got out of the car and headed inside.

Thirteen was sad that they were there already. She wished she had driven slower so she could spend more time with Cameron. Thirteen drove home and went to sleep, dreaming about Cameron and her.

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