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Takes place during Semper Fi.

Snapping her cell phone shut, Ziva screeched to a halt in front of her apartment. Mossad would extract Michael and her team at NCIS would drop their suspicion and leave him alone, it was for the best.

Peering to her apartment window for her car, she saw two shadows instead of just Michael's that she had expected to see in the lamp light. The shadows of men were fighting roughly and viciously back and forth.

Rocketing out of her car and into the building, Ziva's heart pounded against her ribs. A sick knowing washed through her, Tony was fighting Michael, a trained Mossad agent in her apartment.

Of course, it had to be Tony because he had been the most suspicious and no one else would have confronted Michael yet. Anger at her partner built in her, Michael was doing nothing wrong and Tony just needed to back off.

Taking the stairs two at a time, Ziva rushed to her apartment hoping she made it before one of them was seriously hurt. At the end of her hall, she heard a gun shot ring through the air and her heart rate doubled. Gun drawn, she opened her door fearing what she'd see.

Michael was standing above Tony gripping his bleeding side, he dropped the gun and sank to his knees near the NCIS agent. Tony was gasping for air with blood seeping from his chest soaking his white shirt.

Frantically looking between the man who was supposedly her boyfriend, and her partner, Ziva made a decision. She took the final steps to Tony's side, her eyes wide. She had never seen him this way. Blood was dribbling from his mouth and his typical smirk had vanished.

She shouted at Rivkin, "Call an ambulance." Michael obeyed the distraught woman seeing the threat in her eyes. She put pressure on Tony's gunshot wound and looked at him. Pain shined in his eyes, but he tried to grin for her benefit. It immediately turned to a grimace and emotion flooded Ziva.

Fear crept in her mind and numbed her body, it would be her fault if Tony died. He was her partner and because she had refused to be completely honest with him, he was shot and bleeding out in her apartment.

A tear escaped slipping down her cheek as she tried to remain calm. With his waning strength, Tony wiped her tear away and gasped, "Don't cry…"he let his arm drop and took a ragged breath, "my little ninja."

Touched by Tony's sweetness, she whispered, "Shhh, Tony. You are going to be fine. Conserve your energy." Another tear slid from her eyes.

Paramedics swarmed into the room, replacing Ziva's place and tending to Michael. She shrunk back to the wall to watch and called Gibbs.

Gibbs gruff voice answered on the second ring, "Hello."

Trying to keep her voice steady, Ziva said, "Gibbs, Tony and Michael fought in my apartment. They are both going to the hospital. I need help."

"Be at your place in 10," Gibbs hung up abruptly gathering all the information he needed from Ziva's voice.

Michael was on a stretcher ready for transport and Ziva could no longer hold back. As they carried him by, she glared, "You pray Tony makes it."

The other paramedics began shouting pulling Ziva's attention back to her living room. They had lost Tony's pulse. Ziva felt her heart breaking as she watched the paramedics load him onto a gurney and carry him from the room working as they went.

Feeling lost as she was left alone in her upturned apartment, Ziva stood staring at the chaos images of the fight flashing through her imagination.

Gibbs stalked into the room with McGee following with the equipment and another agent. He glanced at the crime scene and then went over to Ziva. She cleared her throat, "Both in root to Bethesda. Michael will give us a statement as soon as he is checked.

He nodded and then motioned for her to follow him, "McGee will process this."

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